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Marquessa Prisila Seraceni

Be yourself, because an original is worth so much more than a copy.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Seafaring Adventuress
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Seraceni
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Widowed
Age: 32
Birthday: 03/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Corsair
Height: 5'10
Hair Color: Chocolate
Eye Color: Blue-grey
Skintone: Dusky

Titles: Countess of the March of Ischia

Obituary: It's unclear if Prisila is dead, though rumors abound that she sailed for Eurus under mysterious circumstances. Little is known for sure.

Description: 'Sila is swarthy skinned in the summers and pale of skin during winter. She is statuesque yet filled out in delightful proportions, her body is well toned and the muscles beneath are lean and subtle. Voluminous chocolate curls cascade down around her shoulders, wafting the delicate aroma of honeysuckle. Almond shaped eyes the color of clear blue water sit above high cheek bones and flit to and fro, demonstrative of her keen perceptions and constant ability to notice the little things. White ink tattoos of prodigal make adorn her body with various arcane symbols and names in the flowing Eurusi script. Her ears are pierced many times and she often wears earcuffs, dangerous looking accessories and practical but alluring attire to accentuate her sharp, predatory beauty.

Personality: Prisila is a free spirit and possesses a cunning that might be easy to miss. Effortlessly flirtatious and often seeking mischievous ends, this adventuress is a lover of pranks. Despite her fun loving, easy going nature there is great cunning and purpose behind her actions. Anything for a laugh or clever as 'Cella are oft used phrases when describing the charming corsair.

Background: Prisila's father was always known for his love of the high seas. Rarely was he at port and if he could have his feet on the deck of his ship then that was where he'd be, such is the joy of being the seventh son. He would inherit nothing but his father's keen sense of sailing, his love of women and his powerful physique. So it's no surprise that his daughter would be born to an Eurusi mother in the hull of his cog. Even worse was the fact that her birth was relatively unknown until they berthed, three years later. As a result, there were whispers about her legitimacy and whether or not this woman who had died at sea was actually of noble blood at all. Such a thing isn't always easy to shake and throughout her childhood it was a running theme. 'Sila was never one for staying on land, some say it's because she was born at sea while others would point out the never ending similarities between father and daughter. After all she was his favorite daughter and her sister never quite got past that, which formed a rift between them that was too difficult to mend.

When she was deemed old enough the Seraceni corsair took up her sword, bow and leathers and took to the sea and no one could blame her for the escape. Only when she had a plethora of new tales to tell or scars to show off did she return to port, the latter being rarer than the former.

Still, every noblewoman realizes they have a duty and so she married to satisfy her familial obligations and bore a daughter soon after. Prisila's husband was a terrible drunk and a gambler and often found himself waking up in an alley reeking of cheap wine and rum, so it was no surprise when the man ended up dead in the Murder -- ironic but not unusual. The Iron Guard figured that one out pretty quickly, you can only shirk your debts for so long before someone comes to collect.

Whether this incident or the difficulties 'Sila had with staying out of trouble were simply too much she took to the open seas and didn't return for ten years. Her family grieved, friends mourned and even her daughter believed her dead. So it's easy to see why everyone might be so surprised to hear that the prodigal daughter has returned after all those long years. Prisila arrived in time it seemed or her father hung on all those years for his cherished daughter to return before he died. Some might see this to be a blessing but still she reels from the startling deathbed confession of her mother, an impossibly beautiful woman who was not quite as dead as she had always believed.

