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Action Id: 2383 Crisis: Participants: Lucita, Calista, Preston, Calypso, Juliana, Reese, Saedrus, Eleyna, Eirene, Leola, Zebulon, Karadoc(RIP), Ariella, Sasha, Caspian and Valarian
Status: Resolved Submitted: July 4, 2018, 11:57 a.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Economic Resources: 1500
Military Resources: 1000
Social Resources: 1000

Action by Lucita

(Reference: Request Ticket ID 9883 -- an effort to comply with requirements to expand land area) Nearby land area UNCLAIMED by any Lycene houses is surveyed, explored, and mapped to the west, south, and north to avoid being too close to Brasshall March, the closest Lycene holding to Saikland Greens. East is the bay. Shav villages and camps, areas in use by them are mapped and noted. Areas suitable for establishing a Cavalry Training Facility with necessary pastures, farms (feed, food, stockpiling for lean years), homes (workers/staff), lumber (fences, buildings, cook-fires), training trails in various terrains (woods, hills, shore, marsh, creeks, open, rough) with lengthy routes for coordinated exercises and endurance building rides for horses and men. (Not competitive with horse breeders but to give military an area for groups to use, return to their units and other sessions to start.) Students and instructors in this benefit Saikland by serving as an additional military presence and patrols along the perimeter trails to supplement Saikland military.

Saikland land area is too small, just 5 at present, and growing population and economy may well cause overcrowding and hardship for the people, something Lucita is stern in avoiding. (reference: Action 1963, Action 2116) Land area is also needed in order to establish the Cavalry Facility to help serve the Lycene and Compact military. 1500 economic resources are attached to this action to represent investment in infrastructure, roads, improvements and any necessary buildings. We hired (fee-4000 silver and 15 writs each) three Society of Explorers people to have mappers, surveyors, explorers, etc. to make sure this was done safely and properly. Several ships are available to use for transport of people and supplies.

Saik military and any who wish to support the effort move in to help map, explore, and establish a perimeter and patrol area to claim such area as is not in use by Shavs then follow the steps below when Shavs are encountered. We have already begun to increase our military, not to threaten but to prepare men to defend new holdings, maintain peace, oust hostile Shav's and help teach. Saik military added, a few at a time, during the fall and winter months of 1008-1009 were 15 infantry-150 mil, 3 pike-45 mil, 5 cavalry-150 mil, 5 archers-100 mil--an investment of 445 military resources to reach 200 army. An additional 1000 military resources are added to the action for Calvary Training Facility Trainers, staff and additional military-increases growth.

When Shavs are encountered, translators, diplomats and propagandaists are sent meet with them (military to ensure safety) to initiate peaceable negotiations aimed toward bending the knee and ensure no dangerous cults or factors endanger newly acquired areas. If hostile groups or cults exist or Shav's decline to bend the knee, they will have to be moved away from Saikland borders to avoid having enemies close at hand. Faith is consulted to confirm any bending the knee are meeting current faith efforts. Templars attached to the action and groups provided by Duchess Calypso protect diplomats and negotiators if attacked and handle any abyssals encountered. This is an attempt to build good relationships and avoid bloodshed if possible of those who may become useful, productive and content new citizens using techniques such as succeeded in the Southport action, but enemies can not be permitted to remain in or in dangerous proximity to Saikland. (Reference: Action by Calypso for Turmoil in Southport (Private Action, OOC Date: April 20, 2018.) Lucita has taken the time to learn Lycene Shav language so she can communicate directly with them. 1000 social resources are attached to this action to represent investment and support of these diplomatic, peaceable efforts.

Action by Calypso

Calypso will fully support this measure for the Barony of Saikland. She will commit 30 of her cavalry to the action as advisors in order to help identify the most ideal land.

Additionally, Calypso will rally House Grey Raptor to help explore these lands. These explorers should be able to ride forward and speak to Abandoned and help convince them to either work with Saik, move off the land, but PRIMARILY to join in with Saik. Grey Raptor has been one of the huge recipients of aid and faith after the Southport conflict and they would be the ideal force to ride with the cavalry and seek peaceful resolution. Prior to Grey Raptor leaving, Calypso would voice this as a test effort for Grey Raptor to move forward without causing violence. If they prove their ability, they will be some of the first to take the training and be able to ride more freely into exploration under proper training. She intends to turn them into a force of Rangers.

