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What? No, absolutely not. That is not a true Sylva'alfar artifact. I'll take it off your hands though at a considerable loss to myself.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Roguish Explorer
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Unknown
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 26
Birthday: 10/06
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorer
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Lightly tanned

Description: Aldwulf is a mildly handsome man with what appears to be an appearance at constant conflict between refined and rugged. A dark brown mane of unkempt hair compliments a meticulously trimmed, razored, and plucked short-boxed beard. Full lips look ready to either sneer or grin lopsidedly. Lithe and lightly tanned, Aldwulf does appear that he likes to stick the outdoors when possible, but sharp and intelligent light brown eyes give the impression of a bookish nature. This, in turn, is further brought into conflict by his seemingly almost nervous energy, constantly in motion. He is an animated individual, speaking with his hands and further body language more often than not. He is the type who stands out at a bar, slamming his hand on tables, bellowing out laughter and not fully understanding what an inside voice is when he's had a few ales.

Personality: Aldwulf likes to come across as having a roguish exterior. He is quick with his hands in pulling tricks, enjoys gambling, and wearing clothes that are well beyond his means. He is quick to drink, likes to appear witty, and has said on many different accounts that he simply wants to be famous and live a life of luxury without having to have some family title to go along with it to bring down all the fun by adding in responsibility. Under it all, Aldwulf has an appreciation for the academic side and is simply a lovable scoundrel. While not quite having a heart of gold, he does care about others and does not wish to do harm to others. In turn, he does really wish to feel loved, though he would never admit it even when put to the rack.

Background: Little is known about Aldwulf's younger days. He makes claims to being from nobody farmer parents whom he barely remembers, found deep within a minor barony owing allegiance to Ashford. When he was old enough to make his own decisions, he left because the farming life just wasn't for him. His first stop was the watch stations that dot the Ashford lands. Two years of that was more than enough for the man who developed wanderlust at a young age.
After that, it was time to travel. A young man with very little money set out. Apparently, he picked up some classical education at some point (perhaps a mentor while he served in the watch, perhaps through an individual after his military career), because odd jobs like cartography and archeology lept out at him and he was able to do more than other typical poor hires. These were the type of things he would seek, serving as a helper or a short-lived apprentice before moving on to the next thing. It was during this time that he developed his explorer skills, whether it was unmapped lands or runes of cultures just after the Reckoning, Aldwulf was drawn to them. It's known that he wants to become famous, to discover things that others haven't and write about them. Arx has called to him as a place that perhaps he can make this happen.
Other than that, it's also known that Aldwulf tends to live outside of his means. He is a regular at the inns, wearing clothing of quality that is higher than a commoner's wear, but older, perhaps even a little threadbare. He is a gambler and loves to learn new games. His time as an explorer has turned him into a bit of a risk-taker, whether with dice or deep in the woods.

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