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Action Id: 3141 Crisis: Participants: Peri, Alaric, Gabriel, Michael, Reese, Joscelin, Orrin, Kaldur(RIP), Etienne, Fianna, Ilmia, Scythia, Maru, Rysen and Ahriman
Status: Resolved Submitted: March 26, 2019, 8:37 a.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 100000
Economic Resources: 6600
Military Resources: 4400
Social Resources: 2200
Action Points: 450

Action by Peri

Peri admires all of the work her brother organized the Seliki Engineering Corp and so many of the Compact into building the Great Road. Her brother has inspired her. Are there not more great engineering projects the Selikis can accomplish? What of a fortress to protect the Pearlspire and the Compact and give the Pearlspire a shipyard and port? Seliki engineers are capable of this great work. Pearlspire will be able to create a fleet like no other. Her allies will be able to use the port and have ships built for them. Peri will finally be able to give Kalani a hospital ship to command.

Peri will use her command and leadership skills to organize teams of people in this work. She directs people to build fortifications that will provide protection and early warning for hostilities in the sea.

Peri wishes for this project to provide protection along the North East coast of Arvum and in the waterways between Arvum and the northern chain of the Mourning Isles. The fortress will be able to provide defense as well as a base for patrol fleets to keep the sealanes clear from piracy.

Peri also wishes for this project to provide a stable location from which scouts and couriers can be safely quartered and provisioned while also ensuring access to a well maintained stretch of road, should a rider need to be dispatched post haste OR a larger response be fielded to the shore line, The fortifications will provide lookout for impending threats. (OOC: thanks! Kalani provided words for this paragraph. she is good at this.)

Peri will consult with with people who provide quick responses to emergencies at sea and along the coast to ensure that the construction will meet their needs and allow them a base to push from. People such as Physicians, Mercies, Order of The East Light. They will have facilities and docking rights.

Peri has spoken with Legate Ailith to get advice on prayers and blessings, and Legate Ailith recommended that Peri meet with her Seraph in Pearlspire to ask for prayers and blessings for the work. Peri asks to have prayers on the people doing the work so that they are protected from injury and harm. She ask for prayers for wisdom in planning. She will ask for blessings upon the construction and for a dedication of it to the pantheon.

Peri will speak with economic advisors to have them plan new trade routes for the area.

Action by Orrin

Orrin is primarily providing military expertise so that the fortress and shipyard will be properly outfitted for those purposes; though it will surely provide economic benefit, his priority is seeing to the enduring security of the Pearlspire, the Crownlands, and the Compact, in that order. He will be reviewing design choices made by others to ensure that war vessels can be produced at speed; that shipping lanes and cargo platforms are well-protected by the edifices; and that the towers are appropriately arrayed to provide a complete range of visibility to warn of impending attacks, whether by pirates, raiders, or military forces, foreign or otherwise. He will be leveraging military contacts so that it is clear that this port and fortress are meant to provide a continuity of protection for the sea and coasts north of Arx.

Action by Maru

Maru does his best to drum up support and resources for the port, extolling the virtues of increased naval defenses and shipbuilding capabilities along the northern coast of the Crownlands.

Action by Gabriel

A lifetime of war has given Gabriel a great appreciation for the usefulness of a well situated fortress and awareness some of the common pitfalls that allowed him to breach countless Shav'arvani fortifications in the gray forest. It's this experience he offers to share with the Seliki engineers as well as an amount of material support from Bisland itself

Action by Alaric

Always pleased to assist in developing the strength of the Crownlands, Alaric lends some of the Crown bureaucracy's technical expertise as well as some resources for building the project.

Action by Michael

Michael Bisland sets about securing authorization for just such a behemoth. Permits and such, ensuring it'll be marked upon mercantile maps. Being a Voice means access to diplomatic channels that some don't have. And the wherewithal to negiotiate within them.

Action by Joscelin

Using the Crafters Guild's best artisans, Joscelin would help the Selikis design a fortress that is not only funtional, but the most beautiful, a tribute to the location and the legacy of its people, as well as a clear testament of the Crafters Guild's nurtured talent and growth in these years past. She would also help negotiate on behalf of the Selikis, ensuring they get the best materials available at the most affordable prices without cutting anyone out.

Action by Etienne

Etienne lends his expertise where it is applicable, furthering the efforts of civilization and advising where he can for best economic results. This in addition to be generally supportive and lending perspective, education, and teaching the ideals of the Faith to others.

