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Nico Khan

Sard off!

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Flustered Soldier
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Khan
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 19
Birthday: 05/17
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Spring Green
Skintone: Dark Tan

Description:     This light brown, androgynous beauty looks fresh from a skirmish on a sun-kissed beach. Her wavy, bouncy, slightly curly strands of dark chocolate hair all seem to have unique cuts to their length, though even her longest locks hardly reach past her ears. Though one might call her boyish, it's not to say her face is masculine. She has piercing eyes like a spring forest that sparkle under the right lighting, yet with an innocent size and roundness that can, at times, make it hard to take the girl seriously. Those eyes are complemented by a pair of soft, light brown lips that seem to bloom into a playful grin given the slightest chance.
    Her bust and child-bearing hips form a prominent hourglass shape; the middle of which is blessed by an outstanding six-pack when visible. She stands like a soldier that's slain dragons, but her face conveys the feeling of a school delinquent. Animated expressions seem to flow from her like a waterfall, and if one didn't know her they might think them exaggerated. The childlike way she behaves at times might seem off putting in contrast to the femininely muscular warrior's body she possesses, but it gives her a brash sort of charm that suggests she's more comfortable in a tavern than a ballroom.

Personality: An infectious grin is often present on the young girl's face. Often excited and boisterous, most of the time she's as friendly as they come. Her personality seems to be mercurial at times. And when she's not acting childish, she has a maturity that defies her appearance. She's easily embarrassed, and often becomes irritable when she is. However, she's not one to take such things too seriously, though in the heat of the moment her tongue has a serpent's sting.

Background: Nico was born in a small town near Stonehearth. Her family were a variety of tradesmen. None of their wares were of great renown, but they were a respected group of merchants that some chose first above others in the local Grayson territories. The tomboy was raised amongst a family that was loving, yet firm. They wanted to make sure she'd have the skills to survive no matter which path in life she took.

Many years she poured into honing these various skills. It wasn't long until she was already earning money in a variety of ways to support her family.

However, there came a day when she couldn't stay at home any longer. Nico wasn't the same person her family knew anymore. So she left with as many of her things as she could carry, and started traveling the world and earning money in any way she could.

Name Summary
Alexis She seems nice enough - got that whole young soldier thing going on that we've seen before. Yes, she reminds me of myself. Yes, it's in a good way. I think she's got good potential, and I look forward to seeing her blossom as a smith and see how she does in Arx.
Arcadia Curious, curious, curious. I never thought I'd feel that way. Not about a-- Well! Perhaps it was just the moment? She's something, but I'm not sure what. Both her and the smirking one. Like a pair of mercenaries out of my storybooks! I think they're brilliant, really...
Artur A young woman I encountered at the training center, along with her partner Holt. She certainly knows how to take a beating and has a love for dogs. She works for Iseulet and has recently set up shop in the Empyrean. I will be sure to take a look when I next stop by!
Domonico Brave and spirited. Could do with a few more pointers in combat. Otherwise a fine warrior in the making.
Faruq Got a mouth on her, I like that. She doesn't back down and her determination is clear. I am sure she will be a force to reckon with one day.
Fecundo Little lady that packs quite the impact. That weapon had to be twice her size, I swear. Didn't stop her from being able to use it to swat me.
Holt It's always nice to run into a fellow comrade in arms again. In a trade like ours, it's easy to assume your fellow sellswords are dead after a long separation, but that wasn't the case with Nico. Which is good, because she's as cute as a button. And boy is she fun to tease. I think I'll tarry with her a while longer.
Iseulet Brave little spitfire I met at the training ring. A good woman to know, I expect.
Joscelin A diligent student, with keen observation and excellent hand-eye coordination. Teaching her was remarkably easy, I look forward to watching her grow in her Arts.
Lys It's almost adorable how impressed she is by princesses. She seems incredibly nervous and earnest. She'll find her footing, I'm sure.
Melody Opposites. The warrior type with a delightfully scary looking weapon. One who knows the city-life far too well, and new recruit in the Crimson Blades.
Raymesin Amiable enough, but that's not enough in the Lowers. If you aren't careful you're going to get eaten alive - and if you're unlucky it'll be me that does the eating.
Reese She seems to be biding her time and learning things around Compact which is smart. I think she has a god head on her shoulders.
Sabella I didn't get to speak with her as much as I would like, but I came in on the tail end of a fight and she seems to be able to hold her own! I look forward to seeing her in the sparring ring again!
Violet I -like- this one. Seems tough, but also has a great smile and charm.