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Lord Bors Keaton

Gloria my blade, righteousness my shield, piety my cloak and family my armor.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Holy Warrior
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Keaton
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birthday: 1/1
Religion: Pantheon (Gloria)
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: bald
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: pale

Titles: Disciple of Gloria

Description: One cannot help but notice Bors Keaton when he enters a room. There is a presence to him, a severity, from the pristine, razored pate of his bald head, to the lantern jaw and bulldog neck of him. His features are blunt without being coarse, chiseled in broad planes and angles. A wide brow is bisected by dark brows that rest low over a pair of deep set brown eyes. His nose has been broken more than once, his lips full, though they are most often set in a thin line that speaks of little patience for silliness or time-wasting. He is a tall man, thick with muscle, skin pale given the frequency with which he wears armor. He is meticulous in his neat appearance, further evidence of his martial nature.

Personality: In a word, severity. This is very little give in this Oathlands Knight. As rigid in posture as he is in adherence to the principles of Chivalry and Honor. He is the epitome of a Knight of the West, fulfilling the stereotypes in both positive and negative ways. He is polite to all, in a gruff sort of way, formal and exacting in his expectation of the manners of those around him. He will be the first to defend the defenseless (should they be on the right side of the law) and the last to leave the field of battle, exacting the last drop of payment from the enemy and defending the rest of his brethren. He is a hard man, but his loyalty is stronger than steel and like honor, never bends.

Background: Growing up the third son of Guy Keaton was not a particularly easy thing. His mother Leona, formerly of Kennex, was a demure woman, content, or seemingly so, with the transition from a sea-based life to one as the wife of a minor branch of the Keaton family, living in a small hold near the village of Stone's Throw. Together, Guy and Leona had three children, all boys.
The firstborn and heir, Campbell, took after his father in all things, receiving the lion's share of attention from Guy and all the man's scarcity of affection. The second son, Willem, was born two years after Campbell and three years after that, Bors arrived. Some of the servants whispered that what little affection and love Guy possessed was spent entirely on his first born, scraps left over for Willem, so by the time Bors arrived, there was nothing left. While Campbell was doted upon and was rarely away from his father's side, Willem and Bors were far more familiar with the back side of Guy's hand than they were with a kind word or a smile from their father. Leona tried to shield the boys as much as she could, but the woman had always been frail and sickly and she could do little to combat the severity with which her younger sons were reared.
While Campbell received the best tutors that money could provide, Willem and Bors were sent on various training missions with the local guards, sent into situations with little concern for their safety. And yet both of the boys strove for the approval of their father. Willem was wounded on one of these missions into the shav-infested forests, his injuries halting any further missions. Bors assumed the mantle for both of them, determined to prove himself, if not to his impossible-to-please father, then to the gods themselves. He threw himself into lessons, both scholarly and martial, earning a reputation as a serious and upright young lord.
No matter his accomplishments, that elusive approval from his father continued to elude him. As the years passed his mother retreated from the public, sequestered in her rooms, and yet she never stopped writing her younger sons, a solitary figure of affection in their lives. During the attack from the Pirate King, Bors went south with most of the Keaton forces, returning with a Knighthood for service to his lieges. Even in this, there was no word of pride from his father. Enough is enough, and Bors, Knight of the West, disciple of Gloria and lord of Keaton is heading to Arx.

Name Summary
Austen A solid knight, devout and quiet. A most dangerous man with a hammer, I would not like to be on the wrong side of him. His devotion to the gods could never be questioned.
Reigna I am sad that I spent even a moment worried about this stalwart Knight. It should teach me to not make assumptions based on history.