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Last Call - On House Laurent

Everyone is packing and preparing depart to their respective muster points. Cristoph is hosting drinks on House Laurent at the Sleepless Knights! Come by and tell everyone what's in your will. It's trending.


March 7, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

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Esoka Norwood Belladonna Demura Kael Lethe Adalyn Mailys Jacque(RIP) Luis Margerie Romulius



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Sleepless Knights - Bar

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Echo, an adult Oakhaven bloodhound, Vern arrive, following Kael.

Despite the advertising, Cristoph is /not/ sitting around at a table writing his will. Probably because his wife is a lawyer and there's like 45 copies of an iron clad version of it stashed around the manse in various safe spots. He's situated at one of the tables however and it does seem like drinks are on the house, as people filter in to grab their beverage of choice at the bar. Some of the more Orthodox are indeed, ordering milk! Or tea! Or tea with /milk/ in it! He has tankard of ale and is just finishing up a conversation with his assistant before the man tags out, leaving the duke to his own devices.

Romulius arrives at the bar wearing just his silk shirt, pants, and boots. (None of that armor, need a container still, sorry) He fortunately does not arrive alone. On his arm is Mailys and the two appear to be chatting quietly but quiet for Romulius is all about the different levels between earth shaking, or ear ringing sometimes. "I wonder what it will take to win the family over." He rumbles to Mailys, "Any advice you could give me would be most helpful." His deep baritone is gravelly like two boulders grating together thanks to a scar across his throat. "Ne'er been here b'fore. Ye have a favorite place ta sit here?" He asks the woman on his arm.

The door to the establishment opens and it is likely no surprise that Kael has decided to take the Laurent Duke up on his offer of free beverage. He does not even linger there near the doorway, traveling across the threshold toward Cristoph rather than the bar itself, and patting the man upon the back by way of greeting. Once he's summoned the other man's attention he delivers a suitable bow. Upon rising there's a grin to go along with it. "Good evening, my lord. Thank you in advance for the drink."

1 House Lyonesse Adept Guard arrives, following Jacque.

Demura makes her way into the bar, and she nods to a few familiar faces as she finds herself a seat. She speaks quietly to a server, requesting a drink before she turns to people watch for a short while.

Lethe arrives alone with a look of uncertainty. She makes her way to the bar.

Mailys moves gracefully at Romulius' side whose strides as slowed to a leisurely pace to allow the petite, sleek young women to keep up with a soft swirl of silks and fur that brushes against his calves as they enter. Her gaze is turned upwards as they speak that causes her long loose raven tresses to flicker against the small trim of her waist behind her. "I do believe a smooth bit of that charm you keep hidden would help," she muses to him as a smile flickers across crimson lips. "Perhaps bearing a few tailored gifts," she adds after a moment with a rise of slender brows. Her gaze slides from him across the bar, "To be honest it is the first time I've been here as well which is a shame as I should know where all the different spirits are to be had." She tips her head towards the back table before looking up as if in query.

Norwood has been seeing a lot of bars lately. Walking in he look sabout and shakes his head a little when offered a drink. Since Cristoph is taken up with Kael Norwood turns his steps towards Demura instead, nodding his head to the woman. "Lady Demura, it is good to see you again."

Cristoph turns and glances up when he feels himself being patted on the back, when he's greeted with the sight of Kael, he grins. "Evening Count Keaton. You're welcome, I thought it might nice to break up the waiting a little." He waves around to the other people being social before taking a long drink from his tankard. His attention drifts around the bar, taking in the sights of the other people before drifting back to the count. "You'll sit with me?"

Romulius rumbles a deep chuckle at Mailys' comment, "You flatter me Mistress Mailys, I have no real skill for words anymore. Perhaps one day, but I doubt it." Then with a nod he looks around and chooses a place to sit. "So long as they have rum, I will be happy." He suddenly looks concerned, "They do have rum right?" He asks the bartender as they approach.

Shortly after Demura enters, Jacque slips in, joining his way with a nod to her. He inclines his head respectfully towards Cristoph as he settles down, quietly making his order of the server.

Bella sweeps into the bar, just late enough to make a grand entrance. She's flanked by the cadre of five personal guards bearing the House Pravus colors, but her assistant is quickly dismissed to get herself something to eat and drink. There's a polite expression on her face with the faintest hint of a smile tugging at her lips, but that mask melts into a true smile when she sees Cristoph. Inclining her head towards the Duke, she doesn't intrude on his conversation but rather moves to find what will hopefully be the best seat in the house for the evenings activities. She glances around, as if expecting to see someone, looking momentarily saddened when they don't seem to be here.

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At the comment, Mailys' chuckles softly. Her hand tightens inside of Romulius' elbow as he approaches the bar. Her free hand however slips up to shift the weight of her fur cloak from over one shoulder, leaving it bare and shifting the cascade of tresses behind her ina shivering dark blue waver. It drops then into the inner folds as she brings out a sleek blue flask before crossing it over and against his chest. "As if I wouldn't come prepared," she muses in a lilt as they approach the bar. "I think I'll give with a spiced tea.. to spike."

