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Kennex Pool Party

It's summer time! Know what that means? It's time to get wet!

Let's all gather at the Kennex Kay and partake of the back patio's pool! Bring you swimming trunks, swim dress....or not. Let's all get to know the Kennex's as we all get to know you! And what better way than to share drinks! We've got our Kennex Vodka....bring some drinks from you homeland to share! You just might turn someone on to your home's native drink and have a buyer!


April 9, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Catalana Ford


Porter Isabetta Elara(RIP) Ian Denica Jan Zoey Aethan Alarissa Wash Lavinia



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Kennex Kay - Back Patio and Pool

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Comments and Log

4 Thrax Guards, Stojan, the assistant arrive, following Denica.

2 Rivenshari Clansman arrives, following Lavinia.

She's not getting in the pool. Alarissa's in a white silk dress with it's soft and gauzy layers, her hair down, skirt of her dress up and sitting on the side of that pool with her legs in the water, but Alarissa's not slipping into the water anytime soon. The Princess Consort of Thrax seems to be enjoying herself people watching and nursing a glass of wine.

Ian isn't late! Well, they're serving alcohol here, so that might have something to do with it. He's left his leather coat elsewhere somewhere, leaving him instead in the loose fitting linen shirt that he wears under it. To go with the pants and boots. You know, because summer. He seems to have collected Denica from somewhere, because he comes in more or less with her, watching his own feet as he walks.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, 3 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Zoey.

Ian isn't late! Well, they're serving alcohol here, so that might have something to do with it. He's left his leather coat elsewhere somewhere, leaving him instead in the loose fitting linen shirt that he wears under it. To go with the pants and boots. You know, because summer. He seems to have collected Denica from somewhere, because he comes in more or less with her, watching his own feet as he walks. He also comes in with Zoey.

Lavinia is one of the river gypsies, only ennobled but two years ago. In her life prior, she and her ilk traded goods along the riverway, and swimming was by far one of the favored activities. So the girl enters, bells ringing at her ankles with every step. It seems to be a room full of strangers, this group, but Lavinia doesn't seem intimidated. Rather like a cat, she moves around the pool, eyeing those who come in and out and those in the water with open curiosity.

2 Armed Confessors arrives, following Elara.

2 Armed Confessors have been dismissed.

Alarissa has joined the Large Rectangular Pool.

Catalana has joined the Small grass plot with lounge chairs.

Denica arrives with Ian and Zoey, giving a little smile towards her companions, and carrying that ever-present sketch pad under her arm. She seems to also have stolen a glass from the ebb and flow, as she's still sipping her rum. A wave is given to Alarissa and she grins towards the Princess Consort. "I missed you when I arrived, ship just came in this morning!"

Jan emerges from the breezeway, barefoot and lacking her jacket. Bare feet in her own damn home is allowed. Jackets are too warm for this weather. She's carrying a large pitcher of lemonade and looking vaguely affronted about it.

Isabetta shows up at the Kennex pool area, looks around and declares, "I have come to conquor. Seriously. A king or I should say, queen of the hill game is just what this pool party needs to get started.'

Aethan may not be swimming, either -- at least, he's not wearing any sort of bathing suit that is obvious. Of course, that's not always necessarily, but one never knows. All that to say that he's just wearing regular clothes. He looks around with a stoic expression, except for the slight narrowing of his eyes, that alcohol? Why yes, he will have some, thank you. He starts that way, though he does lift a hand toward his brother -- or one of them -- and his companions as he passes them.

"Princess Denica. She lives, she breathes, Astrid will be glad to have you back so she can get into your paints. Lord Ian. Be tender with her, I don't need her breaking." The brilliant smile from Alarissa as she swirls her feet in the water and keeping cool

Ian, with his cane, and his weird mechanical gait, and his watching his feet while he walks just showed up at the pool party with TWO -- count em, two women. Hot women. One of whom is a princess. "Aethan." He sounds surprised to look up and see his oldest brother present. Not unpleasantly surprised, but still surprised. Surprised enough that his respectful greeting to Alarissa comes belatedly.

Isabetta is also in regulars clothes because who walks across the city in no clothes? Crazy people that's who, also you'd cut your feet. And no clothes and boots? That's just weird too. So she just dresses normally. Is she planning on going swimming? Gods who knows. She seems to be looking for something to conquor.

