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Prince Laric Grayson

The Inquisition is terrifying, but terrifying does not mean evil. A blade dripping blood is fearsome indeed, but those who shudder at the sight of it may never know the blade is wielded by the righteous defending the innocent against the worst among us.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Crown Investigator
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 37
Birthday: 09/25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: dark blue
Skintone: medium

Titles: Master of Questions, Legendary Investigator, Legendary Buzzkill

Description: He is a handsome man, his cheekbones high and his jaw strong. He is tall and elegant, laid back and lordly, with an easy smile like a playboy's and a smoldering, lazy laugh. His eyes are the blue of a night sky -- far-off as that night sky, too -- and impossibly dark. Yet, when his gaze comes into focus, it is with an intensity and a clarity of vision that can be compelling -- indeed, overpowering. As his dark hair falls across his eyes, that intensity is again undone.

Personality: On the surface, Laric seems to be a self-important cynic who -- when he acts -- acts out of self-interest, even when he's doing good. He'll laze about, only striking quickly when there's some glory or notoriety to be gained. It's not precisely an act, either. He is a Prince, a Grayson, and there has never been a Prince of Grayson who grew up unsure of his importance.

Beneath that, Laric is a keen and curious intellect sparking around an iron-clad core of honor and loyalty. As a man of power, he perceives a responsibility, a duty, to those without it. He is clever enough to gain advantage for himself with each victory for justice, which adds to his smug reputation.

Background: The grim circumstances of Laric Grayson's childhood are a matter of public record. His parents were killed during the Gray Forest Campaign of 970AR, accompanying King Alaric III in what was meant to be a minor action against bandits. As a young Prince, he was in no danger of being discarded. Nonetheless, it was a lonely life for the young royal. He was 'raised' in part by a previous Master of Questions: Berthold Ruger, father of his closest friend Faye. Berthold instilled in him a sense of unflinching duty to the Compact, and he has always felt a need to follow in the man's footsteps, to make certain the Inquisition remains a powerful tool to serve the realm -- rather than a political weapon to be used by the powerful to terrify the weak. He quickly learned that being serious and dedicated was one of the quickest ways to alienate potential political allies.

Berthold's disappearance while investigating the shipwreck that killed King Alaric III was the final straw that pushed Laric to become an Inquisitor himself, though Faye had just as much to do with it. She had already joined the Inquisition, and encouraged him to do the same, to make use of his title to make a real difference -- or at least make sure the real work got done. They were abroad investigating delicate matters for the Crown for most of the King's Rest, but returned in late 1005AR, setting to work on an investigation that would, months later, result in an attempt to arrest Master of Questions Shreve Tyde for treason. It ended in the man's death, and Alaric IV's regent Gabriel Bisland appointed Laric as Shreve's successor.

At some during the year, he found time to marry Cara Ashford (nee Rubino), a Voice of House Grayson. Their first children, Petra and Kieri Grayson, were born 7/8/1006.

Relationship Summary

  • Orazio - Drinks tea

  • Family:
  • Kieri - Firstborn daughter
  • Petra - Kieri's twin
  • Arber - Son and fire hazard
  • Salvadore - Everyday pet salamander

  • Rival:
  • Cara - Grayson nee Ashford nee Rubino nee...