Adalyn arrives with a door slam behind her and a delighted crow, "Hello! I hope I haven't missed the maudlin drinking songs!" Because whenever they start up around Adalyn, the turn decidedly less maudlin, and that's why they're fun. "Papa! Do you need me to buy you a drink?" What an easy offer, since all the drinks are already on the house.

Cristoph lifts a hand and waves to the Lyonesse couple, his attention on them briefly from across the room. Then he shifts focus back to his immediate area with a warm smile. Belladonna's entrance is rather hard to miss and when she catches his eye, his smile grows a bit wider. "Duchess Pravus, won't you come sit with me and Count Keaton?" He calls over to her, lifting his voice just enough to have it carry over the din of the tavern.

"I would be no other place, my lord, other than if you ordered me to be so," comments Kael with a sparkle in his eyes, that grin still visible on his lips. He is peering toward the tankard that Cristoph has in hand and adds, evidently finding the amount in it far too little, "I will get you another." It is with that, and to allow the Honey Duke additional company, that the Keaton Count momentarily slips off to the bar -- or starts to, before he is calling to Belladonna. So it is that his focus shifts appropriately to the Pravus, and a bow is delivered. "What is it that I might order for you, my lady?" he asks politely, waiting for her answer before going to fetch.

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Norwood raises an eyebrow at Adalyn when she bursts in, but his smile also grows. "Are you going to try to out drink me Adalyn? You know you always win, Lady Demura," Norwood nods to Jacque who has also joined them, "Lord Jacque, have you met my daughter Adalyn Clement?"

"I have not. A pleasure to meet you, Mistress Clement," Jacque intones to Adalyn with a faint smile to her and Norwood, as he engages in quiet conversation with his wife. The Marquis seems briefly thoughtful.

Romulius takes the flask that is pressed to his chest and then uncaps it while giving Mailys a curious look before he sniffs at the flask. The reaction is immediate, a big white smile behind that dark full beard and he leans over to murmur something to Mailys. Though they continue towards the bar and he takes a pull from the flask, Romulius closes it and then absently slips it into a pocket. "Should save that. It's full o' mem'ries." And he smiles at Mailys before finding a seat at the bar, gesturing to the bartender, "Hope ye have tha' rum." He rumbles, "Variety is the spice o' life." He answers when queried on what kind. Once settled in though he slips his arm around Maily's waist and leaves his hand on her hip as he murmurs to her again before taking a longer look around at who might be present.

Demura smiles over at Norwood, her eyes moving briefly to Adalyn. "I don't believe I have." She says, nodding to the woman. "Pleasure to meet you, Mistress Clement. Your father has spoken well of you." She murmurs, nodding briefly at something Jacque says before she smiles again.

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Adalyn flags down a bartender for a tankard of ale, her gestures making clear that her father should have one too. "Delighted to meet you both," she says with a nod to Jacque and Demura, this level of politeness likely to decline as the evening goes on. She slides a look over at her father and gives him a mischievious smile. "I hope the things you've been saying are at least half true?" she teases.

Having introduced his daughter to the Lyonesse pair Norwood turns his full attention to his daughter as he pulls up a chair at his own table and settles. In good company he does take up the drink even as he waves Adalyn into a chair nearby. "Would I ever speak an untruth about you? Are you and the Few ready to go?" Norwood will absolutely take these few moments to spend some with his daughter.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, The Second arrive, following Margerie.

As they pass through the room and the flask is pressed to the man's chest, Mailys gaze slides towards Christoph. A smile spreads across her lips and she gives Romulius a nudge with her elbow though it's gentle enough. "We ought to introduce ourselves to the gracious host of the drinks tonight," she murmurs before his head cants downwards and her gaze slides back as he speaks. "Aye, that it is," she offers while he moves to settle and order drinks. The slip of his arm leaves little room to maneuver as she's swept against his side. The hand tucked from inside his arm slides against his side a moment before lifting to the bar as she leans over to more properly place an order. She leans back then as her gaze slips towards Kael a moment in approaching the bar while taking orders along the way.

Mailys adds after a moment, "Drinking songs would be a fine addition."

Demura gazes steadily at Jacque, whatever he was saying quietly did not make her happy in the least. She nods though, before she turns to gaze towards Kael, her face thoughtful. She takes a drink from her cup and sits back in her seat.

"Well, truth or untruth, I hope you told the one that was more fun," Adalyn says to her father Norwood. She takes her tankard of ale and sits at the table next to him. "I think the Few are ready to head out tomorrow, if we're so called. The longer we delay, though, the more anxious I am to go. Though... Shard has already been scolding me. I don't think the Captain hates me yet, though." She doesn't seem too worried about either possibility. "How about you? Got your horse all packed? You and the Duke will be riding south, right?"

