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Princess Malorie Valardin

You ask me what I missed most, was it my family or my freedom. I tell you, it was chivalry. That unwavering certainty that honor would be upheld, that a promise was worth the breath expelled to make it. When we are lost, what we miss the most is the certainty that someone will find us, and carry us home.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Long-Lost Princess
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 20
Birthday: 3/21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: honey
Eye Color: cerulean
Skintone: warm porcelain

Description: Hers is a startling beauty of the sort that inspires devotees of Jayus to their craft; that inspires knights to quests of chivalric notion. Those cerulean blue eyes are oceanic whirlpools in which it is so very easy to lose oneself, at least until long, flaxen lashes lower demurely. Her features are finely hewn, with strong lines and soft coloring, from the honey hued waves of her hair to her pale, bow-shaped lips. While her frame is slight, she moves with a purposefulness that makes the less self-assured stand aside. Her smile is bright and infectious, slow to arrive and slow to leave, and she possesses a voice with a breathtaking clarity that is perfectly suited to song.

Personality: While one might expect a woman wreathed in so much mysterious tragedy to shy away from the public eye, that's far from the case with Malorie. Her slow smiles are shared freely, and the intensity of her interactions can be unsettling for those not used to being the seeming center of someone's attention, especially someone with moments of distinctly unusual mannerisms. A great believer in courtly knighthood, the Valardin princess will sometimes play up her feminine distresses in order to set the stage for an act of gallantry. When there are no foes (or spiders) to be vanquished, she delights in her status as a patron of the Champion's Guild, arranging tournaments and jousts for the enjoyment of all. In quiet moments of solitude, she can be intensely introspective, keeping some unspoken aspects of herself walled off from those around her, especially when pressed for information about the years during which she was presumed dead.

Background: Hers was an idyllic childhood, disrupted once when she was three by the brief abduction of her older brother, Aurelian. Though the story was recounted by the servants time and again, it'd faded from her memory, leaving her unconcerned for her own safety. Growing up in The White City, there was fairly little to worry about, surrounded by the fortress that brought the Faith to the people, and the notion of chivalry (or so her House claims). Her days were spent learning to dance and write prettily, her evenings spent arranging tea parties for her cousins, some of whom - being young noblemen in the making, objected mightily to being coaxed into silk dresses and tiaras, but Malorie has always been quite persuasive.

Such persuasiveness won her the birthday celebration of her desire in her twelfth year, a sailing party. In truth there was very little she could not cajole her father, Prince Alareon Valardin, into giving her. She, her mother, and several of the young ladies with whom she kept company set out, and it was on that ill-fated day that their party was set upon by pirates on the water. The carnage was swift, brutal, and complete - save for the twelve year old princess hidden beneath the still-bleeding body of her mother's handmaid. When a search party came upon the scene two days later however, there were not only dead servants, crew, and nobility, but also dead pirates strewn about the deck. All were accounted for, all save the young Valardin princess.

Though crews continued to search, nothing was found, and it was only weeks later that rumors of an unknown warship having been spotted from a fishing vessel began to circulate. Presumed dead, Malorie was mourned, her funeral held alongside her mother's, though without a body. Many years passed, misfortune striking the Valardin name once more with the Tragedy of Sanctum, where Aurelian, having already lost his mother and sister, also lost numerous cousins and his father Alareon Valardin, to the shavs that decimated the ranks of the Valardin royal family, leaving the young Prince Edain as the sole heir of the High Lord.

All was not as lost as it would seem, however. In the midst of Arvum's mourning, a lone traveler identified as a prince of House Grayson arrived at Sanctum, accompanied by a young woman answering to the name of Malorie Valardin. Though initially met with suspicion and disbelief, a ring in her possession, sized for a child and bearing a white gold dragon, was recognized by the newly coronated High Lord Edain Valardin as a gift he'd given to his younger cousin so many years ago. Welcomed home with quiet fanfare due to the state of mourning for High Lord Radley, Malorie declined taking time at Sanctum to recover, instead journeying to court almost immediately in order to do her part in representing the Valardin name once more after the events at King's Rest.

Relationship Summary

  • Fatima - Dignified Thrax Princess
  • Jacinthe - Gracious Whisper
  • Larissa - Outgoing Whisper
  • Niccolo - A Kindred Soul
  • Ophelia - Alarmingly Charming Velenosa

  • Friend:
  • Calain - Mysterious & Heroic Prince

  • Family:
  • Edain - Indulgent Cousin
  • Alis - Pocket-Sized Champion
  • Aurelian - Bookish Brother
  • Name Summary