Elara helped set up for the party. But it also means she had to leave briefly to get dressed. Or undressed in this case. She wears a swimsuit on that covers her torso and has a filmy and light-weight skirt coming from about the waist. It only falls to just brush her upper thighs. A towel around her shoulders shows she is still a bit shy about showing so much skin. And the fact that she is so darned pale proves she doesn't expose skin to the sun often.

Zoey looks around curiously as she walks beside Ian to the back patio and pool area. Alarissa is greeted with a smile and an inclined head, but she seems to be sticking close to Ian in this instance.

Making her way out of one of the bungalows, she's dressed in her gift from Wash when she first arrived back to Arx....somehow. Don't know how....but she's fitting in it. The patio had been set up with the help of Elara with a bar area full of Kennex liquors however in Cat's hand? Water. Near there is a table full of finger foods and snacks, seasonal for the weather. No...nothing with rabbit.

Her bare feet carry her over to the lounge chairs as she looks around and clinks her glass with one of her fingernails. "Hello everyone!! I'm going to keep this quick!" A grin crosses Catalana's lips as she continues. "Thanks for coming!! This is to relax, share spirits of our home though I'll just be watching, and catch up! Have at the pool...have a the booze....have at the food! But me? I'm going to sit my pregnant self right here." A beat. "I want to thank Elara for helping me set this up and putting up with me trying to do more than I should. But...I digress. Have fun!!"

"Princess Astrid is perhaps the introduction I've been dying to make the most since I got back home," Denica smiles, flashing her teeth to Alarissa. "I'm not terribly prone to breaking, I'm tougher than I look!" Isabetta gets the next glance and she grins towards the infamous troublemaker. "As much as I would like to join, none of my clothes are truly suitable for swimming," Denica laments.

Isabetta is all about greeting people too, you know, just not when she first arrived but later. "Princess Alarissa, how lovely to see you again, you are the Arx's truest treasure." She also turns at Denica's words and says, "Oh Deni, hey, I see something got you out of your room, it is the end of winter isn't it. You just cannot handle the cold. I knew it. Hm, well you can draw a rousing sketch of my conquest of.. something. As soon as I figure out what."

Elara smiles faintly at Catalana and bobs her head towards her, "You should be putting your feet up and letting us not carrying a precious burden work. You can point," She says with warmth in her voice before she turns and says, "Please do not try to do stupid stunts on the wet deck around the pool after a few drinks, though! If you do we will all point and laugh." She says it with an entirely straight face.

"Ian," Aethan replies with a little smile, just the slightest upturn of his lips. There's a somewhat self-deprecating air to it, as well, since he hasn't missed the surprise, and he obviously knows the reason for it. "Don't have too much fun," he adds as he retrieves a glass of vodka, since he is not pregnant. One hopes. He takes a sip from it as he looks around again, then starts toward the couches to sit down.

Jan brings the pitcher of lemonade to the finger food and snacks table and sets it down. Someone roped her into doing that, and whoever that someone is is a mystery, but now she is free to enjoy the party. As much as a crusty person enjoys parties, anyway. She flings her arm up to wave at Catalana. "I brought the lemonade!" she announces, her voice clarion and clipped. As always.

Aethan has joined the Wicker Couch and Table set.

"Lady Bisland. You should join me." A gesture to the side of the pool, smiling at Denica. "She is yours to do with as you wish, be careful near the water is all. Make sure to take her guards with you." Isabetta though, gathers Alarissa's attention, twisting a little to look at her. "Lady Gilden, far from it. I woudl imagine that the honour belong to his majestie's twins. How are you? It's been too long."

2 Rivenshari Clansman leaves, following Lavinia.

Wash comes in with a little red wagon stacked high with alcohol.

"This coming from the man who kept having to drag me out of potted plants at parties." Ian seems inclined to gravitate towards his brother, almost there's an actual physical pull there. "And a dumbwaiter." But Zoey says something to him that stops him, and makes him change direction. He instead heads for the pool, where Alarissa sits.