Her head turning, sapphire blue eyes landing on the pair of men offering to let her join. A faint smile tugs at her lips and she inclines her head towards them, moving back the way she came. Belladonna claims a seat with Cristoph and Kael, turning her smile first towards her in-law with a murmured, "Duke Laurent. I hope you are well. I admit a pang of disappointment that my sister is not here. She seems to have flourished in the Laurents." To Kael, she dips a nod and offers, "It is a pleasure to meet you, my lord. I do not suppose that you have a compliment of wines available? I have a particular fondness for reds." Chuckling softly, Bella strokes her fingertips lightly over the bright reds of the fireweave dress she is clad in. Pulling both hands away, she settle sthem into her lap and looks between the pair, "Do you play any drinking games in the Valardin Ward? Amusing little activities to make the drinking a more socially enjoyable endeavor."

"Aye, p'rhaps ya have the right of it." Romulius rumbles to Mailys at her suggestion, taking the bottle of rum in hand he pops the cork out of it with his teeth because, who needs civilization. Taking a pull from the bottle he swallows twice before offering it to the woman at his side. He looks back over towards the gathering group and then moves away from the bar and over towards them. "Hail. Well met. Greetin's and salutations. All o' that." He offers with a smile, "This the place to talk about wills aye?" He asks curiously, intruding like a barbarian into the other conversation of gathered folks. "I'm Lord Romulius Blackshore, this here is Mistress Corsetina." He gestures with one plate sized hand towards Mailys, of course. "Want ta thank our gracious host..." He looks at each person as if trying to figure out who that might be, "For the drinks an' such."

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Cristoph is situated at one of the tables, drinking his tankard of ale and in various stages of conversations with Kael and Belladonna. The count seems about ready to head off to the bar to grab a round, while the duke is tossing back what's left of his. "Thank you! And I wouldn't order you away. Well, unless I had too." His smile turns wry and he glances back towards his sister-in-law, even as his attention does a steady but casual inspection of the crowd. When the duchess takes her seat, he turns more fully in her direction. "Me too. But you know how Nicia is, she gets incredibly caught up in work. Loses track of time. Have you had the opportunity come by and see your nephew yet?" Her question has him tipping his head and he glances towards Kael as if he might have an answer. "I normally just... drink the ale." /Oathlanders/. Sigh. At least he has the good nature to laugh about it towards the end. "Do you have any you might like to share with us?"

"I find that you are difficult to hate, it's good to know that my perception is not turned about completely by fatherly affection." Norwood grins at his daughter before talk of extra drinking games is brandied about. "Duke Cristoph," Calling Cristoph's attention, "I think Adalyn knows a few." Norwood isn't at all sorry for putting his daughter in the less oathlander role~

Margerie Keaton's cloak has barely had tie to land on a cloak when she hears a name ring out through the room. Romulius Blackshore! Oh look, the Valardin drinking game is about to begin. Don't mind her just yet. The former Keaton countess is making a beeline to the bar and "A bottle of whiskey, if you will, and a few glasses." A lady has to share with her friends, after all, and it is a party...

"I think, though, that practice and training with the troops will dispel that perception," Jacque goes on to say to Demura, whatever it is they happen to be talking about making neither of them particularly happy. He looks contemplative, instead, reaching for his ale and drinking from the tankard.

Amusement crinkles at the corner of Mailys eyes as he orders a favored choice of beverage at the bar before taking a few swigs directly. On this occasion she lifts a hand and lets him keep the bottle even as a small mug of tea is slid over. A few coins are slipped onto the counter for a tip at the very least along with a welcome smile and a softly murmured 'thank you'. Her fingertips curl delicately into the curve of it's handle, lifting it even as Romulius turns towards Christopher and his other companions at the table across the way. She lifts it towards the crimson of her lips, inhaling the soft curl of steam that wafts of darkly brewed tea and an orange spice. It lowers as she is introduced though as Christoph is speaking the soft flicker of silks and fur that drift in her wake slow, not wishing to interrupt herself though she gives a tilt of her head towards the table.

"My Lady," murmurs Kael in response to Belladonna, his head inclining just so. "A pleasure to meet you in person; it is regretful that with all of the meetings regarding the war effort, our schedule never aligned. I will check and see if there is something appropriate for you." Mind you, this is punctuated with a deep breath, his shoulders squaring up and a mildly uncertain look as he exchanges a look with Cristoph, twitching a shoulder and offering him a rueful grin. He'll try, at least. He is just about to the bar when he catches the introduction from Romulius, turning to regard the man with his eyes brightening further. No, he does not rush over there, not just yet. He's instead going to the bar and nodding deeply to those gathered there: Demura and Jacque. Toward Norwood, he flashes a grin, and then he slips down a few paces to press a kiss of greeting to Margerie's cheek. Two tankards are snared from the bartender and, after a brief discussion, a suitable red (likely the best in house) is acquired.

Leana, an Igniseri Guard arrives, following Luis.

Adalyn laughs and waves off her father's suggestion of sharing songs. "zo

Adalyn laughs and waves off her father's suggestion of sharing songs. "I don't know much about starting songs, but I know a bit about ruining them."

