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Action Id: 3577 Crisis: Participants: Reese, Lisebet and Kaia
Status: Resolved Submitted: July 1, 2019, 12:28 a.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Economic Resources: 100
Military Resources: 100
Social Resources: 100

Action by Reese

At the request of Marquis Rymarr, Reese is going to attempt to speak with House Rutherford vassal of house Greyreeve and attempt to get this house to either shift their loyalty to the House Deepwood or withdraw their participation from the conflict. The goal is that such will help encourage House Greyreeve to work with house Deepwood well and help things on their end. Reese will use no violence in her attempt unless it is in direct self defense of herself and those with her. She is attempting to use charm and diplomacy. She is attempting to convince them that not participating in the conflict is in their best interest. She is hoping to bring along some with her who are charming and diplomatic to help with this process. She is being careful not to amp up the conflict, get into any fights or undermine the efforts o those working with House Greyreeve. She will report any results quickly to Marquis to Rymarr. She is being careful not to take over the situation as a Grayson, but rather to help as an ally to House Deepwood.

Action by Lisebet

Lisebet has been asked to bring her diplomatic skills to this endeavour, to try to help with the talking, convincing and persuasion. She's definitely not there to fight, but is more than willing to try to help resolve things peacefully. She's asked for information on House Rutherford in order to get to know them and what they might need/want, to try to come to a peaceful conclusion with them withrawing their participation from the conflict, in aid of the end goal -- to encourage House Greyreeve to work with their liege productively. She is not there to take things over, any more than Reese is, but is there as a diplomat to try to ease the conflict if she can.

Action by Kaia

Lady Kaia Bisland is part of the low-key ambassadorial party traveling, with Princess Reese Grayson, to House Ratherford’s lands per Marquis Rymarr’s request with the purpose of "charming" (discreetly commanding) and "persuading" (subtly leading) the members of the barony to shift their loyalty towards House Deepwood; or, at the very least, convince them to desist from supporting House Grayreeve on their open rebellion.

Innate charm, silver tongue and honeyed words come together to form a suave masterpiece of tactful mediation. The lovely little Bisland begins with some customary pleasantries, all the while making a subtle but quite perceptive assessment of House Ratherford's needs, before delving deep into highlighting some of the perks and benefits that could prove to be more advantageous to them, the oh-so-great and wise Ratherford’s, in the long run - ONLY IF they were to choose to shift their loyalty to House Deepwood, OR, at the very least, simply cooperate through the withdrawal of both martial and provision support to said rebellion.


Roll Result: 54

Ratherford really was just looking for an excuse to stay out of it, since there's little political benefit to them supporting Grayreeve in his confrontation, so they are all too happy to use any reason to stay out of it. Which doesn't mean they aren't looking for the most benefit out of this that they can. Ultimately they are willing to back down from supporting Augustus, and support his much less warlike and difficult son Thomas, in exchange for a few mills in areas contested with other groups.