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Hellfrog, the Frog of Hell

Dear The Compact

Social Rank: 10
Concept: Staff
Fealty: Crown
Family: None
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 36
Religion: None
Height: average height
Hair Color: purp
Eye Color: greige
Skintone: damn, girl

Titles: Unicorn Queen

Description: basically, i think the general rule of thumb is: if someone REALLY wants the blood that's inside of your body, and they're like? a vampire, or a dracula, or some sort of mansquito, then that's probably okay. a dracula and a mansquito are made for removing things like blood and swords from inside your body. that's basically fine.

if something wants to get at your blood, and they're, say, some kind of murdersaurus, or maybe a really big frog, that's where the problems start to arise. a really big frog is not made for removing blood, and your blood knows this, which is why it is so vehement about wanting to stay IN your body instead of coming out.

unfortunately this will not deter a really big frog, because a really big frog is full of things like prizes, and value, and quite a lot of hatred, and it would REALLY rather like to replace any and all of those things with your blood, and basically by any means possible.



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