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Rhue Wainryte

Flowers grow out of dark moments.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Ingenue Horticulturist
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Wainryte
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 20
Birthday: 4/6
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Apothecary
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Mahogany Brown
Eye Color: Olive Green
Skintone: Almond

Description: This girl is a willowy child of the forest she grew up in. She has high cheekbones and button nose, both dusted by faint freckles that belie an out-of-doors lifestyle. Her dark mahogany hair is a mane of wiry curls, usually clasped back with a band or hairpin, and it's dark luster bring out her lovely gold-green eyes. Her timid smile and shy nature make her look angelic, but there is sometimes a mischievous glint in her bright eyes.

Personality: Rhue strives to be a model of positive thinking and good health habits. She understands the importance of keeping active, involved, and motivated. A student of shamanism since she was a teenager, she enjoys sharing her philosophical views with others, even if they may not ultimately agree with her.

Rhue has inherited her mother's green thumb and consequently has a talent for things related to earth: land, farming and gardening. She has branched out into medicine as a result, though the sight of blood tends to make her a little squeamish. She is fond of crafting her own home remedies and experimenting on herself to test whether or not they're effective, though this sometimes has a negative impact on her health when things go unexpectedly awry.

Background: Rhue was born the eldest child of a shipbuilder and his prodigal wife, and lived within the Whitewood before it officially became the Barony of Hawkhold. In spite of being an outsider, her mother revelled in family life and often imbued it with her own spiritual qualities. They might not have had much, but her childhood was a happy one and she was well cared for.

When Rhue was twelve, her mother all but disappeared, leaving no note or indication as to why she left -- if she left at all. A months-long search for her turned up nothing and her father became increasingly morose. It was left up to Rhue to tend to her younger siblings while her father did most of the work on their farm, and began to drink heavily. She began to gravitate towards shamanism practices much like her mother once did, which evoked an intense rebuke from her father once he discovered it. She persisted in spite of the increasing trouble at home, for the sake of her family.

In 1006 AR the barony was established, and with her siblings now old enough to mostly take care of themselves she took the opportunity to work with the Baron as Hawkhold's Minister of Agriculture and resident healer. She arrived at the city a wide-eyed stranger, full of curiosity and wonder, and eager to forward House Whitehawk's interests.

Name Summary
Anisha Messere Rhue Wainryte is an intriguing individual. Physician, Spirit-walker, and wearer of intriguing jewelry. There's many stories yet to tell, and I imagine I shall enjoy hearing hers.
Apollo It's refreshing, anyone who'll say they aren't an expert at everything. I've got a lot of respect for her for that alone.
Aslaug WHen all you really know about a person is that she's willing to help you find your misplaced rat, you know she's good people.
Brigida A defender of the Lodge and a healer to those injured afterwards. More need to be like her.
Delia She likes the snow more than I do, but what a friendly, open person she is! She's even good with the rat! I almost envy that. I must seek her out again.
Fairen I immediately felt a kinship with this bright young woman. The tie of those who grow up in the woods and feel the tug of nature constantly is a considerable factor to find in common. When I found out she is part of House Whitehawk I was in no way surprised, something about her reminds me of the winsome quality in my friend Delilah. I would be pleased to call her friend too.
Faye A lovely young woman with Whitehawk connections. A pleasant conversationalist and intrepid outdoorswoman. I'd love to go exploring with her sometime.
Harlex Flower girl, aware of the dangers about the city. Her caution did not halt her kindness.
Icelyn Cheerful and kind, with a touch of that melancholy about her that living life provides. A soul who understands duty, and joy in her duty, and the wonder that life can offer.
Jyri Rhue is always kind, helpful and loves the dogs. Damn good at what she does, too. She's family.
Kaia A lovely young lady that seems to be quite skilled with the bow; she has a most pleasant personality. I'm sure my sister, Zoey, would agree. I do look forward to our next encounter.
Kaldur I rather think there's something to her statement that the world would be more kind and civil if everyone was accompanied by dogs.
Kenna Oh dear. Rhue. Dearest Rhue. You haven't destroyed anything recently which is good, but I still wonder if you need a better keeper so you DON'T destroy anything - LIKE YOUR HEALTH.
Laurel Pleasant and cheery. It seems she recently came into some trouble as well or she is attempting to purchase a blade for protection. I hope that she finds a measure of peace in such a gesture.
Mirella A pleasant woman I met in the archives. She's a healer and minister in the employ of House Whitehawk. We had a nice conversation. Perhaps we can meet again at some point in the future to share our notes on medicine and alchemy.
Mirk A young woman looking for her place in the world, and turning to the shamanistic traditions of her family to help her find it.
Ras She's smart, got balance and a grip. Doesn't get all pissed off about other folk's thoughts.
Reese A gardern for House Whitehawk! Every house can benefit from having a garderner for sure. She seems likeable and I look forward to see the fruits of her labor.
Riagnon Physician on retainer for House Whitehawk and an old family friend of my wife, Rhue has a grine bedside manner- oh! I meant to say great but started to say fine, again. Maybe I SHOULD get some rest like the healer said.
Rosalind Shes like me! but not me!
Rukhnis I had thought perhaps she would despise me for what she overheard in the Spirits, but her soul is too generous to submit to prejudice. She is not only willing but eager to help those whom others might turn away from in scorn and fear.
Sparte Not really sure. She seems inquisitive though, and didn't mind my singing fish romance, so that is a plus. ...What?
Sydney Warm, compassionate, and speaks with such vigor for that which intrigues her that it makes a body want to take an interest, too.
Tatienne A pleasant woman, working for a neo-noble house as minister. I hope that works out for her.
Zoey The heart of a Scholar. I wonder if she would join us.