  • Friend:
    Name Summary
    Agatha So it's not really a surprise that the master of question is the person people go to about what different type of elf blood markings might cause problems with. He seems pretty smart. Needs to eat more. Not as intimidating as I thought he would be. Not QUITE.
    Aislin The first time Aislin met Laric, he struck her as a very serious individual. Almost humorless, perhaps verging on sinister. But as they've interacted more, and especially after Cara married him, she's come to realize he's got layers to him. And one of those layers is, apparently, someone who can make Cara laugh, so presumably he /does/ have humor to him. She hopes to get to know Laric better in his own right, eventually, not merely just through Cara's stories.
    Alaric It's hard not to be incredibly impressed by my cousin's work in purging the Inquisition of its disloyal elements during my absence. He's capable, organized, and clearly reliable.
    Alarissa He is my cousin and a stalwart man to whom, I would offer nearly everything to help. I confess, he is also my favourite cousin.
    Alexis Prince, Inquisitor, and now Father.
    Ann Not what I was expecting. I was expecting an extremity of either ice or fire, but what I got was pleasant warmth, moderation, and level headedness. Temperance.
    Apollis He's a handsome man which makes it so hard to hate him.
    Astraea I've got my opinions about the Inquisition but it's been good to see that the man in charge is no Shreve. I'm certain he's in good graces with the Gods and that is enough for me. He's family of sorts and yet I've never really met him until now. I can see why everyone is impressed.
    Aureth An Inquisitor who demonstrated human caring? Well, it was a funeral. I guess you never can tell.
    Bhandn The first thing I saw about him was a chirping lizard climbing up his coat with a letter in its mouth. It made every thought in my head came to a halt like three runaway carts had just crashed into each other at the same time. I don't think there's a word to describe how unique that experience was.
    Cadenza A cousin of Lou and very intelligent. Maybe next time we'll meet in less strange circumstances.
    Caith He has a salamander that I am fairly certain is smarter than I am. That is so, so, so, so neat! He's not what I would imagine an Inquisitor to be like -- then again, Tikva is one as well and she is a treasure! Anwyay, he is all poised and charming and knowledgable! So knowledgable. I feel like I can learn a lot from him, that he can help me uncover all sorts of mysteries. O, what does the future hold? Excitement, that's what!
    Calaudrin Overall? A positive first encounter with the Master of Questions. I'm glad that helmet is locked up, now I can stop worrying that it might begin to follow me. Popping up everywhere and being a terror.
    Cambria For being the Master of Questions, he was strikingly approachable. Downright friendly, even. This perhaps makes me infinitely more dangerous than a scary curmudgeon.
    Daemon He is for all intents and purposes, phenomenal at his job.
    Delilah A long shadow cast over the city, enshrouded in his own legend stitched from fragments of countless stories. To decipher a truth is to stare something plain in the face and sift through the dust in hopes of a sparkle, and perhaps nothing plays true as I would like. I may always second guess myself where he is concerned, and yet the needle points to the lodestone of Laric Grayson. Plus he probably has webbed toes, like Tikva says.
    Duarte He has yet to be twisted by the job. He may just survive his posting yet.
    Echo They call him the Master of Questions, but I much rather enjoy our discussions on bacon-things than what he might bring home from work.
    Eleyna He has wit sharp enough to cut and humor drier than a good Lenosian wine. I find that intimidating enough before it's paired with the fact that he's the Master of Questions.
    Emilia A man of great wisdom and knowledge. He is very eloquent and patient, even when speaking of difficult matters.
    Esoka While she doesn't know what to make of the Inquisition as a whole, all Esoka has heard of Laric speaks of him as a brave man trying to fight the darkness in the world in his own way. Also, he might have webbed toes. Does he have webbed toes? She must know.
    Fairen The stoic, silent and mysterious sort. Fitting, considering he is the Master of Questions. Still, he might have answers for me, if I play my cards right.
    Faye Next time I might buy him a new pen.
    Felicia Master of Questions, Prince. Austere office, pet salamander. Deceptively attractive. The kind of person to put you at ease... I can only imagine the terror he inspires in questioning.
    Fortunato Stern and staid inquisitor turns out rather thoughtful, also funny. Driven and wise and appropriately favored. He has my admiration, trust, and friendship.
    Gareth The Master of Questions. Cousin. A good man with his head on straight, does his job well and expects those under him to do their jobs well. He fits the role well.
    Gisele When I was a little girl in the Lower Boroughs, I always thought princes and princesses were remote, and glorious, and cold. As distant from us as the stars. This Prince isn't. He's a good man, though he wears an Inquisitor's cloak. There's warmth beneath the surface, and kindness and wisdom too.
    Giulio The Master of Questions is exactly the man we need to... help restore trust in the Inquisition. Commanding, understanding, without seeming tyrannical.
    Godric Out of anyone else, he probably knows best about who I am. Better man than Shreve by far. Hope the job doesn't change him.
    Grazia My cousin's husband is a serious but very interesting man. Solid. Brilliant. Someone I can work with. I am pleased to serve under him as an Inquisitor now.
    Harald He is better than an infernalist Tyde.
    Harper Meeting him was intimidating, but he's not as scary once we got to talking. And Sally is the best ever.
    Holden Interesting insight, and willing to take time out of his schedule to address a personal matter. I am grateful. Curious little pet, too.
    Ian One of Legate Orazio's friends, and possibly cut from the same sort of mold.
    Isolde He'll do a fine job of finding this murderer. I miss our days of meeting over brandy and having pleasant talks.
    Jacque The Master of Questions and Grayson Prince. He's friendly, willing to listen, and of course, he's a member of the Inquisition. That means that one must measure their words carefully and mind their step while around him.
    Jayanthi Seems like he cares for his wife a great deal. He is the buyer of resources, though.
    Jeffeth The Master of Questions, things that shock me seem to just make him grumpy. I suppose that's what happens when you're the boss of all the questions.
    Juniper He wanted me to tell people that he's terrifying but I'm just not that sort of Whisper. He /is/ however interesting, helpful, and probably very scary if you're a bad person.
    Kaldur Impressive. He knows things. That is, uh, to be expected, I suppose.