Action by Scythia

For a feat of such magnitude, there should be significant propaganda campaign done to ensure that word is spread regarding the greatness of House Seliki and what they are doing. Scythia is seeking to do precisely this, using what contacts she has to sway them to supporting the cause. After all, would it not be great to have defenses in that region from the dangers that might be faced? Would it not be beneficial to look to make trade deals with a port, freshly formed, that allows for easy export in both Northlands and Crownlands? What about the ample opportunity of employment in such a place on the surge of an economic boom? Naturally Scythia seeks to sway the population into thinking precisely this, and better yet, ensuring that they believe that is really what they wanted to do to begin with.

Action by Reese

Reese will join and help with this by using her military background to support the project, but even more so she will try to lend her voice by providing and help provide hype for the building. She will make sure to be seen about as the night of ribbons, being positing and excited about the project. She will try to inspire those working upon such, including laborers and others who are in the area. Reese will spend time on the site and try to help keep spirits high. She will talk to not only those building, but she will visit any nearby shops and merchants, try the local food, talk to children who around, people bringing lunch to their family. The whole idea is to help keep people energetic, excited and unified about the project.

Action by Ahriman

Prince Ahriman Grayson as a recently appointed admiral after ensuring the engineers build him a command room of his own and making sure he has a copy of the blueprints will assist in the strategic position and location of this fortress.

1) He will make sure that the approaches and location is a prime defensible position.

2) He will advise to build additional defensive measures such as lumber to generate smoke (in case of sky born assault) to help obscure the fortress from elevated targeting for a time.

3) Ahriman will aslo make sure to do his best to ensure that the currents nearby are charted, timed, and that ranges of defenses are timed and adjusted regularly to be optimal in their defense of the fort.

He will advise on other measures and generally assist with the strategic elements of this fort.

Action by Rysen

Rysen organizes the shipping of blackwood lumber to be used in the construction of the port, and makes diplomatic entreaties for Crovane sailors to use the new port as the primary port of call for trade voyages on their way south to the Oathlands and east to the Mourning Isles.

Action by Fianna

Fianna will ensure that shipments to the port are approved and will also support its construction with lumber from Stormwall. She will also offer naval assistance should the effort need it, as well as any other support that she is able to provide to see that this project is a success.

Action by Kaldur(RIP)

In the wake of his successful tour of Pearlspire with Lady Rey, Kaldur returns to Pearlspire as advocate for the people of the county, especially those who will be most affected by the large undertaking, highlighting that change - Lagoma be praised - is essential for growth.

Pearlspire and the new port will be a jewel - a beautiful, gleaming pearl - in the crown of the Great Road, seated (or seeded) appropriately in the Pearlspire. It doesn't escape his - or anyone's notice - that pearls are born from grit... from intrusions turned by long and steady effort into things of beauty. It's the point! To support this message of change and perseverence, he works to ensure that the everyone is working together so that the outcomes are positive and to minimize any negative impacts on the people and industry of Pearlspire.

He also makes a sizeable donation to the Faith, to support the Faith's outreach in the Pearlspire or wherever it is most needed (OOC: 100,000 silver, 50k attached to the action, 50k given or donated to the Faith when the action resolves).

Action by Ilmia

Lady Ilmia is going to be working with Peri to talk up the port and how it can help numerous people. Her social graces have been needing to be put to use and this is a great opportunity while also helping another of the Grayson fealty.


Roll Result: 430

The Seliki Engineers work very hard on what Lady Peri is calling "The Portress." A fortress and a port all at one, this provides quite a staging point for ships and patrolling. With high walls and strategic defense positions, it makes for a surprisingly safe port of call.

Under Count Orrin, the plans are strategically sound. With Lord Kaldur helping direct the Engineering Corps - and spending a surprising amount of time working on the port and out in a ship handling... something to do with water, no one's quite sure - the work goes smoothly. Duke Gabriel and Prince Ahriman also provide sound tactical advice on locations and setup. Guildmistress Joscelin makes minor adjustments to the plans that just somehow make the whole thing seem - just right somehow. Unexplainable, but right.

Etienne offers a blessing along with the Seraph of Pearlspire. Lady Ilmia, Duchess Fianna, Lord Rysen, Princess Reese, Lady Scythia, Lord Maru, Lord Michael, and even the King work very hard to promote this as a Very Good Thing, and people - not just the people in Seliki but also their allies who have every intention of using that new and safe port - are excited about it. Piracy is down and trade is up, and overall that's a very, very good thing.