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Torian Culler

The Lower Boroughs aren't the best place in the world, sure, but people tend to get what they deserve.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Former Sellsword
Fealty: Crown
Family: Culler
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 31
Birthday: 10/11
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Criminal
Height: average height
Hair Color: jet black
Eye Color: dusty green
Skintone: sun-scooured fair

Description: Torian is not the tallest man, but his shoulders are broad and his frame heavy with muscle, giving him an imposing air that has nothing to do with his height. He grows an impressive beard, and though the first silver hairs have started to appear near his temples - a testament to a hard life - it is dark and full when he lets it come in. With thick brows and an oft-broken nose, he's not a truly handsome man, but he's got as many lines by his eyes from laughing as he does from scowling, and his smile is alluring.

Personality: Torian is gruff and no-nonsense...most of the time. He likes his fun as much as the next guy, but he's led such a wild life in the lower boroughs that his idea of a good time is a smoke, a steak, whiskey, and some peace and quiet to watch the sun set over the bay. He's a man who does what is necessary, a hard-boiled exterior over a heart that is still, surprisingly, pretty soft. He cares for the Cullers, he cares for the little group of misfits, thieves, and vagabonds that come to him for advice, leadership, and at times, protection. They may be uncultured scumbags to the rest of the city, but they are his uncultured scumbags and he will see them live as well as he can.

Background: Torian knows he's not the best of men. An orphan raised on the streets amidst the squalor of the Lower Boroughs, he did far more than survive- he became one of the forces that helped keep order in a place frequently forgotten by the Iron Guard, and only visited by the Inquisition when some hapless commoner offended someone powerful enough to squash them like a bug. The indifference of the Iron Guard made Torian determined to make the Lower Boroughs not just a blight, but a place that looked after its own, where brigands were reminded that there are just some people they shouldn't ever try to prey on. Torian met Rencio Culler, the ruthless head of the Culler crime family, when he was fairly young and fell into working with him. Torian thought that Rencio might have a temper, and some of his methods could be extreme, but he respected that the man wanted to genuinely make the Lower Boroughs a better place and do well by his family. Torian fell into working with him as an enforcer while augmenting his income as a sellsword often doing guard work for nobility, and grew ever closer to the Culler family. He might not be proud of some of the things he had to do, but the sellsword grew to even love the Cullers and was adopted by them, and he's spilled enough blood for them that he's still quietly surprised that the Inquisition hasn't seen him hanged a dozen times over. It just reminds him of a sad truth.

The nobles just don't care about the Lower Boroughs. Ships come in, drop their cargo, but as long as Iron Guard and house servants make certain that people and goods passing through the Lower Boroughs are unmolested then they are just as happy to forget it exists. At first, Torian was extremely bitter about that, deeply angry that the upper city had forgotten the plight of the poor, but as he helped the Culler family become the prominent force in keeping the peace, there's no longer much true bitterness. He no longer sells his sword, just quietly helping the family keep order, and ever since Rencio and his wife got themselves killed, he's found himself running the family. He never really planned to be boss, or the man to see about trouble in the Lower Boroughs, but things hardly work out as planned. Maybe he can keep a lot of idiots from getting themselves killed, but he'll settle for no more Cullers dying.

