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Don't you worry, I'll get you to sing those high notes quickly.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Singing Blade
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Ulbran
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 65
Birthday: 6/20
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Criminal
Height: Taller than 6'6"
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Bronze

Description: Sigismund is old. Yet if one might have thought that his age would have weakened him, withered the man he was in his prime, they would be very wrong. A lifetime of violence, rather than having broken him down, has somehow preserved him. Unquestionably strong, he yet avoids being a musclebound mountain, his build instead combining strength with agility, the swordsman to the dancer. His boundless energy is never more put on display than when he is in the midst of a party or battle, with laughter and song on his lips for both. No, while age might have dug in lines that were not there in the past, they've done nothing to lessen the man's intense presence, nor the coin toss that is his smile.

Personality: Sigismund is a social man. Indeed, one might even consider him a downright pleasant and charming man, ever willing to sing, laugh, smile, joke and really just have a merry good time. Of course, that perception is somewhat changed when one is confronted with his singing, laughter and smile in the midst of battle. Even after a lifetime of violence, he embraces it with the same lust and vigour as in his youth. Yet while those who incur his wrath or the one of Ulbran have reason to decry him as a monster, a kinder and steadfast face is shown to those he cares for, be they family, friends, or those he chooses to take under his wing for reasons sometimes only known to him. Though violence and viciousness have long since made his name, a Ulbran through and through, hidden depths lurk behind blue eyes who've seen much.

Background: Few are old enough to remember it, but Sigismund was not born an Ulbran. While the precise date is lost to time, it's known that he joined the family when the man was in his early to mid twenties, his adoption made official not long after, and he's remained with them since. Initially one among a number of brutes, he quickly made his mark through his rather unorthodox approach to dealing with Ulbran's enemies, and his evident relish in bringing these groups to bloody ruin. Dangerous for their morale, deadly for their health, Sigismund proved to be a very efficient enforcer, his efforts serving to maintain Ulbran's supremacy against those who might mistake lowest for weakest.

He's never married, yet over time Sigismund has accumulated an impressive number of children, whether his bastards or adopted. Why he chose those he did is known only to the man, thoguh they are without fail from among the countless orphans from the Lowers. The fact that he has by now outlived many of them doesn't seem to faze the man, contrasting with the fatherly care he can display.

While rumours of his death have come up every now and then, but the last seemed for a time to be accurate, for Sigismund was gone from the city, unseen until his recent return to the city. He won't speak of where he's been, yet there's something in his gaze, a newfound determination.

Name Summary
Gael A long-lived Ulbran, and that's already saying plenty. Seems rather kindly of words, easy-going, but as wary as the rest of them when it comes to an Inquisitorial mark gravitating around them. Is set on their ways, and something tells me he doesn't appreciate the hand of order coming to meddle in the affairs of the Lowers... just like every other person down here.
Ian I haven't been hit that hard since I last fought Princess Agatha.
Nina Wow! For his age and his size he is so incredibly light on his feet! I never would have figured him for such a dancer if I hadn't seen him dance.
Samira This man strikes me as a jovial, easygoing type, but I've no doubt he has his limits and handles those with the raw power expected of an Ulbran. Still, it's nice to see someone who has reached his number of years without growing cold and cynical.
Svana Full of opinions and ideas, but I didn't find one that I didn't like - just a few that made me blush. I'd like to listen to more of his tales later - and his music maybe?
Wagner Brother, adopted or not, you above all else. The only one I'll bloody my fists for without question.