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Action Id: 380 Crisis: Participants: Calypso, Deva, Alis, Isolde, Talen, Dagon, Audric(RIP), Alistair, Max(RIP), Barric(RIP), Luca(RIP), Kima, Mirari, Ansel, Blacktongue, Reese, Valkieri(RIP), Serafine(RIP), Eleyna, Eirene, Costas(RIP), Leta, Halsim, Garza(RIP), Fiachra(RIP), Gian, Waldemai, Zhayla(RIP), Inigo(RIP), Holden, Caelis, Karadoc(RIP), Ariella, Estaban(RIP), Harmon and Artorius
Status: Resolved Public: True GM: None

Action by Calypso

Lady General Calypso Malvici has been assigned as the field commander to lead an assault up-river to attack one of the four columns of Brand’s army. She will be leading forces from House Malvici, House Velenosa and House Pravus in the form of infantry and archers. Other commanders she is coordinating with are Prince Victus Thrax, Princess Deva Redrain, Princess Alis Valardin and Duke Valkieri Rubino.

The host of Compact forces will be traveling up-river by boats provided by Thrax, the Lyceum and the Black Mountain Training Company. We will be searching for an ideal location to set up our assault. High ground for archers, a place to anchor the ships and a field for the infantry. All with the goal of eliminating the entire column of Brand’s forces to weaken the army by one fourth.

Calypso will also be wielding Truestrike, the alaricite rapier during this battle.

Action by Inigo(RIP)

The group of soldiers Inigo is in command of are the remnants of the same crew he commanded at the Battle of Pridehall, additional men filled in to replenish the losses from the previous battle of course. He wields Recompense, the diamondplate longsword, hoping this time to be more effective at taking down Bringers, saving his men from their wrath. The battalion's mission is to do as much damage as possible to Brand's army, fighting fiercely at the front lines of combat.

As the result of a discussion with Eirene, at least one member of the battalion will possess bow and arrows, the arrows themselves tied with highly visible cloth that will be fired into the air should the group encounter a High Bringer. This is to alert any of the special forces that are intended to take down such targets that one has been found. Inigo will, of course, engage any he sees himself, as he is the best equipped in the battalion to take on such a threat. The goal is to either slay the High Bringer, or delay it long enough for one of the special forces to arrive and kill the creature.'

Action by Costas(RIP)

Costas will be Calypso's bodyguard for the campaign, at her side at all times as well as defending her in battle. He sleeps in the same tent as her to ward against potential assassins, and is only ever removed from her vicinity for private discussions with other nobility.

Action by Eirene

Although sending squadrons of the Malvici Phoenixes to assist the other Compact forces, Eirene brings her hand-picked finest battle medics to accompany herself to the front with General Calypso. She will ensure the triage centers are defendable and coordinate medical efforts with the Mercy's and other assigned medics.

Action by Waldemai

Waldemai will be deploying with the field forces under Calypso's command to provide on-site armor evaluations, upgrades and repairs.

Action by Harmon

Harmon will accompany Eirene, supplementing her medical expertise with his knowledge of occult matters as well as alchemy in order to stretch out supplies without losing efficacy.

Action by Mirari

Mirari will be joining Eirene and her medics, providing medical supplies via her apothecary skills, where she can. And defending the medical tents and medics with her small blades should forces break through the lines and to the medic station.

Action by Alis

For the next stage of the Bringer's march on Arx, Alis will be accompanying the combined forces led by Lady General Calypso Malvici.

She will be in charge of the Valardin Infantry and Archers. Her instructions to those under her command will be to help divide and flank pockets of the enemy column into more manageable groups; with a warning about the berserker Bringers, and that they should call out a warning when the berserkers are spotted so they can be swarmed and taken down as quickly as possible. She will be participating in the battle.

Action by Ansel

    Ansel will be leading the Telmar forces in Princess Alis' forces supporting Lady General Calypso' mission of eliminating the shav forces at the river.

    Ansel will be coordinating with, and taking orders directly from, Princess Alis as the forces deploy to engage the shav forces. He's delegated total authority of his subordinate sections to his vassal house's commanders, providing them instruction pertaining to the general goals of the mission, but leaving the exact manner of accomplishing those principles to his subordinate commanders.

