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Greenmarch Family Dinner

A dinner for House Greenmarch, friends, family, and vassals.


April 8, 2018, 7 p.m.

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Alessandro Corban Marius Simone Thesarin Monique Michael



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Greenmarch Lodge - Great Hall

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The table has been set with the finest Oathlands cutlery and dishes and dressed with flowers, fruit, and marzipan molded into fruit and flowers. Servants mill about to guide those who arrive to their seat and pour wine, mead, ale, or tea depending on one's inclination. Bread, butter, and fine cheeses as well as honey from Greenmarch's hives has been laid out for guests to snack on while they wait for the Marquis and his Marquessa to arrive and take their seats.

Lady Margret stands near the door to the Great Hall to greet guests as they come in, the gems on her gown sparkling in the candlelight.

Thesarin makes his way toward the Greenmarch Lodge at a slow, measured stride, hands in fists at his sides, sword peace-bound but present at his hip. He's dressed in fine silk, but he looks like nothing as much as a well-tailored shav from the Grey Forest, especially since his tunic is cut to a daring neckline, baring a chest covered in twining copper tattoos and faded scars, stretched out over ropy muscle.

The Marquis and Marquessa stride into the hall, Simone's arm tucked in Marius'. "Good evening, all. Not late, are we?" Marius says as he steps up to the table, pulling out the chair for Simone and holding it for her to wait for her to be seated. "Margret, this looks wonderful. It has been some time since we could all eat together." The Marquis states over at his cousin, flashing her a smile.

Simone arrives on Marius' arm, giving the family a warm smile as she is escorted to the table and seated. Her voice rings soft, yet clear as she speaks, "Indeed it is lovely. Thank you for having all of this prepared so expertly. It is good to see you all among us. Please come and be seated with us?"

Moniue arrives, decked out in gown of black silk, covered in smoky glass beadwork, with matching slippers. The jewels match of course, a glint as she dips her crimson head to Margret. "It looks lovely, Mags. You've done a wonderful job. Oh! Marius! You're out of your traditional loincloth for the night?" she teases, before turning to Simone. "Stunning, always. My jealousy knows no bounds. Ah, and Count Riven! I'm so pleased to see you. You've met the hostess tonight, Lady Margret Greenmarch?"

"Can't say I have," Thesarin rumbles out to Monique with a dip of his head, and then to the hostess, and finally to the Marquis and Marquessa. "But I heard it was open to friends, and Greenmarch has been a friend to Riven. Can't stay long--agreed to pull an oar at the race--but wanted to show myself."

Alessandro is fashionably -- well, no, he's not late, just last, arriving a little bit after Monique. So that's nice. He enters the hall by himself, since his date is, of course, already there. He doesn't have to look around too hard to find her, either, and he smiles when he sees her. "My lady," he says, glancing past her a moment to take in everything, before turning back to her. "I feel as though I must now go home and change, since I will not do you justice." He nods to the others present as well.

Margret smiles back at Marius and then Simone, and shakes her head faintly. "It's nothing." She smiles broadly when the unfamiliar Thesarin enters the room, but thankfully Monique is there to make introductions! "A pleasure to meet you, Count Riven. Please join us we are so glad to have friends." She smiles graciously, but when she spots Alessandro her smile softens. "My Prince you could make a burlap sack look fashionable."

Marius ensures that Simone is seated, pushing in the chair for her before he even deigns reply to Monique. "Dear sister, I heard we were getting polite company so I dressed up. Then, I heard you were coming and almost reconsidered. I am still debating getting changed for dessert, so let us wait and see what happens before you heap too much praise on me." The Marquis delivers it all deadpan back to Monique before his attention turns to the others, "The Greenmarch house is always open to friends, Count, and that includes House Riven. Will you at least be staying for the meal?" Alessandro also gets a dip of his head, "Prince Alessandro, it is good to see you again. Welcome."

Free food! Michael Bisland knows when to show up at someone's home. He also managed to dress up nicely enough. Unaccompanied and oh so alone, he'll arrive a good bit late. Like one does. Margret is of course the first person he sees and he'll dip a bow to her on arrival. "My Lady Greenmarch, how do you fare this evening?"

