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Action Id: 2127 Crisis: Participants: Silas, Reese, Leola, Thesarin, Calaudrin, Sparte and Kenna
Status: Resolved Submitted: May 14, 2018, 5:56 a.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Action Points: 35

Action by Silas

The Lord Commander is organizing a party to protect the Gray Forest (or at least the immediate forested area around the city) from the mysterious canine beast which has escaped the city, and to investigate just what it may be and potentially hunt it down if it poses any immediate danger to travellers en route to the city. A retinue of approximately 80 guardsmen will be deployed to scour the Gray Forest, commanded by himself and Lieutenant Calaudrin Estardes.

If they find the creature they will attempt to avoid killing it outright and instead see if they can lead it further away from the city - where travellers are unlikely to go. If it proves to be hostile, however, they will not hesitate to defend themselves and slay the creature.

Action by Calaudrin

Calaudrin doesn't like the sound of this! He's going to assist Silas in combing the Gray Forest. He'll be assisting Silas in leading the 80 men and will be looking for signs of anything unusual out in the woods.

Action by Kenna

Kenna finds things best when she isn't particularly looking for them so while the others are intent on combing the forest she seems a bit disconnected from the rest of the group. She pokes about in the bushes and sets herself just a little apart from the group to do her own brand of searching and finding. If they're lucky, hopefully they find... whatever it is, if not, well, maybe Kenna will pick up someone else completely that can help solve this mystery.

Action by Reese

Reese will attempt to help track down the large feline in a few ways. One is she lives in a watch tower right on Sea watch gate with an upper room where she lives overlooking the gate, the boroughs and part of the lands beyond the gate. She plans to keep regular watch which is the point of the tower. This includes watching frequently, but also doing patrols in the area around the gate, the upper boroughs and in the out skirts of the gray forest near the gate and the beaches. She will use her survival skills to try and find tracks, signs of the canine and so forth. She isn't above asking about too, see if anyone has word or information on such. She will try to use her reputation to good effect in terms of getting anyone to talk.

Action by Leola

Leola is here to try to track down this large, impressive beast of a canine. So she tracks. And she thinks. To find a too-large dog that's hurt none.

Action by Sparte

Sparte is happy to offer his assistance against a threat that may very well be abyssal in nature. He is carrying his diamondplate polearm on horseback for the trek, the one bearing the symbols of Gloria, Skald, and Petrichor. Blades, wolves, and forests. There is no hurry to combat for him, it is clear he is open to the notion this isn't a threat. Doesn't hurt to be prepared though.

Action by Thesarin

Thesarin was born in the Grey Forest, and is no slouch as a hunter and a tracker. He'll be going out into the woods with the scouting parties, looking to find evidence of the creature, as well as keeping any of the city folk from drowning in a brook stream or eating the wrong sorts of berries while they're out there.


Roll Result: -24

There's good news and bad news.

The good news is hunting through the woods, one can be reasonably sure that the wolf that escaped Arx had absolutely nothing to do with Duke Cassius' death. The way the tracks went, there definitely couldn't have been one returning to Arx. Not... as a wolf. And that might be the bad news.

The tracks just plain don't make sense. They just... stop at some point, as if the wolf climbed some trees. There were people in the area, so some guardsmen thought one of the Crownsworn forest travelers might have killed the wolf and taken it, but there wasn't any blood for that, and no sign of a struggle for a wolf being captured, so they are largely baffled. Wolf tracks just stop, nothing going -back- to Arx, and just plenty of tracks that could be people. It's very confusing. But definitely no wolf returning to Arx, even if it's elusive. That's the good news.

The bad news is that the entirely separate wolf that killed Duke Cassius is almost certainly still at large. While they were away, there's been another murder inside Arx of a person torn to shreds. There's not much of a body, but a beast tore its way into the Grayhope mansion and Moira's bedroom is drenched in gore, the head of the Grayhope family presumably being brutally murdered. A beast definitely still being at large. That's the bad news.