Margerie checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

"My sister and I haven't spoken in... awhile. Its more my own fault than hers. She has tried to reach out but I have been distant. Preoccupied. I had hoped to try and reconnect with her here in a social setting," Bella responds with a small shrug and wan smile. Lifting her chin slightly, the young Duchess states, "No matter. I'll simply have to make time to go visit her -and- my nephew. I have a bit of a surprise for her as well. My own household will be growing by two. I am delighted and humbled to be given the opportunity to expand the household." Her eyes turn towards Kael, that smile growing a touch as she murmurs, "It is understandable. With so many meetings and committees that were created, it would take a mind on par with my own secretary's to be able to keep up with them all." She motions briefly towards the young woman enjoying s alight meal and a small ale at the bar. Looking back to Cristoph, she smiles faintly, "I know of a few, yes. Which to play largely depends on preference of the players."

Margerie hasn't /quite/ gotten her full order yet. Just the bottle. It means she has a hand free to reach up and grip Kael's shoulder tightly when he kisses her cheek. There is something possessive about it. She doesn't turn to look at him. No, she's looking towards that /Blackshore/. Looking might be too polite a term for it. She's glowering at him. When she looks away, it's up to her nephew. There aren't any words exchanged, just reminding herself of, well, something. A deep sighing breath and then she nods and sends the glasses over towards Norwood and Adalyn, all but two. Those two, the bottle, and the Margerie are walking over towards Romulius.

Esoka heard there were complimentary drinks in the Valardin ward. And, so, here she is. "I would like ale!" she bellows to the room at large. Maybe someone in charge of pouring drinks will hear it. Yelling completed, she makes her way in to mix with the crowd.

Demura gets to her feet, shrugging towards Jacque, her expression cool. She makes her way towards the door, pausing to bow towards Cristoph, her gauntleted fist making brief contact with her breastplate. Her guards move after her as she exits the bar.

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Stepping through the doors with lots of room over the Igniseri Lord's head, is Luis, not as tall as many other men, but what he lacks in height, he makes up for in other areas. The man is dressed in sable leathers with crimson feathers and edgings that make up the shape of a large phoenix about his person. Flames also are a common accent throughout his armor and his arms consist of the red hilt of a cavalry sabre at his hip while a longer blade, wrapped in black cloth resitdes upon his back. He looks around the room as he allows his eyes a moment to adjust, hair flouncing a bit in those dark curls that float upon his head. Dark brown eyes seek faces he knows, people he's familiar with, while his booted feet take him towards the bar, "I heard that someone else was paying for drinks tonight, and I'd rather not miss the opportunity," he tells the keep, ensuring that he gets a mug full some something before he turns and looks for a place to sit, spotting Margerie, Luis approaches, "Lady Margerie, a pleasure! And the Dame Esoka! Familiar faces abound!" he says allowed, starting to see those whom are there, but focusing on them slowly so that he does not leave anyone alone for too long.

"Count Kael," Jacque intones across the Sleepless Knights before standing to his feet. He watches as Demura slips out, scratching his head briefly before shaking his head. With a bow to Cristoph, he starts on out, as well. Likely to go after his wife.

"Thank you." Cristoph repeats again to Kael as he folds his hands onto the table in front of him. When he hears Norwood's voice however, he glances back over his shoulder and calls back, "I bet that she does!" He certainly won't object if Adalyn's going to start singing. With a soft shake of his head, he returns to Belladonna. A quiet expression crosses his face and he leans closer to speak with her, pitching is voice lower so as not to carry. When he sits more upright again, there's a curious look. "By two? Are you...? Or is this an impending marriage or...? I apologize, subtly is not my strong suit." When Demura passes him and bows, he lifts an eyebrow. "Hello and good-bye to you as well, Marquessa." His own look becomes unreadable before he plasters a smile across it. "And Marquis."

Norwood excuses himself to Adalyn as he raises momentarily. He's heading over to the new group and returns Kael's nod with one of his own and with //two glasses// in his hands. "Lady Margerie, why do I now have two drinks?" Helooks vaguely distressed about this sudden abundance of alcohol on him. Italso gives him a chance to nod to all of the others around Cristoph's table.

"I believe I had greeted you on my way in, my Lord. Perhaps I had caught you at a busy time, which is understandable," Jacque gestures, with a bright smile. "You do have quite the campaign to conduct, after all. Gloria bless all our warriors and our Oathlands in the times to come."

"Welp. Don' my part." Romulius rumbles to Mailys with a little shrug and then turns to head away from the group which of course puts him directly in the path of Margerie and her drinks and glasses. He nods politely and then steps aside so that he is not barring her path at all. Looking towards Mailys he rumbles, "We should go. Not much of a party." He smiles at the woman though, removing his hand from Mailys' hip he offers her his elbow and arm again like a proper gentleman might. His grin is not proper though.