Simone smiles warmly and nods a greeting to Thesarin, "It is a pleasure to have you in our Hall. As Marius said, please do join us for as long as you may stay. Her smile turns to Alessandro in greeting, "It is good to see you as well Prince Alessandro. Your presence always graces us." She turns to look at Monique and her eyes get a slight glimmer of mischief, "And dear sister, if you flatter me too much my head may swell terribly!" Her smile turns once more to a warm, welcoming expression, "Margret and Monique, you are both as lovely as ever and you know that I mean every word of it." Turning her gaze to encompass all those assembled, "Please do join us and relax, you are all among family and friends here."

"Long as I can manage, Marquis." Thesarin takes the seat offered, and settles in. A short, low nod toward Alessandro. "Highness, Lady Margret. How they said; I'm Count Thesarin Riven, War Chief to the Twainfort. Of the Greenwoods people, which I know is confusing." Michael gets a low nod as welk, accompanied by a short grunt. "Lord Michael. How now."

Monique's laughter for her older brother is bright, filling the hall. "Blessed Spirits, I'm so glad you're back." She turns to Simone. "Both of you. We'll just build bigger doorways, sister, that your head might fit through. Then we'll all be honest and happy. I'll never stop telling you how wonderul you are," the Minx promises, eyeing the table, finding the whiskey. "Drinks, anyone else?" she offers, while she's at it.

Alessandro's smile tilts a little crookedly at Margret's compliment, and he replies, "You are too kind, Lady Margret. But I am vain enough to take it." His eyes move back to Marius and Simone, and he continues, "Marquis, Marquessa. The pleasure is mine. I have been looking forward to this." He turns to Thesarin then, nodding to him as well. "Count Thesarin. Prince Alessandro Velenosa." But the offer of a drink is clearly welcomed. "I will take one, my lady," he says. "Some liquid courage when one is amongst one's future in laws will never go amiss." Though he's joking. Probably. "Lord Michael. Nice to see you again."

"My Lord of Bisland." Margret greets when Michael comes in, and she smiles brilliantly at him. She turns to look at Simone before she shakes her head a touch, "You're too kind. I'll start thinking I am fairer than I am if you keep that up." She says this playfully, however. Once everyone is in she begins guiding everyone towards the table, and takes her seat.

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Marius takes his seat at the table and raises his empty glass towards Monique, "Hate to waste good whiskey if you're offering." He remarks to her, casting a sideglance over at Simone, "I almost thought my sister was casting dispersion on your size there for a moment, but she saved it at the last second I believe, wife." He adds Simone's glass to the offering, setting it next to his own to be filled. The Marquis then turns his attention the last newcomer, "I don't know if we have met. Be away for a while and faces tend to blend together, I'm afraid. Either way, welcome and have a seat." Marius states with a smile over at Michael.

"Greenmarch finds friends easy, I reckon," Thesarin rumbles out with a nod. He'll have a couple fingers of liquor himself, if someone's pouring.

"Thesarin, good to have someone about not looking to discover my darkest secrets here." Michael grins off towards the older man. "Margret, you /are/ a lovely lady. Prince Alessandro. A pleasure to see you again as well." A glance off towards Monique and Michael's mirthful attitude diminishes somewhat. Ever in the hot seat with *THAT* particular Lady.

Simone laughs softly, her eyes twinking with good cheer at Marius' comment. As he takes her glass she looks over to Marius, offering him a smile all his own, with a softly spoken "Thank you." Taking a sip, her eyes scan around the room to the guests, quietly studying them each in turn as they speak, her eyes finally coming to rest on Michael, "It is a pleasure to meet you as well, my lord."

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Monique pours out whiskey for everyone opting in. It's a very generous amount because it's whiskey and it's Monique. Michael's might be a little shallower than the others. But it's not drugged so that's a start, right? She takes her seat after, falling silent in deference to the hostess.

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Alessandro follows Margret and takes his seat at the table, receiving his glass from Monique with a murmur of thanks. He settles back as he takes a drink from it, looking among those at the table over the rim. For the moment, though, he remains quiet, content to observe.

As soon as everyone is seated the servants begin placing platters onto the table. "I wanted the dinner to be inspired on a walk through the Greenwood." Margret explains as mounts of what appears to be baked rivermud are placed on the table. The servants crack them open, and carefully remove the baked mud so it does not fall onto the tender, moist trout contained within. "Our first course is the stream." Margret says. Soup make from seaweed and fish stock accompanies the baked trout along with steamed lotus dressed in a flavorful sauce.

