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Lord Danvir Ravenseye

One step at a time, there is always tomorrow.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Mystic Nobleman
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Ravenseye
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 01/12
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Nobleman
Height: average height
Hair Color: fiery red
Eye Color: grey
Skintone: tanned

Description: For a man, Danvir is not really tall. He actually does not look like some archetypical muscular man. Instead his frame is more lithe and compact. This does not mean lack of muscles, just not an overtly muscular man. His skin is tanned by exposure to the sun. But his most defining feature has to be that fiery red mop of messy hair he has. With bangs that almost cover his equally fiery red eyebrows. His eyes has sparse lashes and they are more of a light gray. They are also somewhat small yet it is noted that they seem rather alert at everything he looks. His nose is slightly big and straight while his lips would be found on the thinner side. If anyone would look at him from first looks, he seems to have pretty long limbs despite not really being that tall. Gives a sort of athletic feel to him but not overtly so, probably of someone who leads an active lifestyle and not much from there.

Personality: Danvir is an approachable man. He always has a smile on his expression. Most people would notice that he is rarely seen with a bottle of Redrain Fire Whiskey. And he shocks people with how well he can hold his liquor, to the point he practically doesn't slur or any other common effects of being plastered. He also likes to explore and meet new people. Danvir is a man who thirsts for knowledge, and he will read any book or attempt anything he finds entertaining. However his true love is the sea. He wants to be able to comandeer a ship in the future, and possibly be Redrein's first Navy Captain. However surpassing his love for the sea, is his infatuation with Shamanism. So much so that some people have started calling him the mystic red haired lad. He seems not to care as he pays his respects to the spirits and even prays to them whenever he is going to attempt something.

Background: Born in January 12, to Robert Ravenseye, Danvir Ravenseye leads an enjoyable life that has always mixed the wild life with the life of a noble. Perhaps it is his fiery red hair, but Danvir Ravenseye showed that he could hold his ground with his favorite weapon: an axe. As he grew he started studying the Family trade: sailing. With this he also had to study economics, the art of war and of course how to be a succesful diplomat. But that was not the only thing Danvir was studying. He also started studies in the occult and he firmly believes in Shamanism, so much so that he does tend to pay his respects to the spirts. And perhaps that has aided him in becoming a better man as he aged. When he hit his eighteen years, he told his loving dad that it was time for him to put the Raveseye name on the nautical maps. And with the blessing of the spirits and his father, he took of to the Compact, intent on increasing his knowledge as well as serving the Northern noble houses better. Some are surprised when this fiery red headed young man speaks about his love for the sea, so much that others think he is from Thrax. That could not be further from the truth. He is a Ravenseye, through and through.

Relationship Summary

  • Cadern - Mentor and cousin
  • Name Summary
    Caspian A thoughtful man, and well spoken, but no less the firebrand of his family i think. Truly refreshing to speak to, he has a way of enticing you to be yourself.