Action by Preston

At the request of Baroness Lucita, the Faith are taking an active interest in this expansion, especially as it is liable to come across Shav tribes that might be integrated and to ensure it is done by the proper methods. Preston is taking a decent force of 200 cavalry 300 archers and 500 infantry (attached to the action) to monitor events. If the Faithful are threatened, or the Shavs turn out to worship the Abyss, or somehow the Shavs attack the Faith forces directly, they will intervene and put the Shavs to the sword, obeyind Gloria's tenants as they do of course. If the Shavs are willing to talk, the Godsworn of the group including Preston will explain proper worship of the Pantheon, and the benefits that come from the Faith - including training in proper ways of war by the Templars. The large force hopefully will convince the Shavs that fighting is a bad solution for this. The Faith will also bless the land for the cavalry facility in the name of Gloria for Lucita, and will let local Templars know to support the effort and make use of it.

Action by Reese

Reese is coming to help Baroness Lucita. She would like to use her leadership skills, propaganda skills and experience in relating with Shavs to help try and speak with the Shavs and encourage them gently to join Saik. She will fight, but only in self-defense unless she runs into agents of the abyss. Then she will fight eh agents of the abyss. Reese will remain uninterested in using physical force or threats to encourage anyone to join, but she is very willing to turn on her charm, use her long history of relating well with Shavs and being fair to them and propaganda talk to them about the greatness of Baroness Lucita and Saik.

Action by Karadoc(RIP)

Look, Lord Karadoc Saik's here. Yes, he's trying to prove himself useful to this VERY IMPORTANT project to expand Saikland Greens lands into territory that's unclaimed by Lycene Houses but occupied by Lycaean Shav'arvani. Look, he's kinda wary about Prodigals, okay? He'll leave all the diplomacy and straight-talk to the diplomats, courtiers, and Whispers. He's working behind the curtain, again, to take care of this project's logistics (intellect) while keeping a very careful eye on supplies (economics.)

Action by Sasha

Friends help friends. And that's why Sasha is traveling with House Saik to help convince the peaceful tribe of Shavs to bend a knee. In this task the Oathlander turned Northerner throws her all, projecting to the tribe the poise and grace of a former princess, telling the Shavs all that they can gain from bending a knee; security, prosperity, and purpose in a strong and growing alliance of many people. She shows them goods that could be theirs if they join The Compact, food, clothing, tools - all things that they likely have limited access to due to the ban on trading with Shavs. All this to hopefully convince them that it is in their interest to swear fealty to The Compact.

Action by Saedrus

Softest Whisper Saedrus is more than happy to assist Baroness Lucita and House Saik in their endeavour. He will accompany whatever groups lead out into the territories of abandoned tribes to help negotiations of land and joining the compact. It's all with a little charm and gentle diplomacy, with the aid of translators, he hopes to speak with the shav'arvani and see matters sorted out in benefit to the Saik and Abandoned peacefully. He brings with him social, economic and military favours (100 resources each) to help bolster the Saik's efforts.

Action by Zebulon

Zebulon will provide his ship to Lucita to assist in ferrying supplies back and forth as needed to assist with the expansion of Saikland and cavalry camp setup.

Action by Ariella

Not only will Ariella be making the Red Bargain available for ferrying supplies to Saikland, but she will also be making regular patrols along the coasts in search of potential threats before they become a problem, while also acting as an escort with other cargo ships, her doughty group of sailors offering protection for those ships whose sailors may not have been battle hardened in places such as Setarco.

Action by Leola

Leola acts as an outrider for the Saik forces. She knows the lands (Survival), knows what land will likely be valuable (Agriculture), and takes the opportunities to guide the Saik forces to the places that will be most of use to her liege.