"The first was to your wife." Cristoph replies to Jacque with a quick smile, "I did return your wave from across the room. Though, that reminds me. You never responded to my invitation to come by sometime, you remember, when you were organizing Prince Edain's gift." He gently props his chin up with his knuckled hand. "We do. And good luck to House Lyonesse as well."

Esoka turns to Luis. Blinking. Though she manages a grin to him after a beat. "My lord! Good eve! I heard there was drinking here!" And there is. She's delivered her ale in not-too-terribly long. She moves herself toward a table. Picking one out near Norwood, seemingly at random. A quick grin is flashed to the other Sword.

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"I've been busy getting other things organized for war, my lord, but that is no excuse. A failing of mine, undoubtedly, to not respond to it in a timely fashion." Jacque bows again to Cristoph, deferentially. "Perhaps after war, when things are less certain, we can sit down for that dinner."

Upon hearing Cristoph's guesses, Belladona blinks once, slowly. Her fingers tighten a touch around each other and she's forced to feign a small cough to cover the laugh that tries to escape. Using that as excuse, she takes a moment to compose herself before looking back to Cristoph with a smile. "My apologies, I am entirely to used to Lycene double-speak. No, I am not, and I do not know of any impending marriages. I am adopting Abbas' twins into House Pravus. They are technically already my first cousins once removed, but they will become Pravus in name and title now." With Demura's passing, Belladonna, inclines her head towards the Marquessa and offers a brief, polite smile towards the woman and her husband.

Mailys gives Romulius a soft tut as the tip of her tongue meets the roof of her mouth. "The nature of large gatherings," she soothes with a smile before noting Margerie's glower towards the man at her side that is soon followed by a turn of heel as the woman closes in when they shift back towards the bar themselves. A hand slips up and touches her companions back a moment as he steps aside rather than taking his arm. A subtle pressure is applied as a dip of her head is given to Margerie, "Greetings," she offers softly.

"Oh no, Lord Blackshore, you and I are having a drink," Margerie Keaton says as she follows Romulius' side step so that she can block his way for the time being. She is a determined figure as she sets the two glasses she kept in hand on the nearest surface and begins to pour rather efficiently. "It's that or I quietly seethe the rest of the evening. And I do so prefer to be better company than that." She sucks a breath in to her teeth and catches Mailys' greeting. Between that and Norwood's comments, the TEENIEST bit of stiffness releases from her shoulders. "I got a bottle, Norw... Sir Clement, and I think they would need to carry me home if I drank the whole thing myself. And while home is very close..." Luis' approach wins a nod and even a friendly smile. She'll get to that greeting once she's done her duty.

Luis grins as he catches Esoka's attention, "And good evening, and a Knight after my own heart, I heard that there was drinking as well. I let all my soldiers who remain know as well. I heard there was a Laurent who was footing the bill, so I made sure to send as many people down here as I could," Luis notes, grinning at Esoka, he moves to stand beside her table. "I'd look to the others here, but they all seem to be tied up for the moment. Where's your new betrothed? I figured he'd be out for a drink as well, or did you wear him out already?" he teases the Dame, but looks over to Cristoph, "Ah, there's the Duke I believe, he's the one paying, right?" Luis raises his cup towards Christoph and shouts across the bar, "Thank you, my Lord! Your kindness knows no bounds!" he also spots Romulius and Mailys with Margerie as well, "Ah, more new people... new to me. Also here for the free drinks?" Luis asks of them both. He notes the tension between the three and so he wisely drinks from his cup instead. Oh, and then there's Kael, he gets a nod too, because hounds."

"Dame Esoka," Norwood greets the other Sword also and waves her closer to his little gathering. "I have a drink for you, I don't believe I've met you?" That last to Luis as he fishes for the name. The drink he offers is whatever Margerie ordered because Norwood already has ALE. The glass gets waved before his gaze shifts over to where Margerie is confronting the blunt man and the quiet woman on his arm. "You know you would have no shortage of hands to do so in this company."

"Maybe." Romulius rumbles at Mailys his deep voice uncertain, "But it still makes me uncomfortable. Like I don' belong still." He frowns a moment but then blinks when Margerie continues to block his path like that. "We are?" He rumbles in surprise, perhaps trying to place Margerie and try to remember if he knows her. Somehow, he manages to remember his manners and maybe it is because of Mailys' hand on his arm the big man relents, nodding towards Margerie, "If that be yer desire malady." He really should practice saying 'my lady' more often again. Especially when put on the spot. "Not sure why ye would seethe though." He mentions, reaching up with his hand holding his bottle of rum to scratch at the side of his bearded cheek with a nail. "Did I wrong ye somehow?" He asks curiously of the much smaller and older Lady Margerie but his tone is honestly curious.

"Oh, I see. Adoption." Cristoph thinks it over and then laughs suddenly and exhales slowly. "Well, I wish you the best of luck with those adoptions." It's politely put and he manages to keep his expression smooth at the mention of Abbas. "Of course. Whenever you find the time, Marquis Lyonnesse." He tips his head towards Jacque and flicks his gaze towards the door. "I'm sorry, I'm keeping you from your wife. She seemed unhappy." There appear to be other people also lingering near and waving or saying hello and he looks deeply apologetic in that moment, giving them all quick waves. Hello, yes! He sees you!