    Killian Well, Killian and Laric didn't really hit it off from the first moment, but Laric has certainly grown upon him. He considers the Prince one of the stalwarts of the trustworthy folks he can depend upon, and though they tend to run in slightly different circles, he certainly values the man's solidarity.
    Lark A man of much energy and much focus. It is hard not to feel swept up by it. I imagine that is why he is so good at what he does, my cousin.
    Leola He can chair a meeting, and he shares what he needs to when he thinks he needs to. The Inquisition stood alone, though, without oversight? How can that be trusted again?
    Lianne Quite the engaging conversationalist and plainly possessed of a sharp mind. I hadn't expected to like him quite so much.
    Liara My inquisitorial relative. Terribly helpful - I had questions and they were answered and my problems, petty little things though they were, were solved right there and then. What sort of effect does he have on others in the city with that big coat and whatnot?
    Lottie He is not NEARLY as scary as I thought he'd be. He's polite and gracious and seems to really be motivated in his work for all the right reasons. We're lucky to have him on the Compact's side and I really don't think he gets told that enough.
    Lucita Not so scary as I thought he might be! He's insightful, gives good advice, is supportive, has an enjoyable dry humor. He's like family and has adorable children. Will look forward to talking to him again.
    Mae Serious, to the point, business-like. Guess that's the best kind of Inquisitor?
    Magpie Magpie doesn't make a habit of hanging out with the Inquisition, but after a particularly royal body turned up in the Murder of Crows (which is where Mag lives) he decided to have a chit-chat with Laric rather than run away screaming. It was actually a pleasant conversation and the many has a good sense of humor. If Magpie ever ends up tortured and questioning by the Inquisition, he'd like it to be by Prince Laric.
    Mercedes Accomplished beyond reproach. Gets to the point, considers input, makes the big decisions, leads by example.
    Merek I quite like this man, and with him in charge of the Inquisition, we can be quite assured Arx is kept safe. I will admit to being a bit sketchy of his fashion sense.
    Mia A man who not only admits to his ulterior motives, but to ones that serve the Compact? I whole-heartedly approve.
    Morrighan Grayson Prince. Morrighan first encountered Laric at Lagoma's Shrine to discuss an important matter. She wasn't sure what to make of him at first, but once they conversed a bit he seems alright. Helpful. She's thankful he was willing to listen.
    Mydas Direct and to the point, he makes a fine Master of Questions. Pet salamander seems to point towards some eccentricities, but that's to be expected in a Master of Questions, I hear.
    Olivia The Master of Questions is far kinder than his formidable reputation, although also also every bit as formidable as it would paint him. Olivia could wish for no one better to spearhead the investigation into her sister's disappearance. She could do without the slimy lizard, though.
    Petal He looks like money and talks like money too. I had to make my pitch. We will see!
    Ras All I knew about Laric was that he changed the Inquisition, got rid of Shreve. Folk say he knows everythin about everythin, but I didn't expect him to understand the things he understood. Or that I'd ever answer the questions he asked without losing any teeth. Got the sense that he's patient so that he doesn't have to be mean. Real smart guy, I guess.
    Reese He is very serious! And seems quite smart too. e doesn't like messes or animals, but thats okay. I consider him my alally and my cousin. I think he is a good guy, but not very warm.
    Reigna A hard man, but those of honor and honesty usually are. There is something more to him than the stoic surface, and while I was initially afraid of him, his quick mind and his apparent sincerity tugged at my instincts to trust him. I must be careful, however. I always see the good, and that is when I am most badly burned.
    Sabella I think I speak for at least three people when I say, what? What?! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
    Silas The High Inquisitor and one of Dash's many spoilers. Silas likes him more than he likes his boss. They met initially to train for a tournament and he did comparatively well as a human shield, though he's terrible at swordplay. They have since become friends and Silas was kind enough to make him free furniture for as a wedding gift. Laric sent over the leftovers of the banquet and Silas ate like a prince for two weeks. Good man!
    Skye I was very initimidated to speak to him, but once I got over my fear, he was kind and thoughtful. I should stop listening to rumors. He gave me the impression of caring and I definitely want his help in the future untangling the web my uncle weaved.
    Sorrel Nevermind about Laric, Salvadore the Salamander is the best thing ever. He's adorable. He's orangey and cuddly and cute! I'm going to have to make one of my guards keep a stash of crickets just for him. It's the best thing when he chirps delightedly at me. I don't really know the first thing about the guy he hangs out with except that he's friends with Tikva.
    Sparte His highness. I mean, not to mistake for a different highness, he is the master. Which isn't to say he is just 'Master Laric' but - Oh! I should say Prince Laric. Yes! Prince Laric.%R%RHe is, um, nice?
    Sunaia Master of Questions and I think he still missed the dirty joke I told during our conversation. Getting old, Laric?
    Talia Generous and intimidating. I think he can pull off pink.
    Tessa You would think someone who has such a serious job would have more frown lines. A testiment to good Greyson breeding that he doesn't!
    Theron The Master of Questions is an insightful man. I look forward to working with him, in the future. Perhaps not in an official capacity, yet, but the Inquisition fights against dark things and their cause is just.
    Tikva I first met Prince Laric at his wedding, which is a strange time to meet someone for the first time, but there you go. I met him again walking the shrines in the dark, and it was... enlightening. I'm not sure when exactly it was that I decided he is my friend, but he's trapped with it now, poor man.
    Tomwell Does everyone walk out of his office feeling like their brains are melting out of their ears? He seemed like a good man though. He has a rather calming way about him, which is ... probably useful.
    Veronica Honorable, intelligent and supportive, Prince Laric is the man who can lead the Inquisition down a path of justice and honor, I have no doubt of it.
    Victus The Inquisition has always been so fucking dreary to me. Their 'tea-time' especially doesn't make me fond of them. But you know, not all of them are bad. Laric is one of those that I don't hate.
    Zoey He's quite nice, actually, for an Inquisitor. Maybe a little scary, but I love his Salamander.