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Action Id: 3233 Crisis: Participants: Preston, Ida, Teagan, Reese and Amund
Status: Resolved Submitted: April 29, 2019, 12:12 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 35000
Economic Resources: 300
Military Resources: 100

Action by Preston

The Reaper's fortress was destroyed by Dame Ida Ferron's ballista bolt, an act that is no doubt a miracle granted by Gloria and one that restores faith in Preston that they are on the right path in taking opportunity to destroy one of her enemies. Her forces are dead, her redoubt is gone. Yet, there was no sign of the Reaper. And more worryingly Preston has learnt others are collecting the dark metal blades, no doubt for some attempt to piece together the Will. An act that would mark a failure of the Templars, and one Preston cannot allow given the commands of Gloria as her various chosen have relayed to him.

Preston knows how the Will whispers, how it encourages them to build these armies, to find strength, to cause death. So he knows that though the smart choice would be to hide in some mountain cave, that is unlikely to be the path taken. Instead she will hide where she can also seek strength, she will hide amongst the people - it will be the roads and villages that pay the price for what Preston sees as his failure to ensure her death at the redoubt.

Preston also knows that one person must be opposed by a small group not by an army they can easily avoid. Preston is going keep his forces in Blackram lands and begin searching himself the villages close to where the Reaper's base. They will check for unexplained deaths, for new generals. And more importantly, in case she did died, any sign of a new holder of the Gate of Oblivion scythe. Any indication of strangers or strangeness that might lead them.

As they visit these villages, Preston will be wearing his ring to try and detect any sign of the Abyss and he will be carrying Crusader, hoping that it may also provoke the Will to whisper to the Reaper to be reckless, this opportunity to claim or disrupt Gloria's sword being too tempting. So as well as wolf hunting the Reaper, Preston sees himself in this as a fatted lamb, tempting her into a reckless attack - knowing emotion rules with the tainted. He will of course also spend time deep in prayer for guidance, using it to pause and think upon the direction he must go, praying to Gloria to use him in this task for her will to be done.

To avoid the risk of her escape, Preston will order his crownland templars who accompanied him to the area, and the Templars of Blackram to seal the area, to hold the roads. Likenesses best as they can produce of The Reaper and possibile sigils she may bear, as well as the description of the blade, will be passed to sentries and all who pass will be checked. Should the Roads crisis be ongoing, it also helpfully means an army of Templars sit in Blackram lands, in case Threerivers might act against the Templars at Clearlake or if Fireside causes trouble. Should Threerivers attack Blackram directly, and risk the hunt, during this time, Preston will make it clear to their leaders that the Faith's mission here is from the Gods and overrides any petty feud of their temporal Lords - to disrupt it is to challenge the will of the Gods and their most Holy Church. In short, he is not going to let them break his cordon and risk the Reaper's escape but will do all he can short of that to get them to back down and bugger off if they come.

Preston will seek a small band of the local lords and those he trusts to stand against the Reaper. He will also bring silver to provide alms and charity as they go, hearing of the struggles of the local people, and hopefully making them more friendly towards the Templars and helping them. Of course, more recruits in the Oathlands is always better to his mind. And never a bad time to do it.

If they should find the Reaper or Oblivion's Gate, her dark metal scythe, Preston will secure it in the box Ida has made, inscribing blessings and what markings of containment he knows from exorcism into the box, careful when doing so not to touch the blade with his bare hands. He will then seal the box inside a chest. He will bring 5 such chests with him. This means should they be ambushed on the road and it is necessary to dispatch the chest ahead while they fight a rearguard, the enemy will not know which rider to chase. Hopefully though that won't be necessary.

Action by Teagan

Invited to join Preston on this mission to root out Ines Cheval (or whomsoever may have taken up the Oblivion in her stead) within the Cloudspine, Teagan will venture out and take up her bow. It is as much an opportunity to see how the Blackram lands are doing and to be among the people as it is to aid in a venture she has worked alongside the Templar with for some months now. She is also going to task some of the scouts with acting as forward agents alongside the Templars: going ahead to chosen locations to gather information, speak to people, and report back. Being as knowledgeable about the region (and familiar sights) as they are, they'll be able to operate quickly, easily, and without too much notice.

Action by Ida

Tasked with forging a container at Sir Preston's request, Ida will attempt to do just that, as well as act in whatever supporting manner he might need her for. The container will be made with a mix of steel and diamondplate, smooth so as to be etched should such be necessary. As a hand-to-hand fighter, she has no plans on throwing into the fray, but won't stand idly by if things spill over and it becomes necessary.

Action by Reese

Reese will attend this mission with Grandmaster Preston and the Templars. She will follow Preston's lead unless something happens and he seems to loose his mind or something (because one never knows!). She will come while adorned on her steel silk for protection. She will also bring her alatricte blade Devotion and her Cobalt blade. She will have her bow just in case she needs range. Reese will fight if needed, trying to be careful not to harm any innocents who might happen be around (because one also never knows!). While she is a knight of Solace, she considers herself a guest of the Faith and the Templars on this. She will feel honored to be invited. Reese will fight if needed. She will try to help keep those around her safe. She will try to be alert to any information that can be discover and she share what he learns with Preston.

Action by Amund

It is to no one's surprise that Amund would be interested in seeing the capture or kill of a most dangerous shav through. Clad in his gear and wielding his trusty blade Moonlight, the sellsword Northlander will try to assist Preston set up patrols in the roads that might lead to the capture of Ines Cheval or at the very least deter her escape routes, as well as employ his martial abilities to the utmost of his capabilities.

After all, if he manages to pull this off, it's another check-marked achievement in his list. If tactically employable, he will attempt to flank the wielder of the fragment of the Will as they battle Preston, allowing the knight to fight with Gloria's sword on even terms, especially if the shav or possible other wielder of the Gate has henchmen or dangerous followers to attempt to tip the balance.


They found the Reaper, and through some ingenuity and perseverance were able to secure the Scythe. Or Lady Teagan was, which was almost a very large problem. Though eventually the Scythe ended up in the box Ida created, there was almost a rather large problem - which leaves a few outstanding questions indeed. But for now, the Reaper is no more.