When Margerie is practicing her death grip on his shoulder, Kael's brows are drawing in together and he exhales softly. "Aunt Margerie," he murmurs, just the two words, quietly spoken and an offer of greeting. He has beverages however to deliver and thus, after a quiet, 'My Lord,' in turn toward Jacque's verbal greeting he is moving back across the establishment. First he is setting the fresh tankard before the Duke Laurent, next the glass of red wine (he doesn't spill any either) before Belladonna before he is setting down his own in front of his chair. He turns toward Romulius at that point, only to see his aunt look as though she might try whisking him away. His mouth twists and there's a glance cast toward the table he's near, apologetically, and he moves toward that pair, there. "You're Skye's brother then," he rumbles, his brows lifting -- there's definitely too much familiarity there with those words, perhaps purposefully so, as he plays relatively straight-faced other than a sparkle in his gaze.

"Ah, hello..." Luis begins with Norwood, seeming at a loss because the other man hasn't introduced himself either. He just stands there, looking at the man, confusion settling upon his lips, though his eyes light with a mirth that fives away the ruse. "You haven't met me?! That's terrible news, terrible indeed, I was just at the wedding of our fine Knight here, and you're telling me you don't remember me from the party? Unless of course that means you weren't there..." Luis shares with the man, then adds, "Lord Luis Igniseri, a pleasure, I hope, we'll see when the drinks are done though, won't we?" he quips, and gestures to one of the seats at Esoka's table. "This only for those who swore oaths, or are us soldiers allowed to sit here too?" he ponders to her.

With a knightly salute to Cristoph, and another to Kael, Jacque turns and departs.

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Esoka raises her ale in Luis' general direction. "To drinks before the war!" As to her husband. "Working, I think. The Boroughs don't keep themselves free of petty criminals. Or rats. I gather he has to deal with those at times, as well. Perhaps I'll bring him something back in a flask." Her mug is then directed at Cristoph. A hearty, "Thank you!" bellowed in his direction. She takes the extra drink Norwood offers her. She'll /surely/ get to it. "And thank you! Will you be marching to Storwood, Sir Norwood? Or are you bound for Setarco?"

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Mailys tips her head slightly to one side with a quiet, playful muse to Romulius, "I do believe I like this woman." But then how can she not when Margerie has a bottle in hand and drinks considering the lush that Mailys can be. It's a soft aside as she hasn't caught the woman's name of yet. Her gaze lifts at his words spoken and the splay of her fingertips upon his back slide to his arm for the grouch of his first appearance. He head lifts to his words and a squeeze is given along with a smile. She looks as if to respond when his frown turns to surprise and he speaks to the woman. Her own emerald gaze catches Luis call of greetings. She turns slightly to the side so as not to directly interrupt the conversation and questions as hand as she calls back. "Indeed we are! It's hard to resist such an kindly offer," she smiles rather infectiously.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

Norwood can't help but laugh at the riptose Luis delivers. "Forgive me Lord Igniseri," Esoka has just delivered his name, but he'll attach it firmly to himself also. "Sir Norwood Clement," His hand free of the extra drink Norwood can concentrate on the careful proper drinking and Oathlander ought to do. "I'll be staying with my Duke, to Southport. This is a bit of a farewell, as we are going in all different directions."

Margerie looks at Kael sharply when he approaches and mentions Romulius being Skye's brother. There's a forced calm in her stance, but her toes tap heavily against the floor. One heavy pour of whiskey is held out to Romulius to take. She picks up the other. "Close enough to it. Not you directly, but..." Apparently she's going to leave it to Kael to fill in a few pieces of family history. "Better to drink bitterly at the darkness than bathe in it, so - cheers!" She lifts her glass and then tips down the shot at a go. Well go, Auntie Superior of the Oathlands! That done and another hissed breath and shake of the head. "There! Lady Margerie Keaton of Oakhaven. How is everyone? Here to celebrate the less bitter connections we've made?" She smiles warmly at Luis. "Or to dance with charming partners?" Don't mind her free hand in all this. It reaches out for Norwood's if he's managed to stay nearby.

