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Action Id: 1995 Crisis: Participants: Reese, Michael, Barric(RIP) and Sparte
Status: Resolved Submitted: April 6, 2018, 8:37 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Military Resources: 10

Action by Reese

Reese is leading a group of people on a patrol into the Gray Forest upon orders from Laric. Her goals are to clear out any supernatural threats that might there including any demons, demon bunnies, slaver's agents, Shavs loyal to the slaver and etc. If she can find out any useful info while doing this all the better. She will looking for any signs of damage to the forest, demons, movements of Slaver's agents, info on the slaver and etc. This is a small part of Pcs, if they run into overwhelming foes, her goal will be to retreat and stay unnoticed. Ultimately, she wants to keep the gray forest save, the lodge of petrichor safe, the first children safe and any Shavs no tainted by the abyss safe.

Action by Sparte

Sparte is dutifully joining the patrols, assisting Reese's team as he has been assigned. He is bringing some map supplies in case they end up off the beaten trail for any reason, so basically his usual exploration kit.

Action by Barric(RIP)

Barric will join the patrol(s) as requested, always offering to accompany the Princess. He will bring supplies, a tent, a hammock, as well as food and water (and whiskey). He will kill all the bunnies as necessary, as well as everything else that Reese says they should take out. Given the nature of their foes he will be using Elvesbane just to be safe and since it is in defense of Grayson and Arx together.

Action by Michael

Michael Bisland will joining the patrol alongside Princess Reese Grayson. Considering its official nature, Brightroar will be brought along. Lord Bisland sends out runners first, to contact villages along the outskirts of the Gray Forest and collect as up to date information as he can muster up.


A half-built hut that burns. A warning and an offer. An evacuating village. Ominious, no?