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Action Id: 1558 Crisis: Participants: Monique, Alaric, Reese, Rymarr(RIP), Agnarr, Bianca, Thesarin, Esoka, Clover and Samael
Status: Resolved Submitted: Jan. 3, 2018, 1:48 a.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Social Resources: 55
Action Points: 130

Action by Monique

Monique knows that a certain individual has been spreading rumors about the Minx. She also knows that Corban has been tarnished by this feather. And she knows that Corban has many, many friends who will help to cheer the Telmar Lord on publicly and not let someone else bring him down! So she's speaking to friends and kin of Corban Telmar, in an effort to have the man's honor be recognized above those who would inadvertently tarnish it, especially since it's his birthday coming up!

Action by Agnarr

Agnarr, knowing Corban is a good paying client, occasionally takes a few moments to extoll his virtues and whatever it is that Telmar sells. (He isn't really sure.) Or else...

Action by Bianca

Bianca is happy to express Corban's virtues. From his gracious donations to the Scholars to his undying dedication to the Compact, she is happy to sing the praises of the man in any casual conversation that the topic may organically arise.

Action by Samael

Every occasion in which Samael has been given the opportunity to meet Lord Corban has been a good one. That coupled with the fact he has the heart of his good friend, leaves Lord Corban in Samael's high esteem. He'll be telling anyone who will listen.

Action by Esoka

Dame Esoka Greenblood has always found Lord Corban Telmar to be an honorable, upstanding man and a fine warrior. She's happy to speak up on his behalf and tell all she knows that she's never found his conduct to be anything but chivalrous.

Action by Thesarin

Thesarin Riven doesn't speak often, but he'll speak in support of Corban Telmar. A strong arm, some good company, and a man who helped keep his wife safe during a dangerous journey.

Action by Reese

Reese would like to help by using her influence to speak positively of Lord Corban. She speaks of his help on the missions, his skill in battle, his level-headedness under pressure, his command abilities and his willing to step up when needed.

Action by Rymarr(RIP)

Marquis Rymarr's certainly willing to speak of Lord Corban's virtues. The Telmar did very probably save his life once. So speaking well of him? Not difficult to do.

Action by Alaric

Always a fan of talking up people, the King of the Compact makes a point of it to mention how pleasant he's found his interactions with Lord Corban Telmar in a few well-placed ears.

Action by Clover

Clover will be doing what she can to start a propaganda campaign; going over Corban's many virtues to those Sworn of Valardin and Crownsworn. Telling about how how he worked with her as a vassal of Telmar in his duties as Voice. She will tell stories of how honorable and kind he is. And in general try to sway people to seeing hima s a respectable, and honorable, Oathlands lord. Who works hard for his duchy, fealty, and the compact.


Roll Result: 154

There's a roving bard singing a song these days extolling the virtues of Lord Corban Telmar and it's incredibly catchy. To the point that random people are humming it in the streets now. And by the time they get to the clever ending, everyone's singing along. "Say it again! Who's that man among men? And we'll say it once more! Who's that hero next store? Who's that super success, don't you know can't you guess? Ask his fans and his five hangers on.... There's just one guy in town who's got all of it DOWWWWWWWWWN. And his name's C-O-R... C-O-R-B... C-O-R-B-A.....CORBANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!