"You got dark secrets, Lord Michael?" Thesarin gives a low grunt and a slow shake of his head. "Ain't strike me the type." He looks to the plate as it's brought out, and his dour face actually has a flash of a grin as he starts at the first course.

Marius takes his filled glass of whiskey and gives it a small swirl, studying it. Running down the checklist of having the appearance of somebody that actually cares what's in the glass beyond it being whiskey, because appearances matter. Then, he takes a generous swig of it and swallows it down because after all it's still whiskey. Marius sits back, watching the presentation of the servants while listening to Margret with an approving little cluck of his tongue. "Such an inspired idea, Margret."

"I have truly missed being here, though our time away was necessary," Simone says, lifting her whiskey glass and taking a very small sip before turning her attention to the food being placed before her. "That is such a wonderful idea, Margret. It smells delicious!" she says softly before turning her attention to the soup, her head tilting slightly in curiousity at the discussion of dark secrets between Thesarin and Michael.

"This is Lord Michael Bisland." Margret explains to Marius and Simone with a smile. "He is Ianna's very close and dear friend." There is special emphasis put on close and dear. She takes the whiskey with a smile, and takes a good swallow to whet her appetite before she sits back so the servants can begin partitioning the fish and lotus out to the diners. Marius is offered the first portion of course, but the servants work quick so soon enough everyone has some on their plates.

Thesarin has a few bites, and then starts to stand. "Clever notion, Lady Margeret, but 'fraid I can't make the journey. How I said, have to take my spot at the race." He gives a nod to the assembled. "Greenmarch has been a friend. Riven remembers. Anyone here's welcome, always, at my Hall."

"A fitting theme," Alessandro says as he looks to Margret, his smile softening a little bit as he does, before his gaze begins to follow the servants setting the plates down. He waits for everyone to be served, and then for Marius to begin, before taking a bite from his own plate. He chews appreciatively, and once he's swallowed, continues, "Delicious."

"Everyone has dark secrets. And its good that I don't look the type." Michael actually winks off towards Thesarin before moving off towards the table. Oh, whiskey. A bit of whiskey. He doesn't look askance at Monique for it. "Close and dear to me, she is." He settles into a chair amongst the table. "Delightful looking."

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Simone smiles warmly at Thesarin as she pauses in eating her dinner, "Be well, my lord, and thank you for joining us. You are always welcome in our hall. Good luck in the race!"

Marius inclines his head at Michael, raising his glass at him. "Friends of the family is always welcome, Lord Michael. Welcome." He greets Michael and then takes a few bites of his food thoughtfully, tasting the prepared delicacy before adding to Thesarin, "Of course, Count. Thank you for coming." as he departs. "In fact, that reminds me.." And the Marquis raises his glass again, to nobody in particular over the table. "Before we begin in earnest enjoy this fantastic feast that Lady Margret has arranged for us, I would like to declare a toast. It's been a trying time and we have all, Greenmarch or other, taken losses. Let us remember those fallen, and cherish those new friends and family that are joining us. To a bright future."

Simone raises her glass in toast, saying firmly, "Here here! To friends and family!" Her entire face lights up with a warm smile directed to those assembled at the table with them.

Margret looks back at Alessadro and smiles at him rather brilliantly in return. When Thesarin rises to leave she says, "Thank you for coming Count Riven." When Marius proposes a toast she raises her own glass. "To a bright future." She says enthusiastically.

Drinks and dinner with family! What could be better! They're all seated with drinks and the first course, fish in... mud? Yes. It's a delicacy in the Greenwood! A toast has been made and Monique echoes it warmly. "We'll get through anything, won't we?" she choruses , tone strong and proud.

"Aye. Quite so," says Lord Corban, agreeing with his wife as he comes up behind her and leans down to kiss her on the cheek. "The Greenmarchers have survived for generations against all foes. I am sure it will continue on into the future." He looks over the lot of them. "I am sorry for my lateness. Some paperwork."

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The Marquis holds his glass up for a moment longer and then lowers it to take another, smaller, sip from it. "The Greenmarch hasn't broken yet, a few setbacks will not stop us. We'll get through this and whatever else is thrown us, and come out stronger in the end. As we always have." Marius sets his glass down and flashes Corban a warm smile as he enters, "Lord Corban. Join us. Margret has prepared a feast big enough to give you energy to put up with Monique for several hours."

