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Action Id: 2309 Crisis: Participants: Reese, Sabella, Titania(RIP), Alexis and Jarel
Status: Resolved Submitted: June 15, 2018, 9:35 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Action by Reese

Reese would like to make a huge push to protect the Shavs of the Gray Forest from the influence of the slaver. She would like to go in a systematic pattern visiting all the villages in the area and keeping documented records of where she was been and what she has found. She would like to encourage Shavs who are not yet under the influence to move for the own good and to help protect them while moving. She would like to try and take down half-finished huts, knowing it is a risk to herself and any who join her. She would like to leave the villages with a finished hut alone until she figures out to help them in a safe way, but she will talk to them and let them know she is trying to help. She will protect any from danger who she runs into along the way.

Reese is interested in trying to establish a barony in the Gray Forest to help protect the land and people there from the slaver. She will ask about interest in such as she goes along on this task. She will not use any force for pressure, but rather will try to lean upon her charm and reputation as a defender of the forest. She will feel out for interest, but will not make such a requirement for protection. She wants to get the mood and see if the Shavs in that area will be overall interested in such. She would like to travel the forest, protect the shavs and lay out the ground work for one day setting up a barony.

Action by Alexis

Alexis is, primarily, muscle and a meatshield with an impressive sword to put in the way of any harm that seeks to befall the people they protect - but her skill in the forest with regards to tracking and foraging isn't to be disregarded either.

Action by Jarel

To combat the strange mind enslaving huts

Action by Sabella

Sabella will happily help Reese out with the diplomatic portion of this mission! She will accompany her sister to all the villages she would like to visit, speak with them about their concerns and also Reese's concerns for their safety, and more importantly listen to what they have to say. She will talk up the Compact and the safety that it offers as well as how a Barony could do a lot to stabilize things for their people if they were interested in going that route. Should they be very resistant she will not push the issue, but inquire to how they are doing in that part of the forest, what their ways of life are like, and just generally anything they feel like they want to talk about.

Action by Titania(RIP)

Titania has been helping Reese and others with trying to keep the the Grey Forest safe, she has gone wiith weapons out this time she goes with Reese with her weapons at her side and her mind on Diplomacy. She will do he best to help Reese on this diplomatic mission.


Roll Result: 85

The Gray Forest has shifted and changed quite a bit in the two years since Princess Reese has first started defending it. It's a place of opportunity, of shifting alliances, of uncertain population and security. Perhaps no one in the Compact is more familiar with the Gray Forest than Reese, and the shav of the forest are more familiar with Princess Ribbons than any other representative of the Compact as well.

And now there is ample reason to believe that these shav are ready to bend the knee at last. It is their last-ditch effort to try to find some kind of security, and the Horned God's cultists have convinced them to try to make the security of the Compact theirs at last. In uncertain times, this is the lifeline they're grabbing at, and now they come together to respond to Princess Reese and her diplomatic effort with Princess Sabella and Countess Titania, and the obvious protection represented by Dame Alexis.

Shav from the Compact are ready to bend the knee, they just need to know who to bend the knee -to-.