Name Summary
Agostino There is a dangerous air about her, but not enough to diminish how intriguing she is.
Amarantha A clever woman, dancing around my questions and company. It'll be a fun challenge to see what I can glean from her.
Ann Looks like I may not be the new Crovane in Arx for much longer! She's different. Lycene. I think Crovane could use a touch of Lycene in their blood. I think she'll make a fantastic addition as long as she keeps up her sense of humor. Not afraid of a challenge either, having pinned down a Northerner as a husband myself it looks like she's got the stuff to tame the man (but not too much). I like her.
Apollis She is a nice, sweet woman, effortlessly charming and incredibly beautiful. She seems to be new to the city. 'Devils often wear the prettiest of faces', an interesting proverb from where she comes from. I wonder where that is. I'll have to find out and then find out what sort of devil she is.
Asher Mirrormasks are finicky. She's nice, though. Not so scary as rumors might say.
Barric She's playful without being mean, and has taken pains to know what others do not even when they should. That I can respect, but her humor, I like. Maybe it was flattery...
Brigida The voice of Ischia seems to be its de facto leader. She guides with strength. One hopes it doesn't get her killed.
Constantine Something about her that leaves me wanting more. I can't quite place my finger on it. Perhaps it is the accent? Or the depth of her gaze? Either way, I look forward to our next meeting.
Coraline A lady who is one of the most interesting women I have met thus far. I am fascinated by every aspect of her and wish very much to know more. She has an air of mystery that begs to be discovered.
Cullen I vaguely remember her, although where...I cannot recall. Seems quite the interesting sort with a lot of tales to tell. Hopefully I can catch her at some point to hear those stories. I bet they're quite entertaining. Plus, she looks like the sort that would be fun to get drunk and cause trouble with, too...
Denica She makes me wonder so many things, and I cannot tell if she's toying with me, or if she genuinely enjoys my company. She's like a whirlwind and I just hope I don't get too swept away before I can figure it all out.
Domonico I get the feeling this is a dangerous woman and not just because of the small army she has marching around with her.
Dora I love the look in peoples eyes when they see me for the first time. The lady Seraceni's was especially adorable. And conversation with her has been enjoyable too.
Duarte Suggestive flirtations and then a missive requesting assistance with trade pacts. If I were a wiser man I'd assume the two were related.
Enoch A wonderful woman. She's wise beyond her years and her beauty is beyond compare. A woman I would happily trust to watch the backs of the many in defense.
Estil Very pretty and surprisingly charming, even across a room filled with borderline alcoholics. I just might like her.
Faruq She plays with fire. It could lead us to glory or ruin but nothing ventured, nothing gained. We have always managed before, and we will persevere no matter the odds or costs.
Fatima A beautiful mystery. One that I am certain I will enjoy unraveling in the days to come.
Gianna A most unusual woman with an air of mystery about her. I have so many questions.
Ignacio Lady Seraceni seems like an interesting woman. She seems to be fun loving and adventurous, which can be a lot of fun or a handful. Either way, she worth getting to know better.
Isolde The kind of woman who draws you in, tempts you with clever words and a silver tongue. A true lycene woman, through and through. I look forward to seeing how she grows and flourishes in this city.
Jarel Well from her talk with others, I gathered that she enjoys the adventure of the open seas. I might approach her later and speak more with her.
Jeffeth A very lovely noble lady who I didn't get to talk to much, but I certainly would like to. She seemed like she would be very entertaining to be around.
Jordan Very exotic and pleasant, with a casual demeanor and a confident way to walk. Definitely someone incredibly charming. Maybe we'll make a close acquaintance, sometime.
Josephine A fellow Velenosan. Such lovely hair and eyes.
Lilith My favorite Lycene by a mile. I look forward to getting to know her better. Very beautiful, with a kind heart and winning personality.
Malika Strong, humerous,captivating conversation, confident, I would sail with her any day.
Miranda I do not know entirely what I expected when I should first meet the Voice of Seraceni. I was not disappointed and instantly like her. Such wit! And I adore the way she harrasses Faruq. Charming.
Monique Seraceni Lycene. My kind of woman. And clearly strong, with a keen mind. I look forward to our next encounter, in a way I so rarely do these days.
Niklas The famous Queen of Silver. Smiles like someone with a lot of secrets.
Raja She welcomed me into her home with open arms and showed kindness. I honestly did not expect that. I hope a good mutual friendship can bloom.
Reese Quiet and calm, without seemingly truly shy or truly like a wallflower. She speaks in her mind, but in a measured and thoughtful sort of way. It sounds like she might be some kind of scout/ranger, which is a good thing. We need more of such.
Sabella A fellow theater lover?! We are destined to be great friends!
Sabella The Queen of Silver who promises there's a story behind the title! I'd love to hear it sometime!
Samael A woman who knows who she is. I watched her mix her own drink at a bar. Perhaps she didn't trust the bartender to do it properly. She is exquisite and I would like to get to know her better. Especially to learn more about her home.
Sebastian A self-proclaimed Pirate Lord! How fascinating. Surely, the stories she can tell, and the thingd she can show lead me to believe it's worth investing some time and effort in the Seraceni Voice.
Seth She said that her family was known as Black Curs, that makes for an interesting reputation. She seems to enjoy watching people at their most vunerable as they spill out their secrets as much as I do. An enigma, despite our conversation.
Sunaia Lycene through and through. She wore slitted silks and smoked during a ride into the Gray Forest. Life on the seas must be vastly different from that within the trees.
Tallius An interesting lady, bringing some interesting business. I wonder just what sort of projects she'll bring to my shop.
Torian Nothing I like better than one that does half the work. Let's hope they dont pay half the fee!
Valdemar She is bold, I will give her that. We will have to see if her cleverness can match it.
Vanora The Seracini Lady is an exotic beauty if ever there was one and I am told we've a few things in common.
Vayne A fascinating woman with insights about Eurus I hope to plumb to the depths. It's a pleasure to have her serving the Shrine, and I am confident she'll teach us all important things.
Victus I may have fucked up a little here. But luckily someone was around to correct my fuck-up! Hopefully we'll be able to meet on brighter terms where my mouth isn't needed as much. It does weird shit when I'm not thinking.