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Isles Canines

Words: "Letting slip the dogs of war for affordable prices."
Sigili: A white banner with a red half dog/half fish creature sitting proudly on a wooden board.

Founded by Prince Dominic Thrax, the Isles Canines is a sellsword company after a fashion- one for breeding and selling war hounds throughout the Compact. The dog trainers probably point out that while sellswords have a reputation for treachery and unreliability, sellpups don't- they would never betray a master.


Name Rank Title Description
Victus 3 Wardroom ---
Harald 3 Wardroom ---
Abbas 3 Wardroom ---
Isolde 3 Wardroom ---
Calista 3 Wardroom ---
Fatima 3 Wardroom ---
Aiden 4 Senior Officer ---