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Avasyn Culler

"A splash of Cerbera Odollom, a dash of Mountain Laurel, and a handful of Veratrum..."

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Mysterious Apothecary Woman
Fealty: Crown
Family: Culler
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 23
Birthday: 11/11
Religion: pantheon
Vocation: Apothecary
Height: average height
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: sapphire blue
Skintone: pale

Description: The first thing you see of this woman is her gleaming white hair, reflecting the light radiantly. It cascades right down to her lower back and over her shoulders in gentle waves and curls like a waterfall, with stray strands sweeping across her brow over contrasting dark eyebrows. Her large eyes, framed by full dark lashes, hold ones attention, dragging them down into their sapphire blue depths, filled with strong emotions of melancholy and cold reservation. But her face seldom gives off emotion, constantly neutral besides for the occasional arch of a slender brow or mild frown. Dark pink, full lips stand out on her pale unblemished skin, her face graced with gentle features. She lacks the confidence to be stunning, and the frequent appearance of dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep mars her features, but she still carries a mysterious and gentle beauty about her. Perhaps it's her hair, which seems almost ethereal with its strange colour. Her body is slender, lacking in any form of muscle tone, and padded enough to give her feminine curves but not overly large breasts. She seems weak, perhaps overly so, hinting to some kind of illness. She doesn't talk much, but when she does her voice is musical and gentle, never raising to a shout as it remains cool and nonchalant. She moved with fluid grace, and she carries the aroma of many herbs from working.

Personality: Avasyn is a quiet woman, gentle and perhaps a tad shy, though her personal walls she's thrown up leave her emotionless in appearance most of the time. This can make her seem mysterious and somewhat eerie. But she's weak and sickly, and easily frightened a lot of the time, which makes her weary. Despite this she's kind and loving of those she knows and trusts, and would do anything for her family, friends and frequent customers. But scorn her, and she won't forget it, adding it to her vast amount of hurt and anger that has welled up over the years. Her desire for more gives her passion and drive, urging her to always learn more of her art as an apothecary, from perfumes to poisons, from herbs to flowers. She -will- be more than her parents, and she -will- be more than what they thought she was. She also holds a fascination with the concept of magic. Overall she's not an overbearing woman, a mysterious wallflower obscured by thorns, with delicate, easily marred petals.

Background: Avasyn has never been the luckiest of sorts. Raised in a very poor family devoted to the House of Valardin, she's lucky enough to even know how to read and write. Her father a drunk and her mother a lowly maid, Avasyn grew up as the youngest amongst her family, with three other siblings. She was the last, an unfortunate mistake on their part, and they looked down on the girl with an unhealthy amount of resentment. After all, she was another mouth to feed. But their dislike of her went far beyond regret, and bordered on near mad superstition. They weren't the brightest of people, and living with one foot in the gutter, the other in the grave, was enough to drive most of them mad. It was no surprise, but somewhat strange, when a thirteen year old Avasyn retreated to the heart of Arvum to forge out her own life without her family, alone, penniless and scared.Swearing fealty to the Crown, she was taught by an old healer and mixer of posions, learning everything she knew before she passed away. And she found sanctuary with the Cullers, who opened their arms for her, and became more a family to her than our blood family ever were. But still, the events that drove her away still haunts her, along with the ache of being loathed so by those she'd spent her childhood years with. It leaves a deep, bleeding ache there, and the guilt can sometimes be seen in her eyes before they turn cold and secretive.

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