    For his part, Ansel will be taking direct command of a small company comprised of a section of archers supporting a small team of hand-picked swordsmen. Their mission will be to identify any Bringers at the outset of the engagement, particularly any beserker Bringers, and eliminate the most serious threat to the Valardin column as quickly as possible. He'll be leveraging the support of the archer section, as well as the Telmar diamondplate heirloom weapon, attempting to dispatch these threats hastily.

Action by Fiachra(RIP)

As Alis' second-in-command, Fiachra will be coordinating his efforts directly with her, using his knowledge and experience of Greenmarch tactics in facing a larger force. (Particularly from an archer/scout standpoint.) As before, he will be using his particular talents for assessing the terrain (see his metaplot secrets) to any advantage it can afford for the troops under General Calypso's command. He will not be leaving Alis' side, and will be watching for threats to her life.

Action by Barric(RIP)

Barric will be accompanying Calypso's force upriver. During the battle he will be focusing his efforts on identifying and destroying the massive and hulking Bringer beserkers. Presumably with a team of other soldiers doing the same, he will position himself on the battlefield when one of the monstrosities is found and engage them in an attempt to minimize their devastating impact. He has fought one before and wields Elvesbane, the alaricite blade of House Grayson.

Action by Talen

The Mirrorguard (led by Talen and Luca), Valorous Few (led by Audric and Kima) and Grayson (Barric and Reese) strike teams have been given the high profile task to break the River Column morale by gunning for the Undead Generals (like Hush!) and Abandoned Beserkers that undoubtedly guard them.
Their troops will be armed with fire and poison (supplied by Eleyna, Blacktongue, etc) for more effective fighting against the standard Bringers and Abandoned respectively while the commanders named above will be using their diamondplate and alaricite weapons in combat with the big baddies - individually, as pairs or in teams as is appropriate.
Talen will be wielding Mirror Blade, the alaricite blade of House Velenosa and as usual will be fighting dirty as fuck.

Action by Holden

Holden will be with the Valardin Infrantry forces leading one of the smaller manageable groups under Alis's command. He will be participating in the battle.

Action by Valkieri(RIP)

Valkieri is leading the combined troops of Rubino, Zaffria, and Igniseri under the coordination of Lady General Calypso. Their naval forces for the journey upriver are under the sub-command of Lady Ariella Igniseri, and Lord Luis Igniseri and Captain Gian Fuller are also a part of their ranks. He will be leading a mix of archers, infantry, and some cavalry, and it is the cavalry that he will be among on his warhorse Tempest.

Action by Kima

Kima, for this particular excursion, joins Captain-General Audric of the Valorous Few to do what she does best: slaughter enemies upon the field of battle. With her recent gift of an alaricite blade, the Absolute, she has been chosen as part of the strike force targeting Bringer generals and berserkers.

Action by Audric(RIP)

Audric and the Valorous Few (and Kima, see her action) will be taking part in Calypso's offensive action against one of the oncoming Bringer armies. Specifically, they'll be part of the strike force meant to target the Bringer Generals and Berserkers in an attempt to take out their core leadership. Since alaricite seems to make them basically die instantly, he'll be using Coinspinner, his alaricite sword for the fight.

Action by Luca(RIP)

Luca is joining the special assault squads going to the river column front alongside Talen, leading the Mirrorguard prong of three groups all hunting the biggest, baddest Bringers they can find, whether commander types, berserker types, or anything else monstrous they can cut down with Alaricite or Diamondplate. Luca will be fighting with Viper's Fury, his diamondplate sabre and Viper's Fang, his HQ steel blade, unless Lorelai ends up finding him an alaricite blade before then as she implied might be feasible, in which case he'll fight with diamondplate and alaricite. He is going to try and identify and cut as quick a path as possible to any big bads and asplode them with heart or head shots of the diamondplate (or alaricite). Luca very much will be trying to keep an eye on state of Reese and Barric's team as he wanted to accompany them to see Reese safer but was overruled by Calypso. If Reese ends up in trouble and Luca has any hope in the Abyss of cutting his way to her, it's possible he'd break orders and go and try to save her (and is something our players OOCly sort of want for a bonding moment of fighting side by side). Luca's more than a little burnt out by rage, grief, pain, and discontent with lack of challenge at Pridehall, so it's quite likely he'd take greater risks than he probably _should_ strictly if it meant finding a greater challenge in this battle, though only the sort of risks that would get himself hurt, not that'd kill off hundreds of others depending on him.