"To drinks before the war! And Drinks in moments of respite, and drinks after, and drinks forever!" Luis responds to Esoka, finishing his mug and then looking to find another cup from the bar, and responds to Mailys in the process, "Well then, to free drinks!" he exclaims to her, tilting his glass enough to make it a toast, but not so much as to spill the liquid within, he's well practiced in this gesture apparently. He gives them a nod, "When the Lady Margerie finds someone to talk to... she never lets go..." his voice drops to a whisper, a terrifying warning of a whisper, "nverrrrr...." then he winks at the lady so named and offers his own, "Lord Luis Igniseri, a pleasure to meet you, perhaps if you stay, we call all have a conversation while enjoying more free drinks?" he notes, leaving it as an option, though he moves right back to the table, because it's really not that far away, a step in either direction to be honest, "Forgive you? I suppose I could, unless you slept with my wife, in which case I am afraid I cannot... firstly because I would be too heartbroken that she had decided I was no longer the best lover she had, and two, because she doesn't exist." He leaves it at that and drinks from his cup, smiling over the brim, "Ah, so am I, so I imagine we'll be marching together when the time comes." He looks about to say more when Margerie distracts him, "Ah, yes, she's quite amazing, and there have been others who have done so well, I am just happy that you were able to meet my most handsome, sculpted, dashing man that evening, he was dreamy, was he not?"

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Esoka takes a deep gulp, gulp, gulp. And, her first drink is gone. She starts on Norwood' spare one, then. A nod and grunt to him. "Aye. Part of me wishes I was defending Setarco. But I'm better on land than at sea, and I go where I'm sent. I'll be with Riven's cavalry, against whatever we meet in the Crovane lands. May Gloria shield you and bless your sword for honorable combat in the foes you face, Sir Norwood."

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Romulius looks over at Kael, "Aye, Baroness Skye be my little sister." He sounds proud of the fact that Skye is Baroness now too. No bitterness there at all, "She don' a good job so far. Better'n I could do." Then he is given a glass of whiskey by Marjerie and he blinks, "Aye, always a reason t'drink." He then drinks down his glass of whiskey without a wince at the taste or the burn, but he was drinking rum from the bottle. "Fer what it's worth, sorry ye been wronged by m'family at any time. Know 'at we're tryin' t'make things better now." He rumbles to Marjerie even though she's already on her way away fromhim. He looks at the empty whiskey glass and then sets it aside on a table to get picked up by a server or some such. Then back to Kael he asks, "Who are ye t' be so familiar wit' m'sisters name?"

Norwood lifts his drink in response to Luis, his reply all moderated. Mostly because Margerie is reaching for his hand and Norwood is reaching over to squeeze her hand back. "I would not object to dance partners, but I'm afraid I abandoned Adalyn, and I really should get back. Forgive me." A polite farewell to EVERYONE that Norwood would do said politeness to before he excuses himself.

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Luis gives a strong nod to Esoka at her words, "I too prefer the solidity of land beneath my feet, rocking boats, dark holds, ship rats... the rats, their beedy eyes starign at you when you're locked in a cell after stowing on board and being caught by the merchant prince himself..." Luis coughs, "I mean I could totally see how someone may not appreciate a seaward life..." he trails off, coughing again. "Have a good evening Sir Norwood, we'll talk in the field, I am sure."

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Kael crosses his brawny arms over his chest and takes a deep breath so that he can do all that grand masculine posturing. It's totally not serious, of course, and might be clear that it is not to those that know him. To those that don't, however, with his neutral expression and grim little set of his mouth it might be taken that way. His eyes give him away though. He listens in silence to Romulius' words, nodding at the end, and it's painfully clear that the Count was waiting for this precise moment. It's like a great reveal or something. "I'd be her cousin," he counters, and it's there that his expression breaks and he's grinning from ear to ear like a kid that just got let into the chocolate factory. With a chuckle, he offers, "Kael Keaton, Count of Oakhaven." He offers the other man an arm, nodding to Margerie before adding, "This is my aunt," to claim her, despite the fact that she's already introduced herself. When he looks thusly he catches sight of Luis, and the man is responded to with a little chin-up and twitch of his lips. Seems he's in a grand mood.

Despite the tension within Margerie or the offer of two drinks just between herself and Romulius only, Mailys seems unphased by the display. She glances up towards the Blackshore at her side for a moment before her head tilts towards Luis. She lifts the small mug in her hand and offers, "To free drinks and pleasurable company. New faces well met." A smile flickers at the edges of her lips for the words of warning that are stage whispered. "Quite alright, it only makes the city a much more interesting and intriguing place. A pleasure Lord Igniseri. Mailys Corsetina at your service though it seems every one else is getting the drinks for others this time around!" She returns his wink in kind as he steps towards the nearby table. Her gaze slips towards Kael and the grand stand of posture before he introduces himself.


Esoka toasts Norwood on his way out. Then gets back to downing her second drink at a quick clip. A low chuckle to Luis. "Aye. Marching to war on horseback is not exactly comfortable, but at least I'm accustomed to it. I drink tonight to Princess Reese's health, and that of all the soldiers who shall be fighting in those waters. May we meet again when it's all done." A half-bow is offered to Kael as he enters. And a raise of her mug, since she's toasting.

With Kael filling in some blanks for Romulius, and her first shot down, and busy doing the work of warming her spirits and her belly, Margerie's shoulders to a bit more unhunching. She smiles apologetically at Mailys. "I'm sorry, I did ask for some more glasses. Let me pour you a shot as well. And you, Lord Luis, and ... and ..." She raises her voice and singsongs to the bar, "Who still needs a drink?" Smiles for Esoka and all the others that have edged towards the conversation. Her backup Clement is gone, she's on her own, and whatever angry edge she began the evening with seems to have dissipated into a gentle warmth.