"I think that sounds like a great idea. Your conquest shall be immortalized in my hand. You know..." she tilts her head to Isabetta. "I really do need to /actually/ paint you sometime," she decides, looking back around to the others, a wiggle of her fingers given to Catalana. "Lovely gathering, I must say. I hope you've been well since last we met?" she offers a grin, moving then to approach Alarissa, kicking off her slippers. "May I join?" she asks. "And of course, her guards shall always keep watch over her, though the water... Yes I'll be careful."

Porter has, somehow despite his height and bulk, managed to arrange it so that he's already pouring potentially potent potables into a glass so that the soft lapping of liquor is an accompaniment to the start of the festivities. It is, all things considered, not a lot of alcohol. "Aethan," the middle brother says, giving a nod a little on the terse side to his older brother. His expression changes entirely upon turning to Ian. "Ian... you enter with two enchanting companions. When did you become such a show off?" There's a buoyant warmth in his tone and he winks knowingly to Zoey, letting her in on the play, though he offers a deeper sign of respect to the princess..

Elara begins to move among all the guests. Though she is shy she is mobile where Catalana is not. As she comes upon Alarissa's group she offers a little smile, chin ducked, and says, "Welcome everyone. If you need anything please let me or Catalana know. I'm Elara Kennex."

Looking up to Denica she smiles then chuckles. "Thanks. I figured we'd keep it simple. The Sailors ball is going to be a riot...." Grinning a bit, Catalana winks then smiles. "I've been well and...." Pointing to her belly she laughs. Looking to Jan she waves then. "Then bring some of that lemonade to your baby sister!!!" Chuckling she starts to down her water then.

Zoey murmurs something to Ian, her hand touching his elbow as she speaks. For some reason, she keeps casing the area as if looking for someone else. And then, Alarissa is calling to her and she nods. "Of course," she responds easily, following Ian towards the poolside. She removes her slippers... Just in time to hear Porter and see his wink. Her head tilts. She looks between Porter, Ian, and Aethan... and then she starts to chuckle. Looking to Ian, she raises an eyebrow, waiting for an introduction.

Aethan even lets out a little chuckle at Ian's words, though the laugh dies on his lips when Porter speaks to him. Any hint of the smile, however small, fades, and he just nods once to his brother. "Porter," he replies, and after that, he knocks back the rest of the vodka in the glass. Seems like time for another, though he doesn't quite move to get it yet. Instead, he looks back over to Ian, Zoey, and Danica, and when the former starts to walk in a different direction than him instead of toward the couches, he gives another nod that almost seems a little approving.

Jan dutifully finds a large wine glass and pours lemonade from the decanter into it, ice clinking against the sides. Then she's wending her way through the ever-increasing throng to bring it to Catalana, the glass held up above her head. "Coming through," she notes, stepping carefully over someone's slippers.

Did Ian just... brighten? Yes. Yes he did. Just for a moment, a genuine light came on in his eyes at the sound of Porter's voice. He was just in the process of dragging a chair over to near where Alarissa is sitting (because he's not going to sit on the ground), but that's all forgotten for now, at least for a minute or two. "Porter? When did you get into town?"

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"It has been a while Princess, I have not visited the Thrax for a while, though perhaps I could remedy that. I think I will conquer this lawn chair." Isabetta says and conquers a lawn chair.

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Wash leaves the bottles of vodka in the wagon and brings one over to Catalana for her approval. "First batch from Stormward since the siege." He explains.

"Porter is here?" Jan glances around. "Where? I don't see him." That is a lie. He is huge. It is hard to miss Porter. It's easier to miss the tension between Porter and Aethan, though Jan does not - miss it, that is - and her eyes roll heavenward. "Wash," she greets her brother-in-law, passing lemonade to Catalana.

"Lady Elara, it is a lovely day to throw a party. You and the Lady Catalana have outdone yourself." Denica settles beside Alarissa and she leans over, pressing a kiss to the younger woman's cheek, a soft murmur before offering a hand to help Zoey sit. Ian's brothers presence make her smile wider. "It's been a while since I saw that smile on his face. How are you all?"

Looking over to Wash, Catalana smiles warmly. "Oh!" Looking to the bottle she chuckles. "Save one for us, hm?" A wink as she looks to Jan. Waving she then holds up her glass. "You are the best sister ever!!" Leaning back on that lounge chair she laughs. "I'm actually listening to mercy's orders.." Pouring herself some and nods. "They're over there....all three of us. I'd waddle over but....I'm tired of being fussed at."

