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Aslaug Winge


Social Rank: 9
Concept: Wandering Stranger
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Winge
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 26
Birthday: 04/01
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Drifter
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Rich Earthy Auburn
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Skintone: Sunkissed

Description: Painted with an earthy pallet, Aslaug is more striking than beautiful. She's taller than most women, and while lean and smooth in her movements there is a certain easy confidence in her steps and an ownership of the space around herself. Her hair is long, the same mahogany as rain soaked redwood, just as often brushed as tangled and most often left hanging down around her shoulders and back. Her eyes are the same crisp blue as the winter sky. Her skin is a sun warmed tan, though much of it is covered by her typically well worn attire. Her features are angular, a bit too sharp to be called pretty. Often some sort of charm, or feather or animals tooth can be found hanging around her neck or wound up in her hair.

Personality: Aslaug does not share much of herself with many, even her words come rare and after some contemplation. Despite this she is just as likely to answer a straight forwards inquiry with monosyllabic 'fine' as she is some poetic non-sequester. Action on the other hand Aslaug is freer with, she is a tactile creature who touches people, smells them. She saviors tastes and sounds alike. Her eyes and expressions, when allowed out from under her floppy hat's brim, are often a curious blend of interest and patience. If her mystery is deliberate or accidental it is no less the case. The wanderer leaves many more questions in the world around her than answers and seems unbothered by as much. She does not seem gleeful or to delight in the puzzle she presents to the world, it simply is, as so many other confounding things are.

Background: When asked where she comes from, if she can be coaxed into saying anything at all, Aslaug may tell one soul she washed up on the beach of Arx in a spring storm, another she may whisper to that she wandered down a mountain in a snow storm, or that she simply sprouted one spring. Each of these explanations delivered as a matter of fact - as if everyone has a similar story behind them.

What is clear is that she commits to no origins. Some amongst those who owe their allegiance to Redrain have seen the wanderer about, passing through their various holdings, and often attending Shamanistic gatherings generally hovering at the periphery of such gatherings.

Her arrival in Arx coincided with the influx of nobility following the start of the King's slumber and since she may be found wandering in some strange places, typically with her hat pulled low over her eyes and her head bowed down. Most often she can be sighted in the Low Borough or the Redrain quarter, though many have spotted her in the wilds around the city as well.

Name Summary
Alessia An intriguing woman. Quiet but clearly attentive to her surroundings.
Alexio Miss Aslaug is a charming woman, with good taste and a brave, mighty rat! Met her at Apollo's place - she seemed real nice. I do hope to see her around.
Anisha Messere Aslaug is a Northerner of exactly as many words as she wishes to be. Some might mistake that for her being taciturn, but give her time and she shall show you a dance of words worthy of any courtier's salon.
Apollo Something about her inspires a sort of generosity in others. It could simply be that she's perfectly personable and has a solid vision about what she wants - that's rare enough.
Appolonia I respect a woman who shows her rat in public. I assume it was deliberate.
Domonico She watches people. I'm not sure if is an admirable trait or a disturbing one.
Esme Oh but the walk of the mysterious, it is but an enigma to know. She's a puzzle piece that fits where she wants and breaks away the corners when she does not. She is mystery but yet she is more than just that. May she feel her heart light and her pockets heavy.
Evaristo It's so nice to see someone who fits so well into the Lowers and treats the place with the respect it deserves! Seems to be a sharp young lady with a healthy suspicious caution about her.
Hickson Pretty guarded, and therefore mysterious and interesting.
Jules She's a delightfully unique woman with a pet rat. The pet rat appears to be amusingly spoiled. There's nothing wrong with that since she seems to keep a good eye on it.
Korka She keeps interesting company in interesting places
Mabelle A troubled young woman, walks around with a rat.
Mikani Very interesting woman. I love the style of the hat and the flutter of her hair. There is something to be said about a woman who knows how to use an air of mystery in their favor. Makes people want more. Much more. Though that is a topic for a different conversation.
Mirk Young and unsure of her place in the world, but still confident in who she is. It's the perfect combination for someone who is eager to learn and grow.
Ras Nobody else'll ever be able to wear that hat with the same style as her.
Reese She seems a bit impish and has an interesting pet. She isn't one to reveal too much about herself, but sometimes that can be very wise.
Rhue A bit of an enigma, but kind and a good listener. She also has an interest in shamanism and seems a bit unsure where to turn. Perhaps a potential friend among this sea of strangers in the city?
Richard I believe I learned something about the mechanics of the forearm muscles from watching her throw that thimble like a crossbow shot. I will have to do some research on this.
Rosalind Seems stand-offish, but not really. I invaded her bubble and she didn't come at me, so I mean--I think we're good!
Scipio A curious woman with an interesting sense of style including a surprising rat accessory. She is interesting in every sense of the word, and manages it while being rather soft spoken. She seems the type that knows much and says little. Perhaps we should be friends.
Simon Interesting. She is a quiet one, but that does not detract from her character. I happened upon her in the Murder of Crows and spent some time with her after she invited me to her table. Perhaps I will have reason to see her again in the near future.