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Prince Lorenzo Redrain

The thing about kindness is that it is the one commodity that the more of it you give, the more you have.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Genuinely Nice Person
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Redrain
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 26
Birthday: 6/7
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: golden tan

Titles: Admiral of House Redrain

Description: Lorenzo's dark hair is very soft, frequently worn in some stage of fluffy rumple, and he somehow constantly generates the impression that it needs to be trimmed. There's a doe's gentle warmth to his liquid brown eyes that gives him an unfair advantage in making entreaties, but might prove a true problem should he ever need to evince menace. His slim frame, long limbs and lithe build lend to the seeming impression is more darting prey animal than lunging predator. His smile, though, is entirely melting warmth, and there is nothing in it that suggests flight or fear.

Personality: Lorenzo's baseline is warmth: diplomatic due to native empathy, there seems to be something compassionate at his core, a wellspring of human kindness that can never run dry. This grants him an innate knack for certain kinds of diplomacy, especially those requiring empathy or the diffusion of tension. Generally innocuous, he is not a student of subtlety, and can be slow to catch implications, which can make him the butt of certain kinds of comedy, a joshing he takes generally in good stead. Innuendo flying over his head -- except for when comprehension dawns and he flusters, blushes and stammers -- is a good example of this. But really, Lorenzo's nature is that of a young man who honestly tries to think the best of people and find the silver lining in any dark cloud.

Background: The middle child of a cadet branch of a Velenosa line, Lorenzo learned early about the power of camouflage. It's not that he ever intentionally disappeared or tried to make himself overlooked, but somehow, environmentally, he grew from a toddler who never won the three-legged race to a young squire who won exercises just enough to be competent but lost them just enough to avoid accusations of excellence. As a young man, he did moderately well with tutors and scholars, but not so well that anyone really considered him as a shoe-in for the priesthood.

Somehow, with the discreet aid and protection of his older brother, Lorenzo went through a remarkably ordinary teenagerhood in Lenosia as a friendly, smiling, gentle version of the invisible average man. He had brief flirtations, but nothing that broke down the walls of romance. No one tried to assassinate him. He had acquaintanceships but few close friendships. He was liked, but not beloved. At 18, he took a cavalry commission and rode out to fight in skirmishes with Shav'Arvani, and even there, he neither distinguished himself as either hero or coward.

Nothing lasts forever, though. No prince of Velenosa can remain overlooked forever. War after disappearance after assassination, and a summons to the capital came; so Lorenzo sailed for Arx with an optimistic heart that, just maybe, not being overlooked would be all right.

Name Summary
Aethan I've looked forward to meeting the man who has been deemed worthy of Princess Gwenna, and I'm not disappointed.
Alessandro My brother looks like the summer away agreed with him -- but I am very glad to have him back.
Apollo As warm and friendly as his missives had suggested he'd be.
Arcadia Oh no! Another scholar. Why am I surrounded by book lovers?
Artur My sister's husband. Someone that seems warm and a free spirit. Though I get the feeling he's trying to set me up. I'm amused. He's got a good heart - I'm glad my sister found him.
Caprice A clever and conscientious host, who doesn't balk at guests inviting themselves over. I'm looking forward to expanding his wardrobe, or at -least- getting him a few more pairs of those trousers!
Cristoph Prince Lorenzo, always a joy to have a few drinks with. I hope that he can get all of the caravels he wishes for. As long as it doesn't break Cousin Gwenna's bank.
Esme My new roomie! I don't know if he realizes what he's just done by offering up the library. It might not be fine, but it will most definitely be fun. We can make pillow forts!
Evaristo That wedding is still in my memory, but more importantly - he's bloody brilliant coming up with things that bring people together. We should do something more!
Evonleigh The sweetest prince I know, whose support first as a patron and then as a friend mean the world to me.
Fianna I am pleased to learn that the Redrain prince has an interest in good, quality war horses. We had a pleasant conversation in my stable and he got along well with the horses in their stalls. You can tell a lot about a person by how they act around animals. Phantom and I both approve.
Gwenna Sometimes you meet someone and just know, somehow. Beyond friendship or love or trust, it ends up as the easiest and most wonderful of partnerships you could ever hope for. How truly fortunate that I get to call him husband as well! As I often say, I am truly the luckiest woman in the realm.
Helena I genuinely forget that Lorenzo was not born into my family at times because he is as dear to me as any of my cousins and closer than some. He is kindness personified, with an infectious smile and contagious laugh. I am lucky to call him Cousin.
Kaia A well-educated and knowledgeable man, kind and benevolent even to those below his station.
Kaldur I would pity this Lycene peer for having married into Redrain for the winters he'll face, but he seems to revel in planning for the comfort and safety of long journeys. He is all the easy grace a Lycene noble typically has without the... general... expected Lycene-ness.
Kenna He is very kind for a prince. All of the times I have had occasion to speak to him have been pleasant.
Lark A perfectly adequate conversation partner. Charming but not unnecessarily or overwhelmingly so. There's a gentleness about Lorenzo that makes it difficult to picture him at the scene of a battle.
Llyr My first Redrain fealty dinner since I was young and I end up in discussions of mapping waterways with the husband of one of the fealty voices and a northern sailor in his own right. Good to know there are more sea-minded folks coming to the North.
Mabelle My cousin's charming husband. Seems to fair well in puppy language!
Margerie He seems a good husband, father, and man in general. A good head and heart.
Martino A fine young Lord, a kind person and one who sees best in so much. Wanting to see calmness where, perhaps others, do not.
Mirk My cousin, and one I haven't spoken to in far too long.
Petal A thoughtful and social prince who does well by his family and is alert to others about. He seems to notice the little people and be good for the community at large.
Raimon First seen at the metalsmith's shop where he was gift shopping and I was attempting to commission a Badge for the Order. Originally from Lenosia, this Prince of Redrain proved friendly and courteous, going out of his way to make helpful suggestions and find common ground. Seems like a genuinely decent sort -- and I've many hopes he can find ways to remain so, come what may. A genuine pleasure to meet. Good person!
Ras Really calm and nice, for a prince. Also, he likes Copper. Alright guy.
Reese A thoughtful and intelligent prince, who Compact is blessed to have.
Rosalind Introduced me to coffee with whiskey in it. Was amazing! I hope we talk again some more, he have me some good advice too!
Rukhnis A genuinely pleasant man who is princely in courtesy and graces, but not at all in hauteur.
Shard He's...nice? He's nice. And he puts a lot more value on talking than I do, even in the best of times. That's not a bad thing. A little naive in some cases, maybe, but not a bad thing at all.
Thea A seemingly calm prince, although I didn't really get to speak to him overly much. Hopefully that will change.
Tomwell Like myself, he is interested in the Nefer'khat. And also like myself, he is not a natural scholar, so we should perhaps muddle along together.