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Sir Jorunn Stahlben

One step in front of the other, until no more steps can be taken.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Bear of the North
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Stahlben
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 32
Birthday: 6/03
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'3"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Pale

Description: Standing tall at six foot and three inches, Jorunn's uncommonly large ears are often hidden by brushed back shoulder length dark brown hair. With brown eyes, a big nose and wide mouth, the man can normally be seen with a smile on his face. Though tall, he doesn't appear to be gangly - various indications from his physique indicating that he stays in shape through whatever vocation he occupies. Curiously he doesn't stand perfectly tall - often seen with his head and shoulders rolled forward a bit in a mild slouch.

Personality: An ever thoughtful and curious fellow, Jorunn's typical warmth and ability to engage belies the savage, cold wintery conditions which he hails from. Approachable yet rarely one to approach others, he will typically be up for conversations across a broad range of subjects with a smile and a laugh. Only when someone relentlessly agitates him does he seemingly shift to what some believe is his 'true' persona: a cold, calculating figure as chilly as the Everwinter itself.

Background: Growing up in and around the Bonespire to the North, Jorunn's upbringing is everything you would expect a young lad's in such an environment to be. Rules to govern his life were strict and simple, as was the physical training he underwent in order to not only defend himself, but his family and allies. With the constant threat of danger on the white horizon, Jorunn steadily grew into a tall, gangly young man. Yet despite any awkward motions, he proved himself when he came of age - helping to repel repeated threats and constant attacks from the enemy.

As one of the small few to survive the Silent War, Jorunn was left with what many of the other survivors were left with: death and grief. While many of his surviving kin felt betrayed that the family had reached out to the Compact for survival, Jorunn was of the view that it was at least better than extinction. Still, with his immediate family and friends dead, and his Chief in Magnus venturing to the South, he packed up and left the icy halls of the Bonespire to try and find some sort of new purpose.

His travels took him far and wide, though as a Prodigal he found forging new friendships more difficult than anticipated. Some found it difficult to talk to him, while others ignored him outright. This view was initially returned in favour, scouring at those whom had no right to judge him. Yet despite the hostilities, he made do by selling his services as a sword for those that needed it. In carrying out these services, thereby exposing himself to the trials and tribulations of the local townsfolk, he began to witness philosophies quite different to those that he experienced growing up. Unlike life on the Bonespire, children were simply allowed to be children. Adults could work a hard day without having to worry about getting invaded at night. Without the constant state of threat on the horizon, citizens were able to flourish in a far more natural state. In fact, as the years passed, Jorunn found himself quite enamoured by the Compact and subsequently its leadership. Though he didn't know much of the King, one couldn't help but be suitably impressed by how the Crown had managed to keep all of the Houses in some sort balance. Local villages dubbed him the 'Bear of the North' - a friendly enough character to converse with, but absolutely savage when it came to battle. Of particular note was his defence of a travelling caravan from 'at least a dozen bandits, four dogs and a chicken' - an encounter which he neither confirms or denies to those that continually ask.

After eight years of this life, wandering from town to town and territory to territory, he finally arrived in Arx. With a focused determination he now steps forth, hoping to find some sort of purpose for his life that derailed nearly a decade ago.

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