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Prince Aurelian Valardin

What was lost I will find.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Faithful Scholar
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 22
Birthday: 2/21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: average height
Hair Color: dirty-blonde
Eye Color: strikingly pale blue
Skintone: bronzed/tanned

Titles: Scholar of Vellichor

Obituary: Executed for high treason by High Lord Edain Valardin in January 1009 AR.

Description:     Standing at five feet eleven inches (1.8 meters), this young man looks to be in his early twenties with bronzed skin, dirty-blonde hair, and strikingly pale blue eyes. His skin tone appears to be the result in time spent outdoors rather than nature, and his hair is left at jaw-length but well groomed and clean.

Personality: A generally calm and logical man, he is a scholar known for seeking out mysteries and knowledge lost in the fire of The Great Fire of Arx so it can be rediscovered.

Background: First cousin to the head of House Valardin, Aurelian had a happy childhood, and used to run around the castle pretending to be a knight slaying monsters and demons, looking to be well set on the path to becoming a knight when he grew older. That would change one day when the boy was four, while on a trip through the countryside he and those guarding him were attacked by bandits.
The boy was taken prisoner, though no ransom demand was made as a few days later he was rescued by members of his family. After being returned to his family he was a very different person. He grew quiet whenever the abduction was brought up, he'd grow sad and sometimes would even cry. To this day it isn't known what happened but it clearly traumatized the lad.

After the early trauma Aurelian showed more and more disinterest in matters related to violence and war, instead growing more and more serious and thoughtful. For this reason it was no surprise when he decided to seek study with the priesthood, a fate his parents felt was more than suitable as he could serve the realm in a way that wouldn't require him to relive past harm.
After becoming an Acolyte Aurelian joined the ranks of the Scholars. By the age of sixteen he was elevated to the rank of full Scholar and started to go on expeditions alone or with fellow scholars with the desire to rediscover the knowledge lost during the Great Fire of Arx.

At the age of twenty tragedy struck again, while at an expedition Shav forces attacked and resulted in The Tragedy of Sanctum and the death of several of his cousins and those loyal to House Valardin. Today he continues in his efforts to rediscover what was lost, and honor his family and the faith in the process.

Relationship Summary

  • Hammar - A dullard with an obsession for sweets, and fearful of his less-than secrets.
  • Mirari - Enjoyable conversation for discussions of the faith and perhaps other topics as well.
  • Arianwen - Happy to be of assistance.

  • Friend:
  • Donella - Good friend.

  • Family:
  • Isabeau - Comfort when needed.
  • Edain - He seeks to prove more than he needs to.
  • Marian - Surprisingly enjoyable company.
  • Alarissa - A bit exciteable and in some ways naive, but pleasant enough company.
  • Name Summary
    Agnarr A prince oathlander who drinks, some rarity. Don't even know his name. Probably pays well, doesn't look too much of a silky fop. Fake scales for decoration ain't doing much - man should at least carry a dagger.
    Aiden Aurelian is a little blunt in his opinions and while we may have had a disagreement about he process of things, he's come to guide me to the right path in which to advance within the Academy of Scholars. I do hope to speak with him more in the future.
    Alaric A field scholar called to service here in Arx, more of a mentor and a tutor these days it would seem. He seems quite calm and organized, and very deliberate, all traits of a good researcher as one would expect. Hopefully he gets an opportunity to pursue an investigation in the field again, it seems to me that he misses doing it.
    Barric An interesting fellow, no longer quite my cousin but with ideas aplenty.
    Bastien Sensitive.
    Christine He seems a polite, interesting kid. A prince, even.
    Delilah He seems to know a lot of people and has some secret, important business... I wonder what it could be? I haven't really gotten the chance to meet him, but I could very easily call him a curiosity.
    Edain My Cousin Aurelian is a good man and loyal to our family to his last breath. He is very critical of himself and sometimes I wish I could get him to believe me that he's more valuable than he knows. In someways he's still trapped in the trauma of his childhood and I've never been able to figure out how I can help him be free of it.
    Ian He's someone who's willing to judge at length people who he barely knows.
    Jacque Cousin Aurelian appears to be a good friend of Sasha's and he is a scholar. They have much to talk about, and perhaps there are things Jacque can learn from his cousin.
    Josephine A lovely oathlander with surprising taste.
    Liara Indisputably a Valardin - very formal and polite. I'm sure he knows an abundance of interesting things were one to go looking. Seems a decent sort.
    Quenia It is no secret that Quenia's first impression of Prince Aurelian was marred by a misunderstanding created by her cousin Lucita. She first thought him a cad and a scoundrel; but it turns out that was the furtherest from the truth. The have come a long way, and she has come to genuinely like Aurelian as a person, and is thankful that she came away from their first encounter with largely unscathed by misunderstanding.
    Reese A thoughtful field scholar, noble and humble.
    Ryhalt A fairly reserved prince of House Valardin, though seems to enjoy his wine. Insists he is not informed on the subject.
    Saedrus Though I believe we have met in passing before, I had the chance encounter of sitting in on a meeting with Prince Aurelian. He is a man of logical reasoning certainly, but one that must view a half empty glass more often than half-full one. I feel as if he should consider his strengths more than he does his short-comings, as the former must outweigh the latter.
    Sasha One of my favorite cousins, still likes to tease me about my easy embaressment. But I know it is done with love and not malice.
    Sebastian A pleasure to meet the Prince. A man who values friendship enough to be there when asked, even if a thing is not to his preference. Should that we meet again, it would be nice to have a longer conversation.
    Sorrel Formal and a bit stuffy. Sorrel is uncertain if Aurelian is capable of having fun. Perhaps something to look into later.
    Tessa I don't think we speak the same language.