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Mahir Vel'ichalahi

Why use only one of your talents when creating something new?

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Orderly Creator
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Vel'ichalahi
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 31
Birthday: 1/1
Religion: Eurusi Pantheon
Vocation: Songsmith
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: gold
Skintone: olive

Description: For a man without a past, Mahir certainly has a striking appearance that tends to linger in one's recollection. Doubtlessly handsome, tall and slim, Eurusi features are combined with a piercing golden gaze that would already mark him as especially blessed on their own. Yet like his art, it is the life that fills him, the energy found within these bright eyes of his, in the smiles he proves so generous with, that elevates him. For all of that energy, he never appears particularly messy or disordered, always exhibiting a clean and orderly exterior, one that seems a natural preference rather than the result of any specific education in the domain.

Personality: One might think that a man so energetic would leave the kind of chaos in his wake as a tornado might, yet such is not Mahir's way. Everything has its proper place, its proper time, an order that elevates the parts to become greater than their sum. A chorus singing as a unified whole is as important to its integrity and beauty as the stone, glass, marble and other materials for a monument of architectural beauty. This emphasis on group rather than individual can also be seen in his own work. He does not simply apply the concepts of the smith when he creates a new ring, but adds in the eye and perspectives of the painter and sculptor, even as he also sings to his creation, the product of not one but three branches of creation all seeking a common finality. Yet with his recent arrival to Arvum, Mahir has had to contend with new ideas and perspectives that have troubled the tranquil certainty of his life, forcing him to ask himself questions that may no longer be answered through the will of another.

Background: Mahir Vel'ichalahi's past is a mystery even to him, for it lies entirely forgotten. Taken to Skal'daja from the City of Tomes nameless and without memory, he was named by the one who sold him according to the city he had been initially taken from, described as an artisan of great talent who yet obeyed orders without complaint, a hidden gem from Vel'ichalah able to craft wonders for interested patrons. So it was that he was bought and given the opportunity to do just that by his new master, a highborn of Skal'daja who soon realized the value of his newest acquisition. For indeed, Mahir was more than happy to create works of beauty, be they jewelry, sculptures, paintings or even songs, the man's creative energy seemingly limitless and all too happy to focus entirely on the creation of prestigious objects for his master.

The name of his patron thus rose in prestige and artistic wealth, till in an attempt to gain favour from the Grand Vizier's family, offered Mahir as a gift to the Crown Prince himself, Prince Damik'uhl'daja. Thus did Mahir continue with his works, given new access to materials and more ambitious projects, all too happy to devote himself to something greater than he, creation overtaking most if all of more personal considerations. Why desire freedom when one is already doing what they want? Yet freedom was found on the shores of Sungreet. Having accompanied the Skal'daja's forces with the purpose of later recording their victory in another work of art, Mahir was taken by surprise by the Prince's decision to turn on his homeland and instead join the Compact. Suddenly deemed a free man and citizen of the Compact, Mahir must now contend with foreign ideals and concerns that now make his daily life, the man without past, without name, having now to define himself not according to his master, but himself. Though he continues to be a force of creation, these new truths have troubled him and for the first time, Mahir looks not to the present, but the uncertain future with unease.

Name Summary
Damiana A man with strong convictions of loyalty, duty, courtly intrigue and service forged in the far away dune kingdoms. The winds of change bring him new challenges, I look forward to finding how this Eurusi refugee has used that opportunity to grow. His growth is also a good measuring stick on how the Compact itself desires to fulfill its obligations and oaths to gods and mankind.
Eithne Aside from the obvious differences, we have a shared love of art, making thing a with our hands and watching them come to life. He also enjoys good food. I promised him a warm home and good food for when Winter nears.
Mabelle Those eyes. I mean, he seems very confused by the notion of freedom, but as a crafter, I'm certain he will find his place in the city fast enough.
Porter I've found that what happened to the Great Cathedral has brought me in contact with a great range of people. Some your typical citizens of the Compact who wish to help the Faith, their generosity much appreciated. But then others, like Mahir, people from other lands that find themselves here. Curious and different, with outlooks that are intriguing and with experiences that I can't begin to comprehend having not lived them. And yet it's refreshing to hear of them, even if some recollections make me shudder at the imagining of them.
Svana As much as I loathe using the word 'mysterious', it does suit this man. It's not a bad thing. While there we have many social differences, we are both crafters who enjoy creating, breathing life into our creations - and therein, we have common ground.