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Duchess Nadia Nightgold

All that glitters isn't gold. Sometimes it's neodymium.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Rosy Gold Duchess
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Nightgold
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 22
Birthday: 7/26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: rosegold
Eye Color: moss green
Skintone: porcelain

Obituary: One of the heroes of the Battle of Pridehall, Duchess Nadia Nightgold fell in battle while leading Nightgold soldiers against the Silent Army. Cut off from the bulk of her forces in the heat of battle, found surrounded by enemy dead afterwards.

Description: Cascading curls of spun rose-blonde frame a face that is alive with emotion, from the sparkle in her vibrant green eyes to the adorable way she wrinkles her nose in concentration. Her zest for life and all of its pleasures is written into every teasing smile, every exuberant gesture of her feminine hands. Her voice is melodious, a hypnotically compelling sound to be certain, and all the more so when she is ordering men into glorious battle. She moves with a joyful, carefree manner, all sinuous curves and swaying hips and perfect awareness of the eyes that inevitably turn in her direction when she crosses a room.

Personality: Living in the mountains can make a person hard, constantly surrounded by cold winds, icy snow, and unforgiving rock. Not so with Nadia. Her warm laughter can light up a room, and her appreciation of even the smallest of pleasures lends her an air of graciousness. Truly, she is delightful, and the list of things that elicit her beautiful smile is extensive, ranging from fresh-cut flowers to the sound of a dying shav'arvani's screams. Oh yes, Nadia could often be found leading war parties against those Abandoned on her borders that rebuke the Compact, because if there is one thing she loathes, it is the threat of losing those things that are precious to her. With her older brother dead and her father presumed so as well, Stonedeep is her most prized possession now, and she'll laugh and smile her way through any battle, be it bloody or social, to keep it safe.

Background:     Wherever anyone has something nice, there exists someone trying to take it away from them by any means possible. And so was Nadia raised, in the harsh and unforgiving beauty of the northern mountains, where rivers of blood were spilled over veins of gold. A warrior at heart, Nadia followed her older brother, the future Duke of Stonedeep, through his training, pushing herself to fight harder, faster, longer than the others. There in the mountains, being a girl counted for or against little, and being a member of the fairer sex was by no means an excuse to slack off.

    Outside of training however, Nadia was quite enamored with the finer things in life, and spent much of her free time negotiating with traders for fine wines, silks, and other trinkets from the southern cities, surrounding herself with the opulence of far off lands that in her mind were better than the cold and harsh world of icy cliffs and suffocating snow. Rebuking the advances of Northern noblemen, Nadia dreamed of one day being swept off her feet by a dashing figure in silks and diamonds with promises of beauty and wealth beyond the cold gold that is her family's namesake.

    The Duke of Nightgold was an ardent storyteller and cold likely be blamed for Nadia's fancies, what with him being a true romantic that instilled in his children a love of beauty, be it finely crafted jewelry, balls that filled Stonedeeps halls with dance and music until the early hours of the morning, or simply a bright, cloudless winter day. It was on one of these clear mornings that the Duke left the hold on one of his famously wandering walks, never to return. After some days of growing unrest, a search party was sent after him, led by Nadia's older brother, Dustin.

    The days turned to weeks, and eventually a runner was sent back to Stonedeep with the news that the search party had come upon a trail and would be following it for signs of the missing Duke. Weeks turned to months, and it was on another cold, cloudless morning that Nadia woke to Stonedeep in an uproar - a bloody satchel of severed hands had been delivered, the bloated, frostbitten digits adorned with the rosegold rings of house Nightgold, though none bore the ducal symbol.

    Thrust abruptly into rulership of Stonedeep, Nadia's first act was to send men after those who delivered the unwelcome gift, and they returned to a man, saying that they'd found a band of Abandoned not far off and dispatched them with haste, but the bodies of those lost were not to be found, nor was the Duke. Facing her responsibilities to Stonedeep, Nadia tucked away her dreams of abandoning her home for softer pastures, determined to bring beauty to it instead - and perhaps one day find her father as well, despite everyone else having abandoned him for dead.

Relationship Summary

  • Dagon - Thraxian Anomaly
  • Edain - Sweet Valardin Highlord
  • Freja - Redrain Shaman & Scout
  • Isolde - Unpredictable Mirrormask
  • Margot - Lone Tyde Transplant
  • Talen - Surly Lenosian Sword
  • Arik - Halfshav Warrior
  • Benjamin - Capable Healer & Scholar
  • Ida - Accomplished Weaponsmith
  • Jarek - Pious Prince
  • Joscelin - Trouble
  • Brianna - Wild-Woman
  • Abbas - Mercurial Reaver Prince

  • Parent:
  • Neddim - Forever Lost, But Never Forgotten
  • Elysia - Beloved Grayson Mother

  • Family:
  • Signe - Little Kahuna Errant
  • Aislin - Adventurous Cousin
  • Harlan - Rangy Cousin
  • Augustus - Absentee Grandfather
  • Natalia - Fashion-centric Grayson Relation
  • Gareth - Favored Inquisitor Cousin
  • Barric - Honor-Bound
  • Natalia - Vivacious Trend-Setting Cousin
  • Reese - Crusading Blonde Twin of Arx
  • The Golden Shctick - Mr Money Bags

  • Sibling:
  • Cassius - Reverent Knightly Brother
  • Dustin - In Loving Memory
  • Lydia - Devious Little Sister

  • Ally:
  • Esera - Bound by the Fates

  • Friend:
  • Fergus - Friend-In-Progress
  • Valencia - Vivacious Northern Star
  • Darren - Childhood Friend
  • Kieran - Loveable Goofball
  • Everard - Ironguard Commander & Friend
  • Juliet - Sultry Southern BFF
  • Niccolo - A Lady's Fantasy
  • Aldwin - Scholarly Father Figure
  • Alis - Fun-Sized Surprise & Valardin Confidant
  • Samantha - Delightful Surprise
  • Aksel - Brother-In-Arms & Right-Hand Man
  • Victus - Unlikely Brusque Drinking Buddy
  • Cordelia - Adorable Thraxian Cohort
  • Ansel - Heir of Telmar & Closest Friend

  • Protege:
  • Aksel - Right Hand & Family Sword
  • Gavin - Masterful Woodworker & Flirt
  • Gwendolyn - Dreamy, Vivacious Medic/Apothecary
  • Valery - Endearingly Sweet Apothecary & Friend
  • Aurora - Resplendent Seamstress & Family Friend
  • Name Summary