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Action Id: 2903 Crisis: Participants: Jyri, Marian, Reese, Harper, Rhue and Elora
Status: Resolved Submitted: Dec. 1, 2018, 2:50 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Military Resources: 250

Action by Jyri

The Lodge of Petrichor stands - at a heavy price. Directly after the attacks stopped, a new unit was made in the Iron Guard: The Rangers, or the scouts. Jyri calls them The Crows. The unit will be a hundred men strong, but the Iron Guard is down with a thousand men, so recruitment is still ongoing. However, the existing new unit has some soldiers in it and they need to get to work despite being new.

Jyri will take the scouts out to the Lodge, and dispatch five groups with five men/women in each group out and scout around the Lodge. He wants to get back reports on the effects of the forst, that the Horned God and his minions left behind. He wants to see if there are Shav'arvani refugees that could be convinced to come to Arx to get help. He wants to see if there's been an effect on the land itself - trees, animals, anything odd. The scouts will be asked to stay out for no longer than two nights, and then report back. THey are NOT to engage in fights, but try to remain unseen or simply withdraw if they have to. Fighting will be if they have to defend themselves.

Jyri will scout himself as well, despite a severe lack of stealth, with a team of Iron Guards and close allies.

Action by Reese

Reese would like to like join Jyri and help to scout. She would like to go on a scouting mission and help to collect information. She is following Jyri's lead on this mission and will only take over overall command if an emergent need for such arrives. Her goal is to find out information, not draw notice and not cause any trouble. She wants to be good strong support for Jyri and the Iron Guard on this scouting mission. She will fight if she has to in self defense, but her goal is to avoid fights and just collect intel.

Action by Elora

Elora is going to be joining up with the scouts, working on her own stealth (which she currently has none of). She'll join Jyri in helping with the Shav'arvani refugees, offering medical aid where she's needed to them, soldiers, and wounded animals. She'll also be checking the area to make sure that the animal's homes are mostly undisturbed and that they can continue safely. She has a hawk and a hound to help aid her during her searches, one on the air and one in the ground.

Action by Rhue

concerned with the possible affects upon the land, Rhue has gone to specifically evaluate the trees and other flora for anomalies. While she does not have any stealth, she does have skills to assist injurred parties if necessary.

Action by Marian

Marian offer her services to Jryi and the Iron Guard. She is willing to lead one of the parties sent out to scout into the forest. She will use her knowledge of survival to navigate the forest, treading lightly while she records the aftermath of the Horned Gods minions. She will bring her bow and on the journey teach the new recruits in her party how to survival in the forest. When she meets any Shav'arvani in the woods she will approach them as a prodigal, telling them of her experience in joining the Compact and trying to convince them to bend on knee. If they refuse, she will leave in piece, having the location mapped by one of her warriors. If they get aggressive, she will use her knowledge of the forest to quickly withdraw and disappear into the trees.

Action by Harper

Harper has her own new orders to get underway from Bosshawk, but she's worked with Jyri for a long time and trained with him. So when her friend puts out the call for help, she naturally pitches in to help him build the team. When the time comes for the scouting, she'll head out with the others, taking along some of their new recruits on her team to use this as a training opportunity, as well as to gather information. Once in the field, she will set each of the recruits to their tasks before heading out herself with clear instructions not to engage, to stay low and out of sight, and to report back at regular intervals.


Roll Result: 145

After all the trouble at the Lodge, it's hard to find any shav'arvani at all willing to talk to them. In fact, most scouts can't manage to find anyone at all. Whoever's still there in the Gray Forest, they're being extremely cagey and not at all welcoming to visitors. But this team is filled with seasoned scouts, so it's highly unlikely that they're going home empty-handed, right?

Reese, with her knowledge of the Gray Forest and her experience here, suggests they head northeast. There were plenty of problems coming from that direction toward the Lodge it's true, but by her reasoning that's also the most likely to have people resettled, now that the Compact has spent such time clearing out cultists and very large creatures who were perfectly normal and not any sort of name rhyming with "marmantuan."

Rhue keeps an eye on the foliage now too. With winter passing this should be the time of rebirth, but the foliage here in the forest is much greener than expected. The flowers are blooming early, and in such an abundance it's a heady trip through trees and grassy clearings of wildflowers. Dark red blood apparently does make the green grass grow.

Elora catches the next hint of life, studying the animals and their paths through the forest. She sees a family of deer, squirrels scampering through the trees, the trill of a delighted songbird. She stops, listening to the sounds of the forest and then she looks down and points. "That way," she says as she corrects their course due north now.

It's Harper that catches the next shift - she turns into the wind and sniffs, and there's a faint scent of smoke in the air. She raises a finger to her lips, a call for silence. Together they draw weapons, get ready, advance. Jyri shifts to point, Marian moves to rearguard. They move forward, together.

And they come upon.. a family. Around a campfire. They startle when they see the Compact's scouts, standing up quickly. The parents hide the children behind them protectively, but they raise their hands. It's clear they don't want trouble.

When questioned, they are quick to give up details. The cleansing of the Forest went surprisingly well. Those who followed the Horned God have gone, and their relief at not having the cultists and zealots nearby is palpable. Slowly they're returning to their homes, the shav of the Forest. But though they're grateful to the Compact for handling the massive problems and cultist issues, most of them simply want to live their lives. "No trouble," they says. "We want no trouble."

And that is the current status all through the Forest. Oh, the scouts find evidence of squabbles, and once in a while what looks like signs of a raiding party. But it seems that relative peace has returned to the Gray Forest.

For now.