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If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Imperial Attache
Fealty: Crown
Family: Platinum
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 34
Birthday: 7/13
Religion: Grace of the Thirteen
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: light caramel
Eye Color: light brown
Skintone: honey

Titles: Functionary of the Undying Empire

Description: A heart shape face is carved from the stone of high cheekbones and a strong chin and jaw. Were it not for the puff of her cheeks and the blush of life this woman's face might be a severe countenance no matter what she attempted. With age has come wisdom and understand, and a clear appreciation for what she has to work with; small smiles lead to larger ones frequent, keeping her from having a sunken-face look too often and creating a more welcome appearance. Thin, arched brows rise over eyes of light brown, set at the slightest of angles to move them upwards towards the outside of her face. Her hair, darker at the roots and fading to pale honey by the ends, is kept shorn just past shoulder length in an always stylish and flattering cut. She's built lithe, and when she moves it's with the grace and surety of one that knows who they are.

Personality: Xia is one who grew up caring more for books of puzzles and riddles than for toys. Yet this was not to be a life alone, lived in solitude. Puzzles and riddles lived their best life when shared with friends. So Xia became the one to invent games, ways to weave her riddles into them so that her friends were not always on their toes and could be caught off-guard. Xia was the friend that like to prove herself clever.

Some of that grew out of her as she aged. Some of it was shoved out of her by masters who had better ways to teach her than her mind wanted to work. And writ or no writ, job or no job, some of that still comes through when she verbally spars or tests a new friend to be. She likes to be clever, but even more she likes to be around clever.

Background: Jadara has ben recalled to the Empire and Emissary Zulana has much to do. The official story is that Xia has been sent to be an aid to the Emissary and help with some of the smaller tasks and duties. An attache to the unofficial ambassador.

Others say they've heard that the Emperor just needed some more time for this Daughter to mature. Away. Away from the palace. If you know what I mean. All Daughters of the Empire are loved; some are just loved more with distance.

Name Summary
Akio I think we'll be able to work together. She has a plan and knows how to encourage others to use it.
Anisha In Arvum, we have come to expect a certain order to the world. Other places have their own traditions. Functionary Xia is a devout and dutiful person, with the elegance expected of a courtier, and the attention to detail of a minister appointed to a post of passion of excellence. It is thanks to her and people like her that the Undying Empire, ultimately, functions. Thus her title is most fitting. And I am sure that Zulana-shizhe and Jadara-shizhe sends a prayer of thanks for her presence.
Ariella She likes me, and therefore obviously has good taste. A wildly refreshing change from the usual- in a large and colorful city, she still stands out, and I want to know everything about her.
Celine Functionary Xia exudes a calm and reflective personality and appears to possess the inquiring mind of a scholar. I'd like to speak with her again and learn more of the Undying Empire, though preferably not whilst submerged in a pool.
Corwin A most flexible functionary. Usually bureaucrats aren't as nice as this one.
Denica Xia has a memorable presence, which I found myself enjoying greatly. It is calm and welcoming, where conversation can birth into ideas and concepts, that are not weighed down by judgement, but given flight.
Deoiridh One that stands out much like myself, but in ways I will perhaps never comprehend unless graced with the opportunity to. There is a strange comfort to knowing I am not alone in my plight, still, different as ours may yet prove to be.
Dio An intelligent and courteous agent of the Undying Empire who stands against the Prophet of the Sands and the Dune Emperor by inspiring hope where before there had been only doubt and dread.
Erik A mystery shrouded in secrets. I can honestly say that I nev
Grady A gifted diplomat, but also a scintillating conversation partner. Such a treat when business gives one an excuse to pursue pleasant company.
Keely She is so kind and full of foreign knowledge, and yet so curious about all the things I am curious about! I cannot wait to show her all of the best places in the Menagerie.
Martino If grace, poise and charm was a currency. The Functionary Xia would be basking in riches. There are people you come across in your lifetime that shape it for the better and, in her, I can honestly say this is true.
Medeia Knowledgeable and, unexpectedly, inspiring. Her ability to see the connections between things that others might assume are discrete is refreshing.
Noelle Functionary Xia has a calming presence. I wish more did; I find myself flustered so easily.
Nyima Xia, Functionary of the Empire, is not as stuffy as I had been led to imagine. You can tell by her smile. I look forward to exploring Arx and serving the Empire at her side.
Ripley She's a good egg. She taught me that Platinum the metal is not the tears of a really old undying guy who has run an empire forever. And her hair. I've never seen a person do their hair like that and I really liked that. I wonder if I can do that with mine if I get it long enough. Anyways, she's really nice and maybe some day I'll be a stranger in her lands like she's one in ours.
Seren Xia, Functionary of the Empire, may seem too formal. But once you get to know her she has a keen mind and a beautiful heart.