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Simone continues sipping her soup, after Thesarin departs, mixing in small bites of the flaky trout. She pauses again in her meal and looks up as Corban enters, her face once more shining with a warm smile of welcome, "Greetings cousin! You are always welcome, no matter how early or late. Won't you sit please? Margret has put together a lovely dinner for us taking us on a tour through the Greenwood." Motioning to a place next to Monique, she continues in a friendly tone, her eyes sparkling with mischief once more, "Your wife has the whiskey bottle, so if you would like a drink, you may need to coax it out of her."

"For several hours? Oh. I'll need that." Michael murmurs under his breath in a voice that couldn't possibly carry across the table. Right? Soup and seafood is fine with Michael to start with and he listens to conversation more than contributing for the moment.

"That's a lie," Monique interjects to Marius, rising to greet her handsome husband's late arrival. "It would take so much more than food. Fortunately, we have whiskey, too! Or would you prefer wine, love?" she asks Corban, though shoots an amused, arch look to Michael as well. "We can speak of how they'd better approve Eirlys for the Hall of Heroes!" she declares, boldly. "That ought to get me fired up!"

Alessandro lifts his glass at the toast as well, his smile fading into something more sober, but at the end, he echoes the sentiment, before taking a sip from it. He looks up as Corban arrives, and he nods to the other man. "Lord Corban. A pleasure to see you again."

"Cousin," says Corban to Simone, bowing his head to her. "How good it is to have you back. My, the Telmar-Greenmarch bond is as strong as ever." A pause. "Ah. Well. If whiskey and wine are my options, I suppose I should take wine." He goes to fetch himself some before sitting next to his wife. "But welcome, Your Highness. Good to see you again so soon."

Margret drinks to the toast, and then begins taking spoonfuls of her soup as well as the occasional bite of trout and lotus. At the mention of Eirlys she smiles gently albeit a little sadly. However she offers no comment. Instead she smiles at Corban. "Lord Corban I'm so very glad you could make it."

Marius nods solemnly at Monique's words. "The Greenmarch all started drinking when Monique came into the world, simply as a means to defend ourselves and get through the day." He picks at his fish, taking bites and enjoying the tender delicacy. Without looking up, he adds to Monique, "Are you expecting to find somebody that disagrees with you at this table, dear sister? Seems like a cause to get fired up for at a better point in time."

Simone looks around the assembled, a faint look of pride shining on her face at Corban's words before turning her attention to Monique, "Were you at the meeting today? Myrddin was not feeling well this morning, so I stayed with him." A slight frown creases between her eyebrows as she speaks, "At the risk of getting you fired up... what was said on Eirlys?"

Monique beams proudly at Marius's Not Quite Tease. "I'm just practicing! I mean, did you hear them today at the Assembly? It was the epitome of ridiculous. 'Deaths at war are tragic. Heroic deaths at war are honorable and deserve to be remembered, in story and song. But the Hall of Heroes is generally for those who'... blah, blah, blah! The very /notion/ that you must be knowingly doing something heroic for that thing to be considered heroic? As if saving the entire damn Compact by accidentally dying makes you any /less/ of a hero!"

"Nothing was said on Eirlys in particular, but there was a rush to nominate the fallen from the latest battles for the Hall, including Eirlys, and there was a response from the Faith that it is not an honor that should be bestowed lightly." Corban takes a sip of his wine. "Which is true, of course. But when you hear the story of what Eirlys unleashed with her sacrifice."

"They had best approve of her. Theres only dozens of people in the leadership roles and everyone else clamoring for it." Michael lifts his glass up towards Monique at her statement. "I'm sure they'll all come to their senses over the matter."

"She was willing to sacrifice herself. She knew she would die." Margret says certainly, and in agreement. "Does it matter if she knew what her sacrifice would unleash?" She picks up her glass of wine and has a light sip. "But I will not be sad if she is not chosen because Greenhaven is just as good as the Hall of Heroes for a Greenmarch. If I died I would rather be at home with our ancestors."

Marius casts a glance over at Simone, stating simply, "You got her fired up." before he looks back to Monique with a short nod and replies evenly. "The idea that they'd keep her out of it is... ill-conceived. But, as far as I know, there was no decision made as of yet, and I am certain all sides have others they feel as strongly about as you feel about Eirlys. Those that know what happened, and knew her, have all honored her. Regardless of the decision, her story will be everlasting. Even if I have to see to it to myself."