Action by Gian

Under Valkieri's direction, Gian will be leading the Infantry of Rubino-Zaffria, from the front line. In addition to defending archers or attacking as ordered, he will have a number of guardsmen nearby for a rescue/recovery assignment, in case Duke Valkieri's stupid horse goes down.

Action by Reese

Reese is joining the special assault squad going to the river column front alongside Barric, as a member of the three groups all hunting the biggest Bringers they can find, whether commander types, berserker types, or anything else monstrous they can cut down. This is a six person team (Talen, Luca, Audric, Kima, Barric and Reese). Divided into 3 pairs. Reese is with Barric.

Reese is fighting with Devotion, her alaricite superb short sword. Reese plans on using Dex+medium wpn as her attack skills. Her sword is 10 dam, 12 damage bonus and -2 difficulty. She will have Dazzler her rubicund excellent short with her just in case. She will wear her hq steel armor with mitigation 68. She is going to try and identify and cut as quick a path as possible to any big bringers and explode them with heart or head shots (but not mouth shots!) with alatricite. She plans to keep close to her cousin Barric. she will try to watch out for him. She plans to fight side by side with him. If Barric falls in battle, she will be attempting to retrieve Elvesbane, the Grayson house sword from his body.

Action by Ariella

Ariella will be leading the naval actions of the Rubino, Zaffria, and Igniseri from her ship the Red Bargain, up the river in support of the attack.

Action by Isolde

GOing with Eirene's healing unit, using uber medical skills, chatting with hurt soldiers for morale boosts, offering last rites to those willling to have them with a THirteenth bent.

Action by Eleyna

Eleyna will be gathering any and all alchemists willing to assist in the upcoming war effort, including Blacktongue and Emeline, to provide additional supplies to the three strike teams put together by Lady General Calypso. The Mirrorguard (led by Talen/Luca), Grayson (led by Reese/Barric) and Valorous Few (led by Audric/Kima) forces will be given fire and poison to fight the Bringers and Abandoned respectively, so their troops which are not wielding alaricite and diamondplate can gain the upper hand when cutting their way towards the generals.

Action by Max(RIP)

Continuing his role as the back channel logistical man, Maximilian has hired ships to transport and maintain logistical ties for up to 7000 extra men, as well as bringing a few of his river-capable warships along to help keep river pirates off the goods. He's getting paid back for this, right? Right? Why is everyone suddenly quiet?

Max will be investing 300 Military Resources (Darkwater) into outfitting many of the merchant ships as riverine warships, as he anticipates that the enemy will try and cut Calypsos supply line. He will take personal command of this unit and use it to keep the enemy from severing those lines. They will look like normal merchant vessels, just covertly outfitted with weaponry and marines.

Action by Deva

Deva will be commanding the Redrain portion of the overall river assault under Calypso's direction. Her forces will consist of approximately half of overall Redrain troops (archers, infantry, etc.), several hundred Nightgold archers and calvary, and at least a chunk of Halfshav infantry as well. The goal is to separate the enemy as best as possible to make it easier to cut them down. Adjustments will be made as necessary per any instructions given in the thick of it, and Deva will be flexible with fighting both ranged with her archers, and up close melee on the front lines as/if needed.

Action by Artorius

Artorius is leading a battalion of Malvici warriors under General Calypso's command up the river.

Action by Dagon

Dagon will be joining the forward operation to flank and cut through the ranks of the Bringer army, and focus on finding and eliminating Bringer generals and berserkers; the baddest of the bad. He will be working alongside three other strike teams (Valorous Few, Mirrorguard, and Graysons) with his own hand picked Knights of Tyde. Dagon plans to attack with Reafian, the sword of House Thrax, while wearing rubicund plate, and plans to lead at the head of his unit, and work quickly to cut a path into the generals. In and out, ruthless and efficient; everyone on this mission was hand-picked, and Dagon has no illusions about saving anybody -- not today. They can handle themselves, they are all warriors, and they all are prepared to die. His mind is on breaking this army, here and now, to save those back at Arx the trouble, and he will single out the generals with a one-track determination, trusting his men and the others to cover his back.

