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Cedric Primm

Please wipe the blood and mud off your boots when you pass the threshhold, there's a good adventurer. May I interest you in a hot towel or a fresh whetting?

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Butler Badass
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Primm
Gender: male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 40
Birthday: 03/03
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Steward
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: fair

Titles: Steward of House Ashford

Description: Slim and elegant, with elegant hands, Cedric cuts a neat, well-dressed figure, and moves with studied, certain grace. His eyes are a murky hazel, flecked with green, beneath expressive eyebrows. His features are unusually fine, high cheek bones, thin lips and a precise, pointed chin that almost lends the shape of a heart to his face. Where these features suggest a hint of the feminine, he supplements with an excruciatingly neat goatee. His hair is worn neat, clipped waved of dark brown with hints of reddish-auburn highlight that may be teased out in bright sunlight.

Personality: Cedric has the knack of bland, dry self-control that makes for a perfect butler. Composed and elegant at all times, he is appropriate to all situations, whether he is handkerchiefing blood off of somebody's blade or ensuring that the correct service is in place for tea. Socially correct at all times, he finds ways to be prim and proper even in situations where no propriety manual exists. A servant of order, he forges it out of chaos in his life at all times. He provides his employers with excellent service and an unendingly stellar grasp of the exactly correct amount of sass for an able steward to provide in any given situation.

Background: Cedric had a different name when he was a boy, but this one suits him perfectly well. When he was young, he was a child of thralls under the dominion of a lesser family of Thrax fealty, but in the course of being transported through the islands of the Saffron Chain, the ship was wrecked in a storm and half the crew eaten by sharks or other monsters. The boy and his mother survived along with a handful of other men, some of whom tried to swim for it and if they made it, neither Cedric nor his mother ever heard anything about it.

However, a ship of explorers bound Southward for an expedition towards the Darkwater Deeps took them aboard when the Ashford party on the deck caught sight of the blaze from their bonfire. The expedition took them on, on the promise that they would get out of the way, and while there were terrors in the deeps the ship braved before it eventually returned to the relative safe harbor of Sanctum. Romance was in the air between Cedric's mother and one of the Ashford retainers' servants on the long overland haul from Sanctum to Ashford Keep. Cedric took his new name from his new father, and began working as a servant in the servants' quarters for the Ashfords.

Cedric signed up for military service when he was old enough, but it was aptitude and the servants' family connections that essentially placed him in a position of valet to one of the knight-officers in service to Ashford Keep. He served there for a term of five years until, in his late 20s, his mother died and his stepfather remarried, leaving Cedric the guardian of his little sister. Cedric retired from military service to a more stationary post working as a steward for the Ashfords. His little sister Celia was the light of his life, and became the central figure of Ashford Keep's kitchens, particularly in the bakery.

As a house man and fine steward with a history of service as a valet, there is no more sensible servant to bring along as a member of an expedition to ensure that one's boots get the mud and blood off them. Neither is there anyone more surprisingly useful in a pinch.

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