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Asralyn Venac

If I am to die tonight, let me die a fighter.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Bodyguard-for-Hire
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Venac
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 23
Birthday: 4/5
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Skintone: Fair

Description: Asralyn is tall, splendidly shaped, and lithe. In her movements is evoked the ease of grace seen in panthers and mountain-cats. But she has a thick, full mane of dark brown hair cut from the shadows that ripples down to her shoulders, reveling in the slightest breeze. Her sharp, narrow eyes glint with hazel-hue and on occasion the slightest touch of kohl is used like a whetstone to keep that edge.

Personality: In her is incapsulated all the best and worst traits of a survivor. She is quick to her own defense, cynical to take up the defense of others. Secretive, even with nothing to hide, and prone to bouts of excessive joviality and deeper depressions. A life in service to coin at the tip of a spear has robbed the young woman of much and instilled in her a taste for mindless violence and a hunger for ill-defined freedoms. She is rabble, without origin or loyalty, and where the chaos of this lifestyle takes her is fine enough a destination.

Background: There's a small village north of Farhaven that if you searched for your whole life, might never come close to brushing its borders. The world is a big place. This Asralyn has always known, sitting on the cliffs that look toward the endless reams of pole-pines that stretch to the sea. By this time, at the age of twelve, she knew her life would not end in this place.

The kiss of the wind lured her away.

At sixteen she quit her home as pressure mounted from her parents to settle down. She sought the edge of the world and came to it on the coast of the Eventide Vast and the next chapter in her story; pirates in a cove unloading their bounty and hiding from the wrath of the navy in dogged pursuit. They thought her some feral Shav at first, especially when she lunged a knife into the throat of a sailor who tried to take her aboard their ship.

Down a man, the Captain saw fit to offer her a job instead. This disreputable life she led for some years, until their crew came upon the shadow of the Gyre.

Asralyn and two others were the only survivors. She parted ways with them, however, and instead took up her spear in the name of whoever paid her wage. For a long time it has been this way, a rough and violent life. A life whose purpose is as transitory as the adventurer who lives it; and now in these interesting times, it has led her to Arx.

Name Summary
Domonico Trouble. Definitely so.
Harlan Quite the fighter. I am pleased about snagging her up for employment before anyone else could!
Kaia A fine soldier I hear. As free and wild as the water and air. A true libertine. Surely she finds the Lyeceum highly to her liking.
Kastelon A bold fighter with energy and spirit. Not everyone will throw a spear across the Training Center in such a manner.
Mabelle Good looking, scary, seems funny. Literally and figuratively.
Martino Bodyguard who's charms draw you in before making the pitch. Blessed with skill of hands, with spear and more, and a mind just as sharp. An utterly fine combination in a person who's company I would seek out.
Olivia What a wonderful find Harlan made. I won't tell him that, I'll complain all the time about having a bodyguard. But really? I think I quite like Lyn.
Orrin Fierce, feral and mysterious. It's good that I like solving puzzles.
Piccola An especially-dangerous woman with a spear that will hold nothing back. //Good//. Serves me right for failing to guard high.
Quenia She seems much like Piccola when I first met her. Only interested in her own sphere of knowledge and not what's happening in the world. I do not fault her that, though. I tried to do the same when I first came to Arx. It truly wasn't until I had Sylv'alfar elves potentially knocking at the door of Granato to destroy it that I changed my views. I hope she doesn't have to experience anything similar and that she can keep her world view for as long as possible. The world is truly a scary place.
Rowynna She sought to tease me with her impossible talk and that whiskey in my tea, but I did not rise to the bait. /Will/ not rise to the bait.
Talwyn ||["Asralyn's|_ass,|_is|_it|_like|_a|_pie?|/||[Rich|_and|_thick,|_lean|_of|_thigh.|/||[Is|_it|_cherry?|_Probably|_a|_peach.|/||[Many|_want|_to|_touch|_it,|_but|_it's|_out|_of|_reach.|/|/||[Asralyn's|_pie,|_bubbly|_and|_nice,|/||[There's|_many|_a|_lord|_or|_lady|_that|_wants|_a|_slice.|_|/||[When|_she|_moves|_it|_makes|_all|_those|_swoon,|/||[Asralyn's|_pie,|_eat|_it|_at|_night|_morning|_and|_noon."
Thea An amazing fighter with her spear. I'm looking foward to see everything she can do.
Valerius Drink. Fight. Dance. Whatever order this goes in, I'll be happy. Doesn't even matter who 'wins'
Vittorio Confident and claims to be dangerous. I can get behind that.