"You make a good point about the Greenwood," says Corban, to Margret, with a nod. "I wonder if it might be -- well, for the best, to take Eirlys back to the spirits that clearly loved her so and that lashed out against the Abyss at her death." He seems thoughtful.

Simone smiles slightly at Marius, not looking even the tiniest bit sorry that she did. Her face takes a more somber expression as she sighs softly and nods in agreement to their recounting of events from the Assembly, "I also hope they approve her because her memory deserves all of it and more, but Margret is right. We will make certain she is honored well in her home no matter what is done elsewhere."

"No," Monique gives her red head a viscious shake. "She belongs in the Hall of Heroes, that the Spirits might be represented amongst the Faith. It is long past time for our people to be recognized as equal. She will have a place in Greenhaven, too. Her spirit is already back in Greenhaven with the Forest Gods. They have her, no matter what."

This is most definitely all Simone's fault.

As the first course is finished the servants begins clearing away the dishes. Next pies are brought out. Pies filled with rabbit and bacon or venison and forest mushrooms. The pies have been beautifully glazed and artfully decorated with pasty leaves, vines, and flowers. Sauteed and roasted mushrooms and vegetables from the forest accompany the pies as a side. Fine soft white cheese wheels served with bunches of tart grapes round out the course.

Marius gives a faint smile at the arguments, "So it may be, but as much as you may want it, you cannot will it into existance, sister. Her memory is well-represented and we will see where it goes. She is a hero, and nobody can take that away from her." Marius takes the opportunity to finish off his soup hastily before the next course is presented, eying the pies next and as he does, he adds on over to Monique, "On the topic, however, we should find a place to display the medal Erilys received the other day."

Yah meat. Michael lights up as the good food starts to show up and he is eager to get started. The conversation is important, isn't it? Probably. But Michael wasn't there to see Eirlys and the rest. He was at the wall.

Corban digs on into the next course, nodding his head slightly. "Perhaps a display shelf for some memories, along with her medals," remarks Corban, glancing at Monique. "Oh, and we are doing the sparring and runs of the Gauntlet in her honor next week. Do come if you can."

Simone grins unabashedly at Monique, her eyes sparkling once more as she teases her, "I was simply watching out for your best interests, sister. You were obviously close to bursting with the need to speak of it." She turns her attention down to the pie placed in front of her, "Oh Margret! These are lovely! Such artistry on a pastry!"

"We could place her medal in the Heritage Hall along with the rest of the ancestors." Margret suggests. "And perhaps one of us could name a child after her. Whoever has the next girl. She didn't have children of her own, and I would like to see her name and memory honored for generations." She smiles at Simone before she shakes her head a little. "It is not my doing. I simply described what I wanted to cook and she did the hard work."

Alessandro continues to eat, though that doesn't mean he's not paying attention. His eyes move amongst the speakers, giving the impression that he's not missing much, but his expression is relatively placid, so it's difficult to discern what he's thinking. That is, until the pie comes. He leans back slightly as he receives one, his smile widening a little bit. "Clearly you gave an exceptional description, my lady," he remarks after Margret demurs.

Monique's passion burns itself out at the mention of children. "Ah, well, I'd heard Princess Alis and our cousin Fiachra were already doing so, Mags, though of course there's no rules as to how many of you can do such a thing. I think here, with the lovely commissioned sword memorial is a good place for her medal, no? In the woods she so loved."

Monique's passion burns itself out at the mention of children. "Ah, well, I'd heard Princess Alis and our cousin Fiachra were already doing so, Mags, though of course there's no rules as to how many of you can do such a thing. I think in the Forest Solar, with the lovely commissioned sword memorial is a good place for her medal, no? In the woods she so loved."

Marius cuts into his pie, neatly disecting it. "I was planning on attending the memorial, Lord Corban, although I fear my time spent in Greenhaven was more manual labor and less martial training. I may be rusty, and asking them to go easy on me I'd think would fall on deaf ears." The marquis nods along with the suggestions. "It should displayed for all to see, with whatever other memories of her is appropriate. She's an honor to this house." Marius' attention then turns to Margret, watching her for a second with a flicker of a smile in the corner of his mouth. "That all sounds like a lovely idea. Do you and Prince Alessandro have an announcement to make, or why was it on your mind?"

