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Action Id: 2752 Crisis: Participants: Reese, Samantha, Rymarr(RIP), Mia and Thesarin
Status: Resolved Submitted: Sept. 29, 2018, 11:47 a.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Economic Resources: 100
Social Resources: 250
Action Points: 20

Action by Reese

Reese would like to encourage the Shavs she had ready to bend the knee for a barony to instead bend the knee to Deepwood and Riven somewhere along the lines of half and half. Not wanting to part families or anything like that, she will try to keep people together who want to stay together and will worry about that over being exactly even. She will once again not force anyone bend the knee, but instead will try to rely upon her charm and diplomacy to encourage such. She will stress the need to be safe from the slaver as a reason. Anyone who changes their mind about bending the knee will not be forced. With this she hopes to protect those she gathered to bend the knee from being taken by the slaver, but she also hopes to help increase the size of Riven and Deepwood. She hopes to strengthen her bonds with them and her image as a protector of the Gray Forest. She is going to encourage Countess Mia and Marquesa Samantha to help with such and will support them setting their own terms when it comes to bending the knee. Beyond not forcing the issue, she will honor and aid Mia and Samantha in doing things their way. Although she is pretty sure they wouldn't force anyways and has great faith in their ability to handle this well.

    (ooc note: This going to be done in place of getting the barony for Reese. She would rather the people safe and sworn houses she has faith in then waiting for around.)

Action by Samantha

Samantha of couse, is mad happy with the notion of adding land and people to her domain. As Mia has already indicated, she will want to more or less go through her now familiar process when it comes to incorporating would-be prodigals. She'll want to meet with the Shav'arvani leadership of the tribes and clans who want to consider swearing fealty to her, as much for them to talk to her as it is for her to talk to them. She'll offer a clear overview of Old Oak law and her expectations (she has not, to date, demanded her people join the Faith), and she'll want to address their expectations in return. She has the means to let her reputation speak for her, but she will also do some outreach with the shav'arvani population that is hoping to be incorporated, take time to expose herself to their particular clan culture and lives. Basically showing that she cares about respecting their way of life. If all goes well, assuming the 50/50 split Reese has proposed, she sit down with their leaders along with Mia and Reese, to determine the border between county and March.

Action by Mia

Mia will do as she has so often done with the shav'arvani -- ride out to meet with them herself, and speak to them of all the possibilities of their future together, strenghtened by one another. To this point, she will wish to meet with the leaders of all of the clans and tribes, to hear out their concerns, their requests, their requirements. The utmost respect will be shown to them and to their elders over the course of these discussions, and each point addressed not with vague promises but with specific, pertinent examples of situations faced by others who have joined her banners, with frank honesty given as to their results and current state as best she is able. She will lay forth her own, which are simple enough, as they pertain to the laws of Riven and the requirements of the Compact. Mia will point, too, to the large number of Prodigals that have settled in the County in the last fifteen years, and what has become of them -- their lives, their fortunes, their successes, and yes, their service. Emphasis will be placed on the dire circumstances which Riven and the Greenwoods found themselves in once, with strong comparisons made to the threats made by the Horned God and his minions now, and how each may assure the survival of the other now as was done then, with Thesarin to stand as evidence of the benefits of unity. She will, too, speak of her future hopes and plans for the County -- for developing its lands, for strengthening its defenses, and soon for expanding its armies, all of which may provide opportunity for those who have been displaced from their homes and forced to abandon their property in the face of current threats, thus giving them hope of a more secure future for them and for their children. (NOTE: I have not added resources to this as I was uncertain if they'd be needed, based on Reese already having the people. However, if they would be beneficial to the outcomes as outlined in my/our OOC intent, then I am more than happy to contribute 250 Econ/350 Social from my personal inventory.)

Action by Thesarin

Thesarin will, once again, be riding into the Grey Forest to welcome the Prodigals into the Compact. His own example, he hopes, will serve as a show of the treatment of Abandoned in the Houses of Deepwood and Riven, and he hopes his reputation (mixed though it might be) will carry weight to people in the Grey Forest. As the Prodigal Count-Consort of a largely Prodigal land, welcoming to many peoples, and with his own fame (or infamy) to draw on, he hopes to peacably gain lands and people; with his experience fighting the Slaver's monsters in the woods, and with the fang of Braxxus the Bloodsniffer set at the pommel of his sword, he looks to show the dangers they face and the protection he offers.

Action by Rymarr(RIP)

The current state of the Gray Forest creates great risk for the average person unaffiliated with the Compact. With Old Oak and its ruler prepared to accept more potential citizens, Rymarr's duties are in need once again. Security is increased in the interest of providing these latest individuals seeking to join with the March with added safety. Rymarr has progressively become more and more accustomed to directing and coordinating large groups of people; first as the Marquis of Lyon's Redoubt, then onward to the King's Own, the Iron Guard, and of course as the military leader of House Deepwood. Outside of warfare, there's plenty of opportunity and reason to employ such skills in the aid of both those committing themselves once more to joining the Compact through House Deepwood and House Deepwood itself.

Of course Rymarr would be missing a golden opportunity not to put on a little show for their arriving citizenry in the form of putting their finest troops forward in hopes of inspiring some of their potential new citizens into enlisting in the ranks of House Deepwood's 2nd Banner.


Roll Result: 177

So they are happy to serve. Maybe a little too happy, in fact. There's one very respected Abandoned priest named Rufus Proudwood who heartily endorses Reese's message, and encourages the different shav groups to settle on Deepwood and Riven lands. Not shamanistic at all, but definitely a divergent line of Pantheon worship that seems to hold Petrichor as the One True God and All Others Are Subservient Before Him And His Wilds, the Divine of the Dirt has been gaining a lot of traction among abandoned groups as of late, and it's a version of worship that is why the Proudwoods were cast out of the Compact during the Elven War. Now the prodigals all bending the knee to Samantha and Mia seem to listen to Thesarin and Rymarr and go out of their way to avoid creating problems, and the patch of proudwood land does pass to Riven while most of the people pass to Deepwood, but some of Rufus' teachings are a little odd. One common sermon supposedly was, "THE GREAT HORNED BEAST IS COMING FOR US ALL! WE NEED TO PROTECT HIS DAUGHTERS OR ELSE ALL IS LOST! WHEN THE CENTIPEDES RISE TO EAT EVERYONE AND FORM SHACKLES OF WRITHING BUGS AROUND THEM, ONLY HIS DAUGHTERS WILL SAVE US!" And so on. It's quite apocalyptic. The proudwoods and their get are VERY happy to settle on Riven and Deepwood lands for some reason.

As for Rufus? Well, accordingly right as they were all about to finally bend the knee, he ran off screaming into the woods saying that 'It had finally come for him!' and was found in a ditch with his barely recognizable devoured form covered in centipedes. So nothing too strange.