Relationship Summary

  • Acacia - Ambitious Not-Niece
  • Calandra - Ah my little nightingale, my darling niece and troublesome little troublemaker. You do an old man proud.
  • Orathy - Brother, as much as any man could be. Orphans both of us, and come up from nothing. No clue where he's gone off to, but I hope he's found whatever it was he was always looking for.
  • Name Summary
    Aiden We've come to some arrangements, business related, in the Menagerie. He runs a shop there on my behalf. It was going well in the beginning but then his family made a mockery of the store. I continue to work with him regardless, because I'm willing to give second chances.
    Ainsley While things were hectics and Ainsley didn't have time to speak with him-- Ainsley's aware that he was helping to put out the fires in the Merchant West Way, and Ainsley appreciates that heroism.
    Alrec Grandfather of the Cullers and a man I admire both in how he conducts his business and his person. The more I work with my own family and create a foundation that will last generations, the Culler's tutelage is something I wish to see evident in our own development.
    Apollo I didn't expect that. A quick wit and a thoughtful sort, looking out for folk that haven't got as much. Which I guess is most people now, isn't it.
    Arianna Handsome, rugged, and the best leatherworker in Arx. Love this guy.
    Bastien Culler. That's about it.
    Brady Well composed, friendly, and he helps run an Orphanage in the Lower Burroughs. It doesn't /sound/ like a front. Must be a good man.
    Calandra He's a thinker, with great thoughts, and will see that Culler becomes something great, I feel sure of it.
    Calaudrin Strong Culler presence at this meeting. Didn't seem to be up to anything though. He builds orphanages. Can't be that bad.
    Caspian Though I have not gotten the chance to really speak with the man, I've seen him around and go to his shop for all my leather needs. He's quite skilled and I trust his handywork. I've probably earned him quite a bit of silver since I've come here.
    Cyril Look, not all my clients are ghosts. Some start off as crime bosses and well, end up that way. Hazards of the job, I suppose. Never the less, Torian indulged my complicated questions and I appreciate him for that. Hopefully, he remembers me when he needs a lawyer.
    Duarte A garrulous 'merchant' and certainly the sort I'd look forward to working with.
    Eleyna Head of the infamous Culler family. His name and reputation are known, even far outside the Lowers. Trusting a Culler seems like such a spectacularly terrible idea that I've managed to do just that. Multiple times. Is he the leader of an entire clan of 'diamonds in the rough' or the greatest bunch of con-artists the Compact has ever seen?
    Evaristo That sort of guy that not only is a master craftsman but also knows the what, the where and the who. Owe him one!
    Galen I like a bold man and a bold claim - though he's going to be put to the test next time I need leather!
    Ian Best damn plan. Holy crap that was awesome.
    Isolde Impressive climber. Equally impressive composure to manage that while fire and a demon raged around.
    Jacali Menus're for them common folk. ... he don't seem so common t'me. Mayhap if'n we get him drinkin' sommit stronger'n rum, ey?
    Jordan Seems to be a funny guy; at least, everyone is funny when you're hella drunk. I might end up meeting him again sometime.
    Joscelin A scamp. Charming. Charming and clearly up to no good. And ... charming. Gods dammit, charming.
    Juliana Easy to talk too and very much like and unlike his brother. Maybe it's a family thing.
    Kenna I can't help it - his last name prejudices me against him. However, he did act like a law abiding citizen. So I guess... there is that?
    Laurel Generous and has a good nose and taste for bread. Blessed in a healthy amount of family. Pleasant. Company that could be enjoyed.
    Luca Anyone with the stones to come out and just say they're admiring Seraph Ailith's legs is a fine and decent person in my book. That one has a good head on his shoulders, I can tell.
    Luis Conversationalist, and the only one who didn't get all awkward with Luis going into a pool naked... in front of the King. Good man... very good man.
    Macda He's a cheerful sort, prone to laughter and keeping the violence down. He's a Culler? What?
    Maeve This good looking fellow is also one of the best leatherworkers in the city! I am excited to see what he creates with his hands with the comission I gave. Perhaps more business can be had in the future!
    Margerie So many new people! Why this one man at the party at the Hart, he was telling me about doing battle with canvases and water. It takes a certain amount of spirit to do battle with the elements so lightly armed. I have the feeling he has seen some difficult things.
    Melody Though we barely got to speak, he seemed like a good bit of fun, having a bit of enjoyment from my antics and possibly even encouraging it. Very perceptive, kind of mysterious.
    Olivia A ruffian of some sort, though not a troublesome one, who shared a little discussion of practical economics. Always nice to RP outside the usual circles.
    Orathy Finally caught up to the boss again after the siege, reminded Orathy that Torian is the brains of the operation for a reason and without that guiding hand, Orathy is aimless.
    Petal He seems serious and likes to drink.
    Prisila Smart proprietor of a leather shop down in the Boroughs. Talented hands and an even more talented mouth. I like this one and I think I'll keep my eye on him.
    Raja Always nice to know family. Seems trustworthy.
    Reese I really like his work, from animal ears to pouches and belts. I know he can make other things too. Anyways, he seems like a nice man. I finally got to meet him briefly.
    Rook Understands politics, can get a job done. A Culler, which doesn't mean he's a criminal. Nope. Just a businessman.
    Sabella I did not get to know him well, but he seemed rather blunt, a person who speaks his own mind and interested to know where his mind has been in previous lives! At least, I think that's what he was asking. I need to find him later and see what sorts of stories he has to tell!
    Sasha Maker of wonderful plushies that I long to collect all. A complete collection makes a happy Princess
    Sebastian Seemed a good sort upon first meeting at the Murder, willing to keep good relations. Remembers the siege and the fighting that went on during that time. I'd be interested in what he remembers. It was during a time I was in Setarco.
    Silas He cares for the city just as sincerely as Silas does, even if their methods and world views may be on opposite spectrums. So while they may bump heads from time to time, there will likely always be a degree of trust and respect between them.
    Sparte Lent a hand with others at the Merchant West fire. Everyone had their hands full though, so didn't get an opportunity to really meet him.
    Sudara A leather-clad Crownsworn... who is appararently a figure of trust with my House. Worthy of curiosity, at the very least.
    Talen Culler, one of Acacia's brood. Seems to have fingers in many pies. Undoubtedly really useful in the right moment, for the right thing. Talen's aware of him, evne if he's not familiar -with- him.
    Thena I've frequented his shop but never properly spent much time with the man. Still haven't, I suppose, but he had some good ideas regarding putting out the fire in Merchant West and was a great deal of help.
    Theodoric A thoughtful man, with a great concern for family...
    Thesarin Saw him at the Merchant West fire. Diverted water from the aquaduct to the streets, which helped quell the flames. Stong arms and a keen brain, to do that.
    Tris People keep saying I need to know Who Is Who here in Arx. He seems to be one of them, and polite amid sailors.
    Venturo A fellow artisan, a man proud of his craft. Just as important is his help in getting settled. I'll have to drop off a drink once I'm up and running.
    Victus I've heard things about the Cullers. 'Things'. But he had a good time while he was there and didn't do any of those 'Things' to others, far as I could tell.
    Wash The leatherworker has never seemed to be overwhelmed by my requests in the past, but sailing is clearly not his area of expertise. Perhaps this 'Acacia' person will know more. Regardless, I am confident that he can fund the expedition, I only hope that I can provide equal quality to the work he has done for me in the past.
    Zoey I don't know if all of the rumors are true, but there is a soft spot in his heart at least.