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Action Id: 3088 Crisis: Participants: Reese, Selene, Roxana and Liara
Status: Resolved Submitted: Jan. 27, 2019, 3:09 p.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Social Resources: 300

Action by Reese

Reese would like to try to work on increasing the defenses of Bastian. She got the okay from the King to do such. She is doing this largely in response to the Great Road, but also in response to concerns that the slaver might cause trouble there. This might be a multi-step process. The first step and the goal of this action, is going to be recruiting for the Grayson Army. Reese would like to travel about the Grayson lands and recruit for the army while bringing along some charming, intelligent and knowledge people to aid in such. Reese will have a gentle hand about such and while not hard pressure anyone into joining the army. She will only accept adults who are consenting into the army. She is willing to take prodigals, but she will take extra care with them to try and make sure they want to be in the army and they are not spies. She will for the most part only take healthy recruits in both mind and body who she feels would have a fighting chance as part of the army. She will be honest about the risks of joining up. Despite honesty, she will be hopeful and focus on the greatness of Grayson, the importance of protecting the road, the importance of protecting the people of Grayson and the expectations of military victories. She will not directly speak about the slaver as she feels such could incite panic, draw the slaver's focus or being a security concern for Grayson. She will try to keep them safe while recruiting. She would rather lose a few recruits than put her group at danger or increase tensions along the road. She wants to take great care not to cause further troubles.

Action by Liara

Liara takes a trip upriver to Bastion - it's good to be home, and besides that, she knows no small number of people there who might help with recruitment. She goes about constructing a propaganda campaign. Whether talking to people in person (in part by way of giving 'impromptu' talks in public places, in part speaking directly with local leaders) or by asking one of her acquaintances to assist, she does what she can to encourage people to enlist. A core point is how House Grayson always does what it can to keep its vassals and its people safe, and that by joining the army, people will be able to further that goal and consequently ensure the security of their own friends and families. Of course, she notes, the pay is quite respectable too.

Action by Selene

The Radiant Emeritus excels in the arts of negotiation and talking -- discreetly, quietly, whether to groups or to individuals. Whether mustering or an army from eager visitors or reaching out to uneasy Prodigal bands, she uses the art of conversation to build those bridges needed to encourage recruitment. A variety of means at her disposal are employed: reminding people of the sacrifice of Copper, the honour enjoyed by the soldiers, the blessings of the Faith, the Prodigals in the Gray Forest rising in defense of their homes and Compact citizens during the Lodge. When reluctance shows, she individually speaks with elders and hunters or warriors alike to soothe their concerns and relay these to Reese. The prevailing theme of unity and peacemaking she uses throughout. When called upon, she can speak to the positive effect on perceptions of the Prodigals and shav'arvani who have staked their lives for the good of their peoples. Examples include Alistair Velenosa and Thesarin Riven. Through serving a mutual aim, these brave warriors and would-be soldiers can change opinion and elevate their standing. And for everyone, she'll be happy to encourage resistant community leaders to bringing their thinking around by leading by example.

Action by Roxana

Roxana loves helping! She's not really great at increasing defenses of anywhere, but she does sort of know what that means! It means that Princess Reese needs shiny new army recruits! Military men! This Roxana can totally help with. She can give rousing speeches on the heroics of the men and women in the Grayson military, those who keep the Crownlands safe from the prettiest court ladies to the adorable little commoner kids, and everyone in between. She can appeal to the personal honor of those who seem like potential recruits, listening to them talk about their lives and then suggesting how much more meaningful they might be if they were devoted to protecting House Grayson and its people. She will talk to members of the peerage, to common folk in local gathering spots, and even pen well-written letters to send off to the corners of Grayson territory, hoping to catch as many eager young warriors in this net, or web, or invitation, as possible.


Roll Result: 201

It's markedly successful. There's an extremely large surge of recruitment, greatly increasing the size of House Grayson's army, and their renown within House Grayson spreads. In addition, they do hear a bit more about the tenor inside the Crownlands. There's a great deal of concern about the Grayreeves- not that house itself, but the worry that it's just the start of a huge degree of pushback against the neo nobles and prodigals in the Compact, and many will turn to the great institutions like House Grayson for stability during trying times. ((Grayson army increased, vox up, individual prestige awards))