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Lord Odin Eswynd

Without integrity and honor, having everything means nothing.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Force of Nature
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Eswynd
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 30
Birthday: 10/2
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: tall
Hair Color: red
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: caucasian

Description: Odin is a tall man at 6'4" in height wih flaming red hair that he wears short with a full beard to match, giving him a more wild look. He observes the world with crystalline-colored blue eyes that add a sense of intelligence and beauty to his appearance. His facial features are strong and unbending, much like his personality.

He is a large man with a physique to match and scars to prove his legitimacy. Each muscle properly defined and pushed to their limits.

He is almost always found wearing armor and always has his sword in hand. He looks always ready for a fight as much as he is for a solid drink.

Personality: Odin is a great deal like his father: He is loud, he is fun-loving, and he is largely optimistic. However, he is furthermore fearless and reckless in his actions, becoming like that of a mad beast in battle who takes the risks that others would deign never to take.

Surprisingly philosophical and intuitive, Odin loves swinging a blade as much as he does reading a good book. His utmost hobby is the very concept of battle and raiding, where he is happiest is most certainly the sea in preparation for a raid.

To his fellows and allies, he is friendly and thoughtful, though to his enemies, a nightmare of hostility.

Background: Lord Odin Eswynd was born to Lord Branimir Eswynd and his first wife. Born from a long line of old Shav kings, warriors, and seafarers, Odin's blood ran hot the moment he was brought into this world. A natural fighter, Odin grew up learning the ways of the blade, learning honor and dignity, ferocity and mercy, respect and strategy. Odin reminded many of his father in his youth: quick to laugh and anger, yet with a breath of wisdom to him that wasn't oft seen in his House. He had fighting spirit, but wisdom to temper it. As time went on, the young Eswynd had taken a liking to his siblings that his father had sired through other marriages, protecting them from all foes and distrust.

A man, a potential leader, and a warrior to make his family proud. He had a certain kindness about him, a purity in a sense, that may have been uncommon among his fellows. A raider he would grow up to be, he was merciful to even some of his enemies, understanding that he may have wished for the same should he have been on the other end of his axe. A kindness he was bullied for by others of his family, Odin hardened over time and while his warm heart remained, he was made to bare his teeth first.

As he grew older, he took part in his House's raids on a consistent basis and was present when his father was wounded. Though others disrespected and brushed aside his father, he listened to what his now more timid parent had to say and accepted his wisdom on matters of war, of making every moment count for something. Of course, his family had known about the darkness of the Deep, but while they ignored the danger, it eventually rose and threatened Eswynd lands. When the Thrax came bearing talk of peace but with a united fleet behind them to guarantee their destruction, Odin was one of the few still willing to fight for his land.

Alas, despite his voice joining in the decisions in the form of shouts of opposition, foolishly wishing to challenge both sides and may they all sail for the shores of the afterlife, Odin respected the decision of his near-brother and fell in line with the rest of the Shavs of his island and bent the knee to the Tyde family when they had called upon them, accepting land in return for joining the fight against the evil of the Gyre. After a hard one and bloody war was finished, Odin was one of the many ennobled Shav'arani to sail to the lands of Arx to represent the family in the mainland to their once-enemies and raid-victims.

The tales of his displeasure are still sung.

But there is always another fight. Whether it was in courts or on the fields of battle, Odin has served his house faithfully and without disdain. So far, despite the gray hairs he has managed to give the Marquis, Odin has managed to stay alive and stay a few steps ahead of the politics and the danger that always seems to ride behind it.

When Thrax loosens its sails for war once again, Odin was among the first to hop onto the boats and sail towards the enemy. Some of the local bards still claim to be able to hear Odin's battlecry over the death cries of Arvum's heroes. But alas, peace has been won under a bloodied flag and a tidal wave of crimson has washed away. Now? Now Odin seeks to ensure that his house thrives more than it ever has, whatever it takes. They call the Eswynd's 'Winds', whether they bring winds of change and hope or winds of despair, Odin will make sure of one thing:

That his wind blows with the force of a hurricane.

Name Summary
Andromeda Another Eswynd, who embodies their values well. Carries a big sword, has a hankering for using it. Is it any wonder we are allies?
Calla I can't believe Lord Odin and Lord Haakon are related. Far more gentle of a soul.
Caprice Bright and good-humored company for those he likes. Very smirky otherwise, I think...guess I rubbed him the wrong way!
Domonico A solid man. Able to take the hits and carry on fighting. I approve.
Elizabetha A Mr. Tall Gruff Fighter Man who won't battle against my teacups! I am sure I would win, anyway.
Grady Boisterous, engaging, with the same warmth I saw during the Eswynd tournament. I think I will like him.
Ian A steady fighter, and a good ally.
Ilira He adulates. I appreciate attention and compliments as the gifts they are, but subtlety is an art form too. He'll learn. Otherwise, fine man.
Iseulet A temperment as wild and wonderful as his hair color suggests. Does not disappoint, not in the least. At least, so far.
Jaenelle When a man promises you a dance, it is a sin not to collect. A greater tragedy is never asking for two.
Kastelon Quite the swordsman, and vanquished me easily despite his protests of having been lax in his training. I was quite right not to underestimate him, and shall feel this for some time.
Medeia Is every Eswynd man a giant cut from the very rock of their island? At least this one smiles.
Monique Shavs must stick together even though historically they have not. Perhaps we start a new trend? For all our similarities, I'm sure we could.
Noah He tries the liquor. He gets messed up quicker.
Terese A lovely gentleman. Seems quite taken with Lady Veronica, if she likes him perhaps he is worthy of some note.
Theophania Our first meeting was marred by some misunderstandings, mostly on my part, but he proved to be a perfectly courteous and reasonable gentleman. I hope our business relationship can deepen and improve in future, to our mutual benefit.
Valerius fitting to the family. Dear cousin it is a pleasure to watch you fight. Even if you end up on your back.
Veronica A Lord of House Eswynd. Interesting fellow whom carries an axe around. I wonder how well he can wield it. Guess I'll find out tomorrow with our bet. He's charming and all around sweet. I look forward to more strolls.
Vitalis A fierce opponent, I would fight at his side any day and curse the circumstance that pitted us against one another.