Porter, not quite so guarded with his emotions a the other brothers, makes a waving motion that Ian should resume what he was doing with the chair. It's fine. Impossible to offend him in his joviality, as though he were as impervious as his size would seem to make him. And almost all of that size is on display, because the sea captain isn't particularly shy with his figure. His fine beard and mustache are pomeaded to perfection, it's just the shirt that hangs open so he can enjoy the fine weather. "Last night, in fact," he answers. Who would have thought the three of them would be here at once? Was that Wash? How is it so crowded already?

Wash uncaps the bottle of Kenenx vodka so Catalana can at least smell it. Then he hands the bottle to Jan. "Take this one. I have others." He gestures to the little red wagon full of booze. He is also not shy about giving them out. "Heads up!" He calls to Porter once he returns to the wagon. "Try this with the lemonade." He calls out. Then he gets a pair of bottles and carries them to guests. Personal delivery.

Zoey is too busy watching the three brothers interact to see poor Denica's hand. She continues to stand by Ian's side, delight on her features as she watches Ian light up. Then Wash is pressing a botte of vodka into her hand and she's distracted long enough to flash him a warm smile. "Thank you, Lord Wash."

"I should have known the two of you would wait 'till things started to get interesting before you decided to turn up," Ian chuckles. Tension? What tension? WAY over his head. Also, he just smiled. A real smile, brief, but unmistakable.

Zoey glances at Ian. "Would you like me to introduce myself?" she teases the man.

"It most certainly is. The water has been very pleasant the last few days," Elara says with a slightly more relaxed smile. As her eyes follow the commotion over one person her eyes turn to Porter. She smiles at the vaguely familiar other Kennex.

Jan agrees with Catalana. "I am. I even raised a toast to you earlier today." She takes the bottle from Wash and ooohs. "Oooh! Thank you!" She opens the bottle up and has a generous swig, licking her lips after. "Not bad." She waves over at Ian and Zoey and company.

"Interesting's one word for it," Aethan remarks, the deadpan as spot on as if he were...well, actually dead. Which he is not, luckily, because that would probably put at least a slight damper on the proceedings. His eyes move to Wash as the other man begins to pass out the bottles, and he lifts a hand before gesturing at himself, sitting forward enough to be able to catch the bottle should it be tossed in his direction.

"Lady Bisland?" Porter says, foolhardily relying on the whispers of messengers and gossip to try to identify the bright-eyed young lady at Ian's side. He gives Ian a little side eye for not introducing him to the lovely lady earlier. As gallantly as he's able given his pool attired state, he offers his hand and bows over Zoey's. "Porter Kennex. Ian's other big brother. It is charming to meet you.

Wash personally presses a bottle into Alarissa's hand. "For your collection. Only the second full run by this distiller." He promises. "And less than fifty bottles bearing the Kennex name." He doesn't have time to chitchat but he does nod to Denica, "You'll take one I hope, yes?" He asks before retreating to his wagon. He throws a second bottle across the pool to Aethan, because any party that includes Wash and the Brothers Kennex is automatically disqualified for anything more than business casual. He takes a couple more bottles to find guests at the party that he doesn't know.

Denica leans into the gentle kiss to her cheek and gives a smile, dipping her feet in the water beside Alarissa, murmering quietly in return to her. She grows silent for the moment, looking around and gives wash a smile and a nod. "Of course I'll have some. You know I always love your rum."

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"Oh you did, did you? Where was I and what did I do to warrant a toast?" Catalana lets out a laugh as she looks to the Brother's Kennex. A smile tugged at her lips even more. It had been too long since she saw them all together. May the gods have mercy on everyone's souls.

To be fair, Ian has never been known for his social graces. (See: Hiding in a potted plant to escape a party. Twice.) "Porter, Zoey. Did you rush over the moment you heard a woman agreed to let me court her? Had to see it to believe it?"

"When have I ever turned down a bottle of Kennex Vodka. I drank it on the night I was proposed to, as well as other important times that need no mention, Thank you Washburn." Alarissa hold the bottle close, looking to it. "I doubt Victus will touch it." She teases her cousin.