Action by Juliana

Juliana will be using one of her ships from Isles Canines to join and help the Baroness in her quest. Having spent time amoung the Lycene Shavs before the war, to convince them to join Pravus in it's efforts, she will use that experience in working with these to show them how it will benefit them to side with the Baroness Lucita. Not only will she be using her charm and propaganda to help but as they move through the people, Juliana will also do what she can to treat those that need medical attention.

Action by Calista

Duchess Calista Fidante offers her assistance in the form of hype and diplomacy. She is known for speaking elegantly and truly getting to the heart of various situations, easing the confusion of those who might be on the fence of bending the knee. She also gives good hype. Hype Hype Hype - Saik is great!

Action by Eleyna

No vassal, even a non-direct one, is too small to not deserve the attention of the Archduchess of Lenosia. In fact, as a show of her respect and affection for House Saik, the Archduchess arrives in person to speak with whatever Abandoned tribes are found. She stresses the strength of not only House Saik, but of the unified Lyceum that stands behind them. Though sheer force of personality, Eleyna attempts to move and persuade them into bending the knee, painting it as an opportunity not just for protection for their tribe, but a chance to join the Compact, a force united against all those that would threaten it, from the Great Houses to the Prodigal tribes that bend the knee.

Action by Caspian

Scouting! Mapping! Exploring! Yes, that is what Caspian is doing. Working with the other Explorers, Caspian is doing his best to help map out the potential lands without having the party get killed or lost.

Action by Eirene

Eirene comes along in her official capacity as VOICE OF SOUTHPORT as well as a Healer of the Explorers to make this all official like if anyone has doubts about the validity of the expansion. She's there to ensure the new shav tribes are not diseased and to spread goodwill with her medical knowledge. She's also familiar with the general region if not the specific due to years of Malvici patrols and military exercises in the Saiklands.

Action by Valarian

Despite an army accompanying them, there's an awful lot of notables in this group of people, and Valarian is there to make sure anyone who would try to slip through and take a stab at any get stabbed first. Accordingly, the giant sellsword and Explorer will hang near the most vulnerable members of the party to provide defense.


Roll Result: 339

Baroness-Regent Lucita Saik continues to strengthen her lands - this time with an expansion of her lands outward. Her Barony is becoming very used to having Very Important People in town to help them with infrastructure and building projects, and when they speak of Lucita now, they speak of her not as the wife of their former Baron-Regent, not as an Igniseri, but as the Baroness who is making sure their home thrives.

First, the Grey Raptor clan, recently-Prodigal shav from Southport arrive, at the direction of Duchess Calypso. Lady Eirene shows up in her role as Voice to help oversee the process, and they start scouting likely territories of receptive shav.

Then Sir Preston arrives with a sizeable force (for a non-Crusade, which is to say, sans trebuchet and sans completely overwhelming force) of Templars too, providing some muscle on behalf of the Faith. And by "muscle" here that is of course to say "measured conversations about the joys and benefits of the Faith.

Princess Reese also shows up to help lend her military expertise, along with Dame Leola, Grandmaster Caspian, and Valarian Harrow of the Crimson Blades. Their experiences and skillsets range from military to scouting, and they work with the Grey Raptors and Lady Eirene and her healers to find shav willing to bend the knee, and convince them through wily strategy not to fight.

Logistics are masterminded - errrr, organized! by Lord Karadoc, and he puts together the charts and plans and schedules for supplies and their transport. Supplies are ferried in to support both the military campaign and the expected expansion, with Lady Ariella's Red Bargain and Sir Zebulon's ship leading the way.

And then the diplomatic corps sweeps in. Alongside Baroness Lucita? Archduchess Eleyna herself comes to entreat people to join the Compact. Lady Calista is so cheerful and excited for this expansion of Saikland Greens. Lady Juliana uses her experience convincing shavs near Pravus to join the Compact and applies that to good effect. Whisper Saedrus helps ease negotiations with the Abandoned-hopefully-soon-to-be-Prodigal. Marquessa Sasha speaks eloquently of all they stand to gain.

In the end, this is a very successful campaign, and Baroness Lucita finds herself in the middle of a Barony that is suddenly quite a bit larger, with infrastructure projects ongoing, and new Prodigals bending the knee and starting to integrate to call Saikland Greens their home.