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Marquessa Freja Acheron

What is hidden in snow, is revealed at thaw.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Scout of the Snows
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Acheron
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 21
Birthday: 05/17
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Soldier
Height: tall
Hair Color: chestnut
Eye Color: glassy white
Skintone: ivory

Titles: Voice of Redrain

Obituary: Finally starting to get out and about again after a terrible tragedy, Freja was murdered in a mugging gone terribly wrong.

Description: Impish and fierce, Freja is an effortless beauty that carries herself with an air of cold, methodical strength. There is a certain precison to the movements of her tall and willowy frame, not a single gesture wasted as she seems to be always alert. Her sharp, somber brown eyes rove steadily beneath impossibly thick lashes. Unruly chestnut curls contrast wonderfully against her ivory skin, free from freckles or blemish save for a small scar that intersects her right eyebrow. Her demeanor is one of brisk business, though her rare and heartbreaking smile quickly dissipates any chill with its genuine warmth.

Upon her right forearm, all along the underside, Freja bears a tattoo of intricate whorls, lines, and dots - all of varying arrangement and thickness. There are two symbols, as well, one at either end of the oblong length of it. Near her elbow, a bold but modestly sized X, and further towards the wrist, an angular and inscrutable arrangement of lines and curves, like a rune.

Personality: At first meeting, Freja more often than not comes across as an ice queen that substitutes gregarious graces with astute, matter-of-fact observations and brisk mannerisms. It is not that she is cold, but rather that she has a low tolerance for what she views as superfluous nonsense. Why say with twenty words what could be done with two? She possesses sharp senses and an even sharper mind, which leaves her little patience for excessive pomp and circumstance. While she can be somber and serious, she has her impish moments peppered with witty remarks and an easy, winsome smile. Past the wintery veneer is a heart that loves fiercely once opened. She will fight ardently for her loved ones and her values to the point that some call her ferocious, others... exhausting.

Background: A woman not made for courtly graces, Princess Freja Redrain has always felt at home in the wilds past Farhaven, prowling the wilds with a talent few can match. While many in House Redrain train for martial prowess, most of those soldiers become knights or commanders, as those of royal blood stand for the leadership for the House and rally all the northlands among them. Princess Freja pursued an entirely different calling. Something about Aunt Drea's teachings on shamanism and the old ways of the Northlands resonated deeply with the young woman, as she was raised on stories of Valeria and other women of cunning and strength and how they survived in the deep wilds. She started to train as a scout, an occupation far more frequent with commoners due to its immense dangers, and the bold and utterly fearless woman has showed little regrets of her choice. On more than once, she's led small, highly capable teams of Redrain soldiers patrolling the deep places where the shav forces hide, and leading nimble forces in dangerous games of cat and mouse agaisnt other stalkers in the wilds. As the daughter of Torrud Redrain, the former Sword of Farhaven and champion of the house, and sister to the current one, a degree of courage is expected from her. But the wild woman takes the fearlessness to a degree that catches enemies of House Redrain offguard, and is utterly relentless in seeing the North is safe and respected.

Relationship Summary

  • Marcas - Traditional, Tough Soldier
  • Acacia - Uncommon Commoner
  • Ida - Talented Smith
  • Aislin - Treetop Conspiring

  • Family:
  • Deva - Lionhearted, Confidant Cousin
  • Kieran - Prince (Partially) Charming.
  • Darren - Sarcastic Cousin/Partner in Tavern Crime
  • Drea - Doting Aunt and Shaman Mentor

  • Sibling:
  • Fergus - Beloved, Protective Older Brother
  • Anze - Beloved, just as protective, older brother.

  • Northlands:
  • Khanne - Stoic Shaman
  • Asger - About as subtle as drunk Lycene.
  • Ysbail - Shav Shaman turned Lady (?)

  • Spouse:
  • Mydas - Cruel to be kind.

  • Friend:
  • Jaenelle - Fashion Consultant Princess
  • Calypso - Southern Twinsie.
  • Armel - Lifesaver, Man of the Eternal Wink
  • Victus - Another life perhaps. Friend, ally, now spiritual client.

  • Protege:
  • Audric - Merc with a Mouth
  • Zuraida - We'll build you anew.
  • Name Summary
    Aislin The first time I spoke to Freja was about footprints and strange things far in the north of the Everwinter, and how we wanted to travel there together. Later, for a brief while, I even harbored a crush on the woman, though that's long since past. Now, I only see her as a kindred spirit -- a fellow explorer -- and hope someday we can both escape the walls of Arx together to go see more of the world once again.
    Arcelia The first time I met Freja I accidently insulted her but after we quickly worked pass that little occurrence there was talking and things got much better for the evening.
    Branwen A shaman who obviously speaks from the gut and heart. I respect that.
    Christine Another northern. She knows about runes, it seems. I need to talk with her again about the subject.
    Fatima She is intimidating but in a good way, like a woman should be. I think I like this one, not sure yet but fuck if she doesn't kick someone's ass tonight.
    Ferrando I feel she's got a somewhat unfair reputation for grumpiness. In my observation it seems more due to the circumstance that no matter where she goes usually she ends up being the most responsible person in the room, while her fealty tends to be a little bit wild and averse to organization in general. If I went through that on a regular basis I'd probably seem grumpy to people too!
    Gian Patient and composed, a defender of her world, she deals in things I cannot understand.
    Harald Who pissed in her beer?
    Katarina While Katarina's interactions with the Scout of the Snows are fairly limited, and less than three, that does not stop her from having heard dozens of tales about this Princess who's done many great things in her times. Katarina is shamelessly - and secretly - a huge fan of Freja and eager to finally have a real conversation with the scout in the future. #FanGirlofFreja. #FrejaClub.
    Killian Ohhh, she talks to spirits or can hear them or something! She's also a damned good scout and quite handy in a fight or an exploration, definitely one to keep in touch with and work with more in the future!
    Reese I don't know her well, but I would like to know her better. She seems like the quite the badass princess warrior scout and has funny jokes.
    Sparte She is very nice and very to the point and I'm pretty sure she would rather talk to the fluffy vulture I saw than have another conversation with me stuttering at her.
    Tesha How fascinating. I've heard of the woman, a scout, I believe. The utilzation of someone accustomed to minutia and used to pressing an attack based on discerning small advantages. Typically, the lack of courtly training would be a hinderance however that only is applicable if one is also beholden to respect the various ways and weaknesses of the courts. This certainly merits study.
    Vercyn The Princess is a resourceful woman and a joy to share a conversation and a drink with. It is obvious that she cares for House Redrain and those who serve it. For that alone she has my loyalty and respect.
    Victus Redrain Shaman with half a sailor's mouth and the other half ready to clamp the bear's maw on her enemies. Enjoyable to the very end.