Simone arches an eyebrow at Marius, then kicks him under the table, wincing slightly as her slipper hits his shin solidly. Turning her head towards Monique once more, she nods to her in agreement, "The Forest Solar seems a perfect place if it is to remain in Arx."

Corban chuckles softly at the mention of Marius's time spent at the Greenwood. "Well, we will knock off the rust soon enough, my lord. In fact, the Keatons are working very hard on debuting their war college and training grounds. It is a very ambitious project, from what I gather."

Margret gives Alessandro a smile at his compliment. "Just think of all the things I can describe to spend our money on once we are wed." She says to him teasingly. "It is fitting if Fiachra names his daughter after his sister, and I would not dream of stealing his thunder. Although actually I was subtly making the suggestion to you and Simone, Marius." She begins cutting into her pie. "You all know I absolutely adore babies, but we would like to enjoy our marriage for a year or two before we take on that loving burden." A smile is given to Alessandro after she says this.

"I look forward to it, my lady. I am sure you will do it so well that we will hardly realize the money is even being spent." Alessandro takes a bite of the pie, savoring the flavor, before he swallows and returns Margret's smile. "Lady Margret shall have her work cut out for her preparing me for fatherhood," he says as he turns to look amongst those at the table. "I am selfish at heart, and would like to have her to myself for a little while."

Marius gives a heavy sigh at Corban, "It's the knocking part of knocking the rust off that has me worried, Lord Corban. I grew up with Marian, I've been knocked around to last me a lifetime." He replies and digs into his pie, letting the food quiet him for the moment. Eyes go from Margret to Simone as he nods, "It is a possibility, should we be blessed with another. Although we should probably coordinate it if so. It'd be confusing with a whole family with the same name. That said, I think giving it a bit is a smart choice. Marital bliss should be enjoyed. They are a delight, but one that takes a lot of attention."

"Yes, Marius," Monique points out, "Marian is now /two/ up on you with her impending twins! You and Simone will need to have triplets to stay ahead in the game! You wouldn't want her to beat you again," she chortles, lifting her glass. "To triplets!"

Simone turns her gaze to Margret and Alessandro, her eyes taking on a shine of pride as she speaks, "Oh have no worries, when the time comes you will do fine, ready or not. I had no clue just how much one little one could snag a heart so completely until I had Myrddin." Her eyes crinkle with amusement as she looks over to Marius. "Who knows what the future may hold..." she trails off as she returns her attention to the meat pie, slicing off small bites. With Monique's statement, she looks up wide-eyed, "Oh good grief, one is handful enough... three at once!" She shakes her head firmly, "No, thank you!"

Corban laughs and shakes his head at all the conversation of children and twins and all the rest. He seems content with his meal in front of him, and his wine, listening to the conversation bounce back and forth.

"I do not believe you are nearly as selfish as you claim, my Prince." Margret murmurs to Alessandro. "I think it is a ruse so when you do something lovely it seems like a great act." She laughs a little at Monique's quip before she says, "I've never delivered three babies at once. Now I am rooting for it as well."

As the pie is finished the dishes are cleaned away yet again. Bowls of roasted potatoes, onions, and carrots are put out on the table along with tureens of luxurious looking juices from some sort of meat. Puffed up dough cooked in the drippings of the fat of some animal, puddings, are also placed on the table.

And then the meat, a fine suckling pig with crisped skin and juicy meat under is brought out. It is presented to Marius along with a carving knife and fork so he may slice and serve it to his guest.

Alessandro lets out a sigh of his own, as though lamenting Margret's words. "You have found me out too quickly, my lady," he says, shaking his head. "Now how will I be able to impress you?" The effect of the sigh is a little bit marred by the smile that follows his words, though. He lets out a little chuckle at all the talk of twins or triplets, though there's a tiny bit of genteel horror mixed in that seems as though it is //not// feigned, or at least not totally. He looks up at Simone then, his expression shifting a little bit, gratefully. "Thank you, Marquessa," he says. "For the moment, I shall enjoy being the eccentric uncle, who brings extravagant treasures and then hands them back to their parents at the end of the hour."

