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Lord Jace Redreef

I am a Redreef. We bleed, we fight, we win.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Honorable Ally
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Redreef
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 23
Birthday: 9/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: bluish-gray
Skintone: tanned

Description: Jace Redreef looks like a man who has spent a good amount of time outdoors. Tall, without an ounce of fat on him, he has the typical broad-shouldered frame of a man who has been athletic instead of indolent. His is a handsome face, with a mischievous cast to his bluish-gray eyes and plenty of laugh lines around his mouth and eyes. His black hair is long, curling against the collar of his coats and shirts, often falling over his eyes when he isn't paying attention.

Personality: The Redreef family have a reputation for being stubborn, fierce and hearty with saltwater for their blood. Jace is no different. Much like his cousin he is as quick to laughter as anger, blunt enough to be considered rude, and prone to disappear every so often to spend some time at sea. At the core of him is an unshakable honor. This is a man who will give his word and do absolutely everything he can to keep it. He pledged to help his cousin hold Redreef Shores, and not once has he diverted. Of course, when there are women and booze about, he might be distracted, but never diverted.

Background: What is honor?

Jace Redreef is the nephew and salt-son of Tiberius Redreef, yes *that* Uncle - the man who challenged Ember's right to rule. Tiberius made sure that Jace was educated on how to rule when he was young. He figured that his brother would not produce a son before his death, and he wanted to be prepared for such a time. One of Jace's teachers in his childhood was a retired Knight, who taught the boy a lot about honor and duty, which are both important things for a young man to know - especially if he were to rule a Barony one day.

Jace was there when Ember defeated his salt father's champion, and there are many things that he could have done. He could have been angry. He could have held resentment. Instead he went the honorable route. He accepted her right to rule. He threw himself into helping his cousin consolidate her rule. A few members of the family were wary of his involvement at first, but it was clear that he valued the people they were serving more than his own self interest.

Honor is doing what is right, even if you don't think it is what's best.

Relationship Summary

  • Acacia - Favorite redheaded sailor
  • Name Summary
    Ann A new face to Arx and a welcome addition to a new Barony. Hope he finds his Princess worth saving.
    Armani A Sword with a great sense of style and enough experience to tell a good sharkskin when he sees it.
    Calandra A kind Thraxian lord, who deals with pirates! I look forward to hearing those stories!
    Caspian A man who seems to be up to good trouble. I like it.
    Conall Seagoing type, I think. Had a fancy coat and words of wisdom on herds of Malvici.
    Coraline He seems to be a solid sailor and a brilliant addition to the East Light. I look forward to really testing his skills soon.
    Domonico Any man who pays homage to Magnata is worthy of knowing better.
    Helle A captain of ships, both great and small. A feller of pirates. He was kind. Probably out of pity. Probably. But still, it was kindly done.
    Jeffeth He's a sailor! Sailors don't like manners. Brother Martin would have had to had a lot of talks with sailors. He seems like a nice enough fellow.
    Kaia A courteous Redreef lord; polite and wise. A good conversationalist; he seems like one I would likely seek to befriend.
    Liara He has some unexpectedly imaginative fashion sense! I shall have to try to see what else he can come up with, however reluctant he might be. He's a seemingly mild-mannered sort.
    Lorenzo An interesting man who apparently enjoys sailing and takes care with his responsibilties. Pleasant to share a drink with.
    Macda Finally! Someone who gets how to be a human. Even if his preferred booze is rum, I might actually like him. Gotta see if he can take a punch though.
    Miranda A friendly enough face, though with the contest going, it was not easy to get to know him. This time.
    Monique Seems like a decent man. Sailor. I wouldn't mind chatting more in depth about propriety and names.
    Petal He seems really nice. Maybe I will even try to get on a boat to see the stars.
    Roxana I love a man who humors me, and he improvises hilarious stories. A keeper, this one.
    Sanya He was friendly and had an interesting tale to share from his time at sea.
    Sasha A very pleasant lord of redreef. I am curious what sort of things he may aide while his baroness is handling matters back home.
    Sheena Lord Jace Redreef seems an interesting man. He seems to actually care for his people.
    Zara A sailor who has just come to the city to be with his family. Taller than I, which is good. I almost look forward to running into him again, he has rums he knows that I've not seen.