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People don't pay for good fortunes. They pay not to get bad ones.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Street Fortune Teller
Fealty: Crown
Family: None
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 25
Birthday: 10/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Charlatan
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: amber
Skintone: olive

Description: There's a roguish charm found in Cain's enigmatic amber eyes that perfectly matches the beguiling smiles that he often graces others with. His hair is dark brown, with a touch of wildness as it flows down to his shoulders. A masculine straight nose ends above a stubble of a mustache, with his pointed chin also peppered with facial hair. Gifted with an athletic build, he doesn't seem overly strong, but remains fairly toned. When he moves, it's with a casual deftness, and the confidence one would he expect of a man that acts like he knows all that will happen next.

Personality: Cain has embraced the streets and in a way, treats the Lower Boroughs as his little playground. It's a dangerous playground, and he is aware of it. But that danger has its appeal, and Cain doesn't shy away from throwing himself right in the middle of things if he thinks it worth it. Caution is not his strongest suit. He is generally easygoing, and a great drinking partner, until he's not. When angry, he can be quite brutal and cruel in his treatment of others. While his fortune telling started as a way to get by, it's become a point of pride for him. He enjoys it when others come to him for advice, or trinkets to guarantee good fortune. He often claims fortune is his mistress, and when confronted about his own status in life, he quickly dismisses it as it being his choice.

Background: The first memories Cain has are of the streets of Arx. His mother was most likely a whore, or as Cain puts it, if he's lucky a courtesan. His father, who knows. In reality, he doesn't even known as he was abandoned by his parents when he was very little. He survived by appealing to the charity of others and by making connections with the right people, or some would say, the wrong people. It was during his childhood that he befriended a young girl named Acacia, whom he often would try and bail out of whatever scrapes she managed to get herself in. The two of them became close friends, only for her to suddenly disappear on him when she left the city.

While he knew enough to defend himself if he needed to, his silver tongue remained his weapon of choice. He put that weapon to use in the cons he conjured in order to cheat others and ensure his survival. It was that silver tongue that brought him to the attention of a man rumored by half of the Lower Boroughs to be a seer of some kind. Of course, the other half claimed him to be a fraud. Davalos was his name, and he was successful enough to be able to take Cain under his wing and teach him a thing or too.

Like all people do, eventually Davalos passed away. Now on his own, Cain's made a name of himself among the people of the Lower Boroughs. Half of them claim him to have the gift, and are quick to buy his trinkets, and pay him to divine their fortunes, the other half, of course claim him to be fraud. Once a child of the streets, now he's a man of them and he intends to make the most out of that for as long as he's able to.

Relationship Summary

  • Calandra - The Singer
  • Victus - Cranky Lord
  • Gareth - Cranky Inquisitor
  • Hammar - Large Guy

  • Friend:
  • Acacia - Oblivious Damsel
  • Name Summary