Marius wrinkles his nose slightly at Monique, "First of, I will not admit that kind of defeat until I see the little ones. It could be -one- very big child Marian is growing in there. Secondly, if I inflicted triplets on Simone I believe you'd have to find a new head of the house, because my body would be washing ashore in a stream somewhere." His eyes dart sideways to take in Simone, "I'm certainly not brave enough to even wish for that." He finishes the last few crumbs of pie off, chasing them down around his plate, "Besides, Monique is way behind." The Marquis adds as he takes to the task of starting to carve the newly presented meat, cutting not so delicate slices for everyone.

"Excessive amounts of gifts filled with thoughtfulness, awareness of your partner's needs and whimsy. Mostly that last part." Michael suddenly speaks up again, directly towards Alessandro. "The occasional serenade in the streets doesn't hurt much either." His pie is finished and even more food is brought out. Its a good thing Michael skipped lunch.

Simone laughs softly at Marius' words, "You know me too well. And you are quite correct, Monique and Corban are most definitely behind. Their only hope of catching up might just be triplets." She takes her plate of food, while smiling widely over to Corban in particular.

Corban arches his eyebrows up, up, up. "All in good time, cousin," he says simply. "See, unlike Ansel, or like you, I have no line of succession to secure. So I can take my time. And so we shall. I mean, we have been married for less than a year. It just /feels/ longer."

"I mean, it's-" Monique breaks off, catching on to Corban's shady comment. "Hey!" It earns him a sidelong glare from the redhead that is fulminating. "I make your life interesting! You'd be bored stiff were it not for me!" She levels the look on Marius next. "Do I strike you as the mothering type?"

Marius presents each guest with their bit of the meat, carving the pig, before he loads his own plate. Before he takes his first bite, he remarks over to Corban, "She does have that effect on people." and uses the time he has to eat his food to politely not speak with his mouthful, leaving Monique's question hanging in the air for a moment. "Sister, you don't really strike me as a type at all. Like a hurricane, you simply happen."

"I am not Ianna." Margret says gently before she laughs. "And please do not serenade me in the streets. Besides, you're absolutely spoiling my sister. Let her fuss over you a bit, Lord Michael." She laughs a little at the talk of babies and long seeming marriages. Then she cuts into her pork, and pushes it through the gravy before she has a bit.

Simone sits back for a moment and looks around the table, her face bathed in a warm, happy smile as she watches their friends and family gathered here. Quietly she resumes eating, seemingly content and happy for the moment.

Michael's words get another laugh from Alessandro, before he remarks, "You have never heard me sing, my lord," he quips. "I believe that a serenade would have the opposite effect than I intended. Besides, I could never hope to match you in thoughtful gifts. Though the advice is sound." He takes a bite of his meat as well, letting out a little sigh of satisfaction as he does.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alessandro before departing.

Marius digs into his food, putting the meat away in big bites. "I feel like serenading in general should probably be best left to those that claim to have a singing voice. A thoughtful gesture that could quickly turn into the exact opposite when what comes out sounds like a scalded cat."

Deputy Clerk Anya arrives, delivering a message to Alessandro before departing.

Simone takes a sip of her whiskey, slowly swirling it around in the glass for a moment, "Ahh but it does make for a romantic tale to tell doesn't it? How their father went to such lengths to woo their mother. Especially with all the animals in the surrounding area providing chorus to the song."

Margret's lips twitch upwards mischievously before she asks Simone with a little grin, "But did you keep all of the dogs who joined in to howl with him?"

"I think part of the problem is men who /try/ to hard to sing well. I am lucky enough to have been stuck with Aiden as a dear friend. So I've had some training." Michael responds to Alessandro. "You could too." If the men cares to join the barbershop quartet. "Ianna tells me I have more love than sense. Especially when she saw that tree."

Monique is overheard praising Margret.

Michael is overheard praising Margret for: A lovely dinner!

As the third course is finished the dishes are cleared away yet again, and the suckling pig taken to the back rooms for the servant's feast. Replacing it is a cornucopia of fruits, nuts, and honey from the forests. In the form of cakes, pies, and tarts. Fruit salads are also placed on the table.

Champagne from Tor, dark rich coffee, and sweet liquors are put out along with cheeses.

Alessandro is overheard praising Margret for: A truly wonderful dinner. The bar has been set high for our marriage.

Monique has left the a long trestle table designed with a great stag and two does etched into its surface.

Kit, the grey fox, 1 Telmarine Armsmen, a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name leave, following Monique.

Simone is overheard praising Margret.

Marius is overheard praising Margret.

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