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I think 'tis time I leave ye in peace. Perhaps one day we'll hunt together. Perhaps one day one of us will be prey. This land is a twistin' web, and we're all flies trapped within. The only certainty is that we dinna ken what tomorrow brings.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Wayward Prodigal
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Unknown
Gender: female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 23
Birthday: 01/23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Hunter
Height: Middling
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Grey
Skintone: Pale

Description: This slender woman strikes a carefree or perhaps negligent figure to most onlookers, possessed of youthful years and middling height, pale-skinned with keen eyes of grey; her hair of vibrant crimson often abandoned to unkempt disarray. Hers is an aquiline visage, unadorned save the esoteric and gruesome display of criss-crossing scars and convolutions of runes; a plethora of tribal inscriptions which reticulate across her face and figure in equal measure, depicting Shav'arvani symbolism. The most prominent of the design is a two-headed viper coiling around her neck, black burn scars serving as its outline whilst white hues of ink portray a seeming mirror-like hide. It appears to be devouring its own tail, whilst its remaining head slithers its way below, disappearing from sight into the concealed parts of her wiry frame.

(The garments she wears are patched with scrap pieces of fabric and repaired many a time with signs of hasty, clumsy-fingered needlework, serving as silent witnesses of arduous times.)

Personality: Most will find the wayward Shav'arvani huntress wary and distrustful at a glance, and perhaps even beyond first impressions and first meetings, just as many may find her visage to be an unsettling sight and her presence cause for suspicion and vigilance. Stubborn, nosily curious, and perhaps jarringly out of her element in the Compact, Deoiridh nonetheless isn't without apparent good qualities. She has a way with animals, whether in befriending them or hunting them, and appears well-versed in the ways of the wilds. She is keen of sight and mind, and ordinarily equally swift to pick up upon most things that are unfamiliar and strange to her, though whether she chooses to embrace societal norms and foreign customs in her unorthodox nature is another matter.

Background: Precious little is known of the huntress that goes by the name of Deoiridh, apart from her evident Shav'arvani origins. Tight-lipped, she rarely speaks of her erstwhile tribe and home amongst the Abandoned, least of all with strangers. What /is/ known, however, is that she was brought into the civilised world - into the Compact - through indentured servitude. Whatever the details of such an arrangement might be remains anyone's guess, though doubtless it is known to her and perhaps to her original captors, whoever they may have been.

Name Summary
Cambria With an accent so strong, I required interpretation...She comes from a place I am unfamiliar with, and do not pretend to understand. Who knows if I shall ever see her again, but stranger things happen in Arx.
Cirroch Suspect that there is significantly more to her than she is letting on in a first glance. Though as a prodigal in this city, I don't blame her for keeping quiet. Could be a good alliance.
Giada A healthy dose of practicality proves a sensible concentration partner. She's very curious though.
Graziella I enjoy her company, the sort of person who lives life unapologetically and has the time to chat with me about the strangest things... omens and dreams...
Harlex I have sent many of her kind to the Wheel. Each one I remember and regret. When I saw her, I saw a ghost. Even still, you can't get attached to these kind of things. She will find her way among these people or she will not. Anyway, I doubt she'd accept the help.
Lyra A seemingly shy woman, covered in scars and tattoos. There's very likely an interesting story there, but time will tell.
Mabelle Shy woman, looks a little lost. I hope she will grow out of it. Nothing cake cannot fix. Interesting marking on her face likely tells a story. I should ask.
Ryhalt We share a love of hunting with untamed animals.
Venturo A reserved soul, one that holds aloof. Out of place, but certain in the ways followed. Sharp with teeth, dry with humor, Tannasghe is a perfect example of the adage that your animal companions are precisely like the humans they hang out with. Some day, I am certain, I'll be given her name.
Xia A odd woman of the type they call prodigal. But intriguing. Maybe that's the whole point behind her act. I'll have to invite her to the suite at the Queensrest for a quieter talk.
Zyanya I did not think to come to Arvum and find outsiders like myself. She wears a different mask than I do but it serves the same purpose--it is wholly her, wholly herself, while hiding all that others might take from her.