Elara relaxes as Wash sees to making sure the guests have drink and she turns to smile at Denica. "I do not believe we have met yet. Elara Kennex," She says and bobs her head in a welcoming manner. Anyone who has met her before she is smiling far more than usual in public and looking distinctly uncomfortable to be doing so. After a moment she settles into the shallows of the pool and that seems to relax her slightly as the water 'hides' her legs.

"It was at Raconteur's," Jan informs Catalana. "Princess Reese and Marquessa Dominique also toasted to their sisters. Because you all wear the gowns so we don't have to." Jan bit the last person who tried to get her to wear a gown. She was five.

Zoey laughs brightly as Porter bows over her hand. "A pleasure, Lord Porter," she says once her hand is hers again. Ian's joke causes her to smile just a little bit more and she takes his arm lightly.

"Vodka." Wash corrects apologetically, "Still okay, right?" Wash asks, carrying a bottle back to Denica. "It's a summer vodka though, combine it with sweetened lemonade for best results." He casts his gaze to the entrance where servants have been directing visitors to the pool in the back of the house. "Come in! Come in! There's more vodka, enough for everyone to take home a bottle."

Aethan catches the bottle with a nod of thanks to Wash and another barely there smile. He opens it without delay and takes a swig from it, because sometimes a glass just gets in the way of the experience. Contented for the moment, he leans back, propping the elbow of his free hand on the back of the couch, looking around at those gathered but staying quiet for the moment.

Denica nod to Wash. "I misheard! But I enjoy vodka too," she insists. "I'd love a bottle, and some lemonade to go with it, I believe!"

Isabetta has fallen asleep on her lounge chair, she looks peaceful and happy about it at least.

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To Ian, Porter makes a pained face for a heartbeat, and then his white teeth flash in a smile from behind his beard. "Your wit is as sharp as your blade. Ouch! You've skewered me fairly," Porter says with a laugh. He twists the bottle of the rosewater vodka in his hand, having given a fleeting wave to his favorite madman as a all too brief thank you. "I may have heard something about you--and Aethan--taking a little time to enjoy yourselves. Finally! After all that... Look, I'll not keep you two any longer. We'll catch up. I'll be here." Porter puts a hand on Ian's shoulder and then backs away to find lemonade and leave the courting couple free to do their courting in front of everyone. All of the people.

Wash collects a trio of bottles, swinging by the edge of the pool to drop a bottle off right next to Isabetta, should she awaken and feel thirsty. Then he leaves the others in capable hands and pours a glass for himself from the last. "Lemonade. Lemonade." He takes one off a servant's tray and replaces it with the opened bottle. He pours half the lemonade in his own glass, and carries the rest to Denica's table. "This is a nice change from weddings and parties, and assemblies." He sets his glass down only long enough to start shedding his boots in favor of sticking his legs in the pool.

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Isabetta lifts her head with a start and blinks a few times. She looks at Wash, the bottles then turns to Catalana.

Again, there's almost a sense of gravity when Porter leaves to go elsewhere, like Ian might just be drawn along in his wake like an orbiting moon. But he stays where he is, instead taking Zoey the rest of the way to where Alarissa sits by the pool.

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Zoey turns, watching Ian for a moment before looking after Porter thoughtfully. She shakes her head and takes a seat before hiking her skirts to her knees and sinking her feet in the pool. It's just cotton voile, but still...

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Ian pulls a light chair near the pool and settles into that, probably to save himself the trouble of getting up off the ground, later. Once he makes the decision to be attentive to what's happening there, he might almost have put his brothers out of his mind. All of his attention is on the other people gathered around said pool. Almost all. He might glance up at them from time to time. There are, it would seem, limits to his capacity to focus.

Jan stands, bottle of vodka in hand. She looks toward the pool and the people there. She turns her head to regard the wicker couch and table set, and the brothers there. She just stays where she is, taking a long pull from her vodka.

Aethan continues to sit and drink at the moment, as is his wont, without saying much. However, he seems perfectly content to sit and watch, and definitely not plan to go into the pool any time soon. His gaze moves from person to person, without focusing on any one person in particular, except at a point that he catches Ian's glance his way. His brother gets an almost imperceptible smile from him before their gazes break. And to Porter as well, who does not get a smile, but a more scrutinizing look.

