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Action Id: 3113 Crisis: Participants: Reese, Olivia, Rymarr(RIP), Rey, Jyri, Bedivere and Lisebet
Status: Resolved Submitted: Feb. 5, 2019, 1:25 a.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Social Resources: 50

Action by Reese

Great Road Patrol/Reese is going lead a patrol of the Great Road in the Crownlands in the name of Grayson and Solace. Her goal is to keep the road for travelers, merchants and civilians safe. She wants to help keep the road in Bastian as a safe place to travel and she wants to contribute toward the road being used to help increased trade in the Crownlands. She is bringing along about half of the Grayson army. She is going to try avoid battles if possible. She will be focusing on chasing off thieves, those stealing and attacking from the road. She will not attack anyone who is not hostile to their patrol, clearly tainted by the abyss unless they are someone attacking others who will not cease such. She will retreat from overwhelming odds. She will try diplomatic means before going into combat if possible. She really wants to bring back the army in one piece. They are staying on or close to the road. They are going to follow the normal paths that Solace would take. She is not going to venture into the lands of Grayson Vassals because she respects agency. So while she patrols the pathways, she won't go chasing down bad guys in Riven lands for example. She hopes to make a positive show of force that will help those in the Bastian. She hopes to a patrol that reflects well on both Grayson and Solace. She will throw in the weight of her name as the Knight of Ribbons and the Grayson General to help in the image of the patrol. Since many important members of her family supported the road, she also hopes to give the road a better image as well.

Action by Rey

Reese has invited Rey to be the head Mercy that moves on the road with this large group. She will be there to offer healing to the warriors as well as any on the road that has need. During this time she will be looking and marking sites for warstations to be placed along the road itself.

Action by Rymarr(RIP)

Rymarr will be present to aid in the patrols of the Great Road alongside House Grayson's efforts. He will be present to offer himself in the physical sense, but to also act as counsel when sought by the General of House Grayson.

Action by Lisebet

Lisebet has been asked to come along, bringing her diplomatic skills. She's there to try that diplomatic approach in an attempt to settle things peacefully wherever possible. To that end, she'll be studying up on the lands they're going on, and making sure she's got a good idea of who she might be speaking to and with, so that when they are there, she will be at her best. Although she's not a Whisper, she's a fairly good diplomat, and used to helping out in such ways.

Action by Jyri

As a former Crownsworn and with a fierce loyalty to the crown and the vassal houses under the Graysons, if Princess Reese asks Jyri to help, he will come. So, using his expertise as a soldier, he will join this effort. He has a vested personal interest in the safety of the road as well, and it fits perfectly with his wish to see that refugees can travel safely to safe areas. The safer this part of the road is, the better for them. He will keep to what Reese orders, but offer his expertise at living in the wilds, work as a scout in the nearby forests to look for trouble, and he can also talk Crownlands Shav'arvani should they face any Shav'arvani of that kind - not that he's much of a diplomat, but he can translate if needed. And of course, if it becomes violent, he knows how to use that spear.

Action by Bedivere

As per the modus operandi of Princess Reese, Lord Bedivere rides forth with Hawkhold's Soldiers and some promising Solace recruits mixed in ((from @action 3080)) at a 10:1 ratio. He will help patrol that Great Road which he and his men helped build. Whenever come close to Whitehawk lands, they temporarily detour to check those then join back up with the Grayson patrol.

Action by Olivia

Olivia is comming along to help keep the group healthy. She is not a fighter and won't be able to contribute in any martial way, but hopefully her knowledge of Medicines, Herbs, Alchemy, will help keep everyone in top top shape! Ideally though the group stays safe and healthy enough to not need her skills.


Roll Result: 238

A show of force is enormously helpful. The Crownlands were spared much of the worst of the problems facing the rest of Arvum as a result of the Great Road, due to Alaric forbidding construction in areas that would have cut through largely Shav'arvani controlled lands. Being spared the worst doesn't mean 'no', however, as more than one Abandoned group took advantage of the distraction of the chaos of the Great Road to prey on travelers, and brigand attacks are at a high not seen in decades. Reese patrol largely puts an end to that.

Some of the groups can be talked down, of course, particularly with force behind them. Lisebet is able to resolve one inane border conflict between House Twinstone and House Ratherford, two of the baronies sworn to Grayreeve that had quarreled since Augustus' declaration. Jyri is able to convince the Gray Forest Reavers to stay well clear of this, after some had ventured from closer to Nox lands. Rey and Olivia help aid many of the wounded on the road, which turns out to be more than might be expected- there was at least four significant skirmishes between Whitehawk soldiers under Bedivere's command and brigand groups, ending with the latter's apprehension.

Reese and Rymarr lead the main Grayson forces, and there is one major engagement against a several-hundred strong force of Clan Wildrage, who seemed to be preparing a major raid against villages near Old Oak lands. Suspiciously, Clan Wildrage is closer to Grayreeve lands than it is to Old Oak, making it exceedingly odd that they would have been able to travel that far unchallenged, but unfortunately the handful of ones that surrendered were clan spearcarriers that only knew that they were told by their leaders that Old Oak lands were vulnerable and ripe for raids.

At any rate, as a result of the patrols, the Crownlands are significantly safer for it, and word spreads of their success.