Action by Serafine(RIP)

Serafine is aiding Dagon Tyde as his second, following his orders but exercising her own judgement and experience, wielding her diamondplate blade, Pathway, to use it to its namesake and cut a path into her foes, using light, well-made, high quality leather armor, efficient and dangerous, using her speed, strength, and endurance to her advantage. With her experience in the past of killing and identifying Bringers in earlier campaigns and missions as well as her exceptional skill at killing the Shav-slaves they keep, she would do her damnedest to get the job done as efficiently as possible, while also do her best to stay safe and, if the Gods allow it, return home to her loved ones, more or less in one piece.

Action by Leta

Leta will be joining the Valorous Few, with Audric and Kima, in the attack on the Bringers. Since she just has rubicund and steel, she'll stick to protecting Audric and Kima's backs by helping cut a path to the big Bringers and fending off any counter-attacks with the rest of the Few. Leta isn't planning on any heroics, but if some opportunity presents itself to chop some Bringer in the side, or to attempt a rescue of some of our heroic alaricite wielders, she'll probably take it. If Audric dies, she's grabbing his sword. If there's time for it, she'll also go through his pockets. He would have wanted it that way.

Action by Estaban(RIP)

Estaban is joining the Archers under Calypso's comand.

Action by Garza(RIP)

Garza will be joining Audric and the other Valorous Few as part of the strike force meant to target the Bringer Generals and Berserkers in an attempt to take out their core leadership. He'll be fighting with his bow and sword, focusing on range tactics unless he needs to fight in close quarters combat.

Action by Alistair

Inquisitor Alistair and a cadre of loyal Confessors (loyal to him) will be accompanying Lady General Calypso and her command guard. From there the man will observe the battle, keeping an eye out for the presence of Bringers and any possible abyssal magic that the enemy will be using. He will point out Bringers that he identifies as well as issuing warnings of their approach and/or the workings of any abyssal magic. Further he will be keeping an eye on any Compact soldiers who attempt to use magic, though he will not stop them. If battle is joined his Confessors armed with crossbows and he armed with a blade will fight with the cry "May the Sentinel guard the Righteous!" on their lips.

Action by Halsim

Halsim is supplying the armies intercepting at the river, along with the archers at the ramparts, with poison for their arrows and other gear they might want. Anyone who wants any other alchemical supplies is welcome to approach him for supplies as well.

Action by Karadoc(RIP)

Karadoc will be assisting from General Calypso's command tent. A (lazy) genius, he's been pressed into action to support his leige lord family as best as he is able, and is (reluctantly) doing so. A veritable master of economics, he's working to solidify support lines, arranging resupplies, and acting in a manner most mercantile. His efforts are on food and fresh water for the soldiers, leaving the specialized supplies to those better able to provide. He'll be traveling with his favorite cousin Kima, though, will certainly be confined to non-combat rolls, stuck in/around the command tent.

Action by Caelis

Caelis will be serving under Lady General Calypso largely as transpertation. She'll be leading the Malvici ships carrying troops up the riber and back. While they are up the river she'll join the troops in battle on the field.

Action by Zhayla(RIP)

Zhayla will be joining the Grayson forces with her alaricite trident, looking for the biggest, meanest bad guys and the worst of the fight where she might make the biggest difference and look ~so heroic~. Even if it is super risky.

Action by Blacktongue

Infamous for being the man to survive the poisons of his former position, Blacktonge is the defacto unspoken, but recognized with knowing nods, poison maker for House Velenosa - apples be damned. The Harlequin of House Velenosa will open up his lab, chuck out the apples, and pour all of his work into making the poisons to help along the blades wielded by Talen and crew.


Live GM'd and resulted in the destruction of the Bringer column after a confrontation with a Formorian Bringer of Silence.