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Miska El-can

Death is the only freedom known to the slave.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Inquisitive Refugee
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: el-Can
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 10/4
Religion: Eurusi Pantheon
Vocation: Merchant
Height: average height
Hair Color: jet
Eye Color: darkest brown
Skintone: bronze

    Jet black hair flows like silk halfway down this woman's back. The dark color brings out the rich tones of her bronze skin, and pairs well with the onyx lashes and thin brows to bring out the hints of brown in eyes that might otherwise appear black. Her nose might be called button, and her lips dusky and rarely gifted with anything more than a gloss or dusky rose lipstick. She has high cheekbones to frame a stroking face. The 5'5" figure is lithe, given to graceful movements on the slender frame. The whole leaves a stunningly exotic package, mingling the heritage of the Lyceum with that of Eurus.

Personality: Want a warm smile? We've got you covered! Like someone who can tell a story? Then step right up! Miska can provide you with these things and more. Maybe a little intrigue? A dash of the exotic? For the right price, my friend, for the right price... Miska can be a vibrant personality, full of charm and laughter, willing to draw any stranger in for a conversation. Yet, when the crowds close in, when there are too many people, much of that disappears and she starts to shut down.

Background: Sometimes the story changes, but it usually goes something like this: Miska doesn't know where her mother came from. Either she was Lady of House Pravus at the time seeking to quell some raids by an Abandoned tribe along Setara's shores, or she was one of the Abandoned from the Saffron Chain trying to sell Dust on the Setaran shores. As far as Miska knows, neither one got her special treatment where she lived, in the City of Chains, so one was as good as the either and neither was worth talking about. Her father was a Eurusi slaver that earned a gold star on his record for having captured two ships at once (he was a small-time slaver at the time).
    Miska would live out most of her life in the City of Chains, learning the harsh lessons of a slave and doing the tasks of one. She, at least, was a favored slave. Pretty, quick-witted, able to make a deal and thus make her father's family richer. And so while life was rough, she witnessed rougher. At least she was never sent to the fighting pits. But one more thing she had: a facility for languages.
    It was her ability to pick up and speak the tongues of the Arvani, the shavs of the Saffron Chain, and the Eurusi that would have her sent back from Skal'daja by the age of eighteen. She's spent the rest of her years in the Saffron Chain, moving from one outpost or ship to another, treating with one shav clan or another, to keep the slaves flowing into the great markets.
    All this changed when House Pravus crushed the slavers' fleet and freed so many Eurusi. Miska found herself being ushered to Setarco and later to Arx. She found herself being told she was free to make her own choices, choose her own life. And she was free to contemplate what that even meant.
    For Miska, it meant starting with more of what she knew: learning markets, making deals, and taking care of the basic hierarchy of needs. That's how she fell in with the Grayhopes; they offered her a roof, protection, food. They offered her time to find out if she was just another Eurusi refugee, a prodigal, or a princess.

Name Summary
Anisha Some people carry themselves with an inherent dignity. Miska el-Can is one of those people. Whatever her circumstances, whatever her tribulations, she will hold her head high and carry on. That is the sense I get from her. It is an honour to be among those that stand beside her. And I have no doubt she will bring glory and pride to the House Whisper.
Bahiya A freed woman learning the new burdens of freedom, the responsibilities of a civilian in a world without slaves. I've watched Kenjay adjust with grace; I think this woman might even do it better, and swifter!
Caprice A gracious hostess and someone who knows what they want in an outfit, turning the typical commission process into a more collaborative effort. My favorite kind!
Kenjay It's always good to meet another who's shed their chains. What will freedom bring to her? Wealth at the very least, if I'm not mistaken.
Monique A woman of keen business acumen and creative ideas. I do hope she stays safe in these troubling times.
Orick Discerning taste and a refined demeanor, there is something to be said for the subtle... they know the language of nuance and the secrets of shrewd observation.