"Good even Count Keaton, a pleasure again, I trust the Lady Deepwood hasn't been hounding you every day for a... well hound,"he smiles at his own play of words, and then goes back to drinking, it's safer. Mailys is offered a tilt of his cup as Margerie seems to find smoother feathers, "I am always on the hunt for interesting and intiguing, in drink, women, and men..." Luis offers with a laugh, but has his attention drawn back to the table, "Ah, that is a pleasure, let the horse do the walking... I left the army to take over as Voice and Minister when I was a Lieutenant in the Lenosian Cavalry, so trust me when I say I am quite familiar with your plight," he teases, toasting back and drinking. "I can always use more, if you're pouring."

Romulius doesn't seem to give the posturing much weight, maybe because when two huge men meet for the first time, there's always some sort of sizing up and it's already been done. The big Blackshore however raises an eyebrow, "That'd make ye my cousin as well 'en." He rumbles and then there is the actual introduction, "You." Romulius rumbles, pointing a finger at Kael, "You." He says again and this time he goes to remove his arm from Mailys' touch though not in an angry fashion towards her. Just in that fashion of someone that might be about to get in a fight and wants them not to get caught in the middle. "Yer the..." He seems almost apoplectic with anger, cracking his scarred knuckles as he stalks towards Kael, "White?!" He practically bellows, "White leathers?!" A shake of his shaggy head follows, "That was jus' cruel cousin. Very cruel." But it was all an act just like Kael's posturing. "Skye told me about ye. Ye get the leathers back? Hadda go an' spend every las' silver I had t'get somethin' o' the proper color." He reaches out a huge hand to the other huge man, in offer to shake.

For the ever swirl of the crowd around her, Mailys seems content and at ease as her form leans against Romulius' side and tea cup in hand. Soaking in the warmth perhaps as much as the conversation. With Margerie's offer of a shot, her gaze brightens considerably, "Oh thank the gods, Lord Blackstone has stolen my flask for his pocket where I intended to spike my tea!" she exclaims. "Besides, I know better than to get in front of a fiery woman with a purpose," she demures with a slip of a grin. "And well met, Lady Keaton. While I don't know the particular details I might ask you pardon Lord Blackstone. He's barely on a bit of sleep and is secretly trying to play the grouch." Though he wasn't really, a squeeze of her hand given to the man's arm. Her gaze slips towards Luis as she muses to the side, "Then you ought to join Lady Armani Gilden and I some night. We are yet looking for time to go carousing and mischief making. She's a terrible influence." The words an easy tease as if to insinuate it might be the other way around even as Romulius slips his arm from the wind of her hand. It does however leave her free to approach the table where Luid has settled though it's only but a step away. "Mind a bit of company while they catch up?"

Esoka finishes her second round of booze, setting the drink aside with a huffed breath. "I should be heading back to Heron Hall, I think. Gloria grant you courage and valor in the days to come, whatever they bring." And off she goes, with that.

Though he's got no drink in hand, his tankard abandoned at the table near Cristoph, Kael is lifting a hand back in turn toward the unknown Esoka with a smile to go along with it. He shifts his attention momentarily toward Luis and grins toward the other man. "I do not believe that Lady Deepwood would *hound* anyone, my lord. However, no. I believe she might be waiting a bit until things, ah, settle." He sobers somewhat with the topic of war, shaking his head and thereafter shifting his focus back to his cousin. "Me," he answers him, bright eyes turning brighter. Note of course the subtle change of his stance, despite the merriment seen in his gaze. His feet are more firmly placed, his stance widened and his shoulders squaring up. This is a man that knows basic defense and is anticipating, just in case said ruse is not, in fact, a ruse. When that angry bellow comes he tilts his head back and laughs grandly. "Blame your Princess Consort Alarissa Thrax for that one," he answers, shaking his cousin's hand before lifting his free one to clasp him upon the shoulder. "Those were my best leathers for a while, made for the White Ball, designed by my *wife*. Thus the need for their return for sentimental reasons. Otherwise they'd be scrapped and dyed appropriately."

Luis is about to look to Esoka for her response to the table desiring Mailys, but then Esoka is leaving and he waves, "Alright, have a great evening Dame Esoka, say hello to your husband for me! I will catch him again later I am sure." He then gestures to the fact that he's the only one at the table, "Certainly, please join us... me. If I drink enough I'm sure I'd see several of me as well..." he notes. There's a glance to Kael and Luis nods along with his understanding, "Of course, as are we all," Luis replies and then holds out his cup to Margerie, "Are you going to join us as well, Lady Margerie, it's an interesting evening, and seems like it's about to get intriguing also." Back to Mailys, "Ah, that sounds like a wonderful adventure, please do send me a missive, the Lady Armani I have met by reputation alone, so it would be good to place a face to a name."

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