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Hammar whack rich people, Hammar makes boss happy.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Vacuous Sellhammer
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: None
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 29
Birthday: 7/2
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Criminal
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: fair

Description: There is a dull look in this huge man's brown eyes, telling those that look at him there is little to nothing going on in his head in the thought department. Hammar stands a good head taller than the average man and easily out-weighs the larger knights by 50 pounds, making him a very large and very heavy man. Hammar is also ugly by the low standards of the Lower Boroughs, his head is misshapen from what appears to have been a crushing blow to the top of his head at some point, the right side of his skull is indented and his right eye is slightly sunken into his head. This is for the most part, other than his eye, covered up by the long black hair that he appears to cut himself, and poorly at that. His round face is covered in a thick beard that hangs down to his neck. Ham-sized fists and feet that look capable of crushing bones finish out this large specimen of a man.

Personality: Hammar wants to make those he considers his 'family' or 'bosses' happy. Those who are in this widely varied classification are practically without the ability to do wrong. People on the other side of the pillow, well Hammar has had too many wrongs done to him and often and easily falls into a rage. This rage is often triggered by his misunderstanding of what people are telling him, or not understanding what they mean with their actions. Hammar is a violent person when he feels as if he is the butt end of a joke, and being a large man, this can be a dangerous situation.

Background: Big and dumb, those two words have set the path for Hammar's life to this point. He has no real idea as to when he was born, just knows the date he was brought to the Orphanage, and so this is considered his birthday, for all that it matters. Hammar grew up in the Lower Boroughs, beating people up to get food, clothing and anything else that he considered essential goods. He was given a crudely made warhammer when he worked as a guard for a smithy in his youth, and has taught himself what could be considered the crude Lower Boroughs form of combat with said weapon. He knows he is likely too dumb to learn the proper use of the weapon, but his savagery when he is mad more than makes up for any practical training.

Hammar went from job to job, working as a debt collector, bodyguard and selling his warhammer skill to get him through life. Hammar has used this skill to try and do better in his life, but he being not the most intelligent of men, he finds it difficult at times to figure out a sure path to get himself in a better situation. Despite this, he tries to get his name out there as a good whacker, and is certain he will make a difference eventually.

Relationship Summary

  • Gareth - Scary face Monster Inquisitor.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Victus - Big Mean Prince
  • Ida - Hammering Hottie
  • Marcas - Big Northman who likes to punch
  • Alrec - Sailor man who lives on beach
  • Larissa - Whisperer of Champions
  • Donella - Story paying Thrax lady found in bank
  • Jessamine - Angelic future girlfriend
  • Dawn - Potential Lady to Champion
  • Silas - Card playing Ironguard.
  • Joscelin - Hairy jeweler lady who draws good.
  • Aurora - Red haired Mummer tailor.
  • Kima - Maybe Lady fighter. Lord Victus friend.
  • Viktarkim - Funny skin, weird scar not tell truther
  • Tobias - Crimson Blade leader gooder leader not fighter
  • Dagon - Lord Victus cousin
  • Augustus - Old Grayson
  • Talen - Good fighter Hammar want beat.

  • Family:
  • Arn - Duke dad? Called Hammar son

  • Friend:
  • Acacia - Hotty McScarypants
  • Ianthe - Want be mean Hammar friend, not mean.
  • Name Summary