The most jovial, and giant, of the Kennex brothers reaches for a pitcher of the fragrant lemonade and plucks it from its home only to relocate it to the table next to the wicker couch. The same couch that gives a rustling groan as he joins the lone man already there. "Aethan," he says. Then he nudges the lemonade closer to his older brother. A sort of offering. Seeing Jan standing there, regarding him with her bottle of rosy vodka... he waves her over.

Wash shucks his shirt and drops into the pool to wade around in his trousers. He's not very self-conscious around water, and an adept swimmer.

Jan waves back at Porter. She glances behind herself. No, Porter was gesturing to her. She has a fortifying swig of vodka and lopes over that way.

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Ian looks around. He may have finally realized he doesn't have any alcohol yet.

Zoey glances around for a moment and then back at Ian. With a bit of a smirk, she hands him her bottle of vodka. Then, with an exhale, she stands. Looks at the pool... and wriggles out of her dress to reveal a swimming shift. Then, she arcs a perfect dive into the water.

Isabetta yawns and heads to leave, "See you," She tells Denica and Alarissa.

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Catalana wiggles her fingers to Isabetta as she leaves. Sighing, she stretches a bit on that lounge chair. Oh yes...that was some good lemonade.

Ian takes the bottle from Zoey when she hands it his way. Maybe she gave it to him to hold while she went swimming. But probably not, because she's got to know him better than that by now. He opens the bottle and takes a considering drink, then gets an odd expression on his face and looks at the vodka more closely.

Zoey surfaces on the far side of the pool, utter delight on her features. Long limbs kick into gear as she launches off the side of the pool into a lazy backstroke. Eventually, she rejoins the little party at the side and she beams up at Ian. Who knew that a landlocked Bisland would be such a water baby?

Alarissa has put down her wine glass and summarily, pushed Denica into the water.

Ian may or may not just be enjoying having a drink (straight from the bottle, because classy) and watching Zoey swim. The moment when Alarissa pushes Denica does distract him, though.

Wash laughs out loud at Denica ending up in the pool, though he plays lifeguard at least enough to make sure that she doesn't drown.

There is a scream and a shout followed by a splash as Denica seems to have mysteriously fallen into the pool. There's a little bit of a struggle as the fabric of her dress seems to get in the way before she finally rights herself and she emerges once more, coughing and blinking towards Alarissa with a bit of a glare before she bursts out laughing. "My vodka!" she shouts. "Gods... okay I gotta get this thing off," she says, paddling to the shallows to remove the gown, stripping down to her shift.

"I hope that's seasilk." Wash says. "I never buy anything but seasilk for Catalana." He is willing to give Denica a hand removing her dress though, dresses can be tricky to remove in the water. "It survives wetting much better than regular silk."

Jan sits up a little straighter and looks toward the pool, distracted from her conversation with two of the three Brothers Kennex. Her lips quirk a little at the corners to see Denica sopping wet. A snicker from the General of the Corsairs.

"It's just regular silk," she says sadly. "But I... might be able to salvage it? Or just have somebody make me a new one." Denica places her dress on the side of the pool to hopefully dry, reaching behind her to strain out her long dark locks of hair, letting it flop down over her back.

Porter follows Jan's gaze, and then follows her snicker with a laugh that he strangles to keep it from becoming a good natured guffaw.

Wash gestures for one of the Kennex servants to take away the silken slippers. "See what you can do with those, yes? And bring... bring us something for the Princess to wear when she's done in the pool. There are towels, sure, but no robes or dressing gowns.

Aethan looks up from the conversation at the splash, as well, his eyebrows raising, and he shakes his head with a snort of laughter, though it's short lived. It happened, though. You all saw it.

Ian cracks half a smile while talking with Alarissa. Which may or may not be connected with the non-laughter over at the wicker furniture.

Zoey lounges on the side of the pool, arms on the edge as she laughs at poor Denica's fate. Then, she hoists herself up and sits, dripping wet and warm mocha brown in the sunlight. She scoots back until resting against Ian's chair. She reaches back, hand tugging lightly at the vodka bottle.

Ian passes the bottle down to Zoey in a familiar, contented gesture.

Zoey takes the bottle from Ian with an easy smile of thanks and takes a long drink directly from it.

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