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Archery Lessons

Prince Aiden, Commander of the Grayson Archers, the Silver Wings, is going to be providing archery lessons this week since he's been sought out by a few people in that regard. Once everyone has had a quick private lesson (through the use of the code teach), there will be a small archery competitions at the end for the students. The winner will receive a small prize!


Feb. 3, 2018, 2 p.m.

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Ianna Jeffeth Titania(RIP) Derovai Skye Ailith Wynna Zoey Gailin



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Proving Grounds

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Comments and Log

Titania is holding Gailins hand looking around smiling, "Wish me luck yes?" she looks to him then around at the others that are here.

The Proving Grounds archery range has been busy this afternoon! People from all walks have been coming into the grounds to get personal assistance from the Grayson Prince, while other archers from the Silver Wing archery unit have also helped out. On the range this day, are various targets in which people have been practicing at hitting. Aiden, presently squished in a cousin hug, has been helping various students with their skills all morning. He's actually just given out one of his bows, to Ianna, who stares at him wide eyed at the gesture, as well as fixing Skye's bow string! Once he clamours out of Zoey's grip, he grins, "Thank you all for coming. It truly does look like we need more archery teachers! Well, the fun part of the day is yet to come. Once everyone is confident with their abilities and what they've learned, I've a little mini-archery competition for all the students!"

Zoey holds her bow out to Aiden as she smiles up at him. "Isn't is fancy?" she says with a laugh. "I had Master Felix make it." But then it's time for people to start lining up for the lessons, and so she hurries off to do just that. But not, of course, before giving Aiden's cheek a kiss.

Gailin smiles at Titania giving her a kiss. "But of course my love. Good luck." he says to her with a smile as he looks atound.

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Ianna studies her bow silently, with a hawklike focus. This is her new project.

Wynna comes along with her crossbow, looking somewhat out of place.

Skye makes a point of looking at Zoey's bow with an admiring glance, "Oh that is very nice." She motions to her seahorse rubicund bow, "I designed the bow but had it made by a local craftsman. I'm afraid there is a limit to my woodworking." She perks up when Aiden mentions a contest, and then looks around, brightening when she sees Titania. She gives her a happy wave.

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A very large figure has been struggling to learn on this day. Sir Jeffeth Bayweather stands in his full suit of armor, struggling to fire off a few shots. He's never really used a bow. At all. The large man bashes people over the head with a cudgel or skewers them with a blade. But it's good to be well rounded, so the large knight of Solace has come intending to learn. It hasn't gone well so far. He keeps holding his fingers wrong, the arrows keep getting dropped and when he does finally nock an arrow ready for fire it just sproings and falls on the ground a few feet away from him. However. Sir Jeffeth is not dissuaded so easy. He still yet persists, eyes going over to the tutors every now and again to imitate them just so..

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Zoey might have been girlish enthusiasm when greeting Aiden, but with the bow in her hands and the tutors providing personalised help, she is focused and poised. She asks a question here about her grip, about her stance and footwork, about sighting... And she adjusts herself with preciscion each time.

Ianna walks over to Jeffeth, and, if he lets her, she'll gently correct his grip. "At least, that's how I think it's supposed to go. I've been practicing it like this," she says, demonstrating her draw.

The sneakiest of sneaky or more able to use the growing crowds to her advantage -- or not? There's that bit of her height which makes it easy to spot her among the commoner's stand. The Palace Seraph smiles, observing those at the range, while leaning to the disciple at her side and murmuring over their stack of notecards. Ailith exchanges one for another and uses the parchment as a flag to gently wave greeting to Sir Jeffeth -- yes, good luck.

Wynna is in the middle of quietly getting advice and such on her own crossbow-fu, handling the thing with some familiarity, but obviously much to learn.

Aiden looks toward Zoey's held bow as she shows it off, his eyes brightening, "Oh it's beautiful Zoey. I'll have to meet this Master Felix one day, but I'm afraid I won't be needing to arm myself further, not after acquiring Starfall." His trusty alaricite bow that's strapped to his back. He looks over toward Ianna, looking quite happy she's fond of the bow, "This isn't a one time offer either, for any of you. I can only train archery so much however, but I'd be willing to see you all skill levels that would suit you well in the field of battle. Or, hunting." But he doesn't talk about hunting! He smiles to Titania, "Countess Titania, a pleasure to see you again. Welcome welcome." He notes Gailin with her, "Hello Count Fireviper!" A hand lift, before his gaze sweeps toward Wynna with the crossbow. "Wow, that's quite some weapon you have there. I can provide you a little coaching with it, or, well, probably one of the other Silver Wings-" he loosely arm gestures toward the soldiers loitering. A look to Skye has him nod, "I did the same with Starfall, I worked closely with the craftsman on the design. I'm happy with how it turned out." His eyes do follow Jeffeth with all that heavy armor on, "You might have better luck, Sir Knight, trying to use a bow without that full suit of armor!"

Skye is doing her best not to snap that string into the inside of her arm. She did it once after Aiden helped her set up the bow and clearly the girl doesn't want to hurt herself again. She does look over at Jeffeth with a sympathetic look.

There's a reddening of cheeks as his massive paws are guided by much more delicate and precise hands. The metal clad behemoth's deep blue eyes are sinking down to Ianna as a slightly uneasy smile creeps up his lips. "My thanks. My Lady." When she pulls back demonstrating her draw he mirrors the motion, his form having already improved. Pulling back the string seems to be his favorite part, as he does so with ease. It's just those damn tiny arrows so hard to grasp. His attention briefly is caught by Ailith wherein Sir Jeffeth goes to return the wave across the grounds... And drops another arrow in the process.

And then the Prince is calling him out, his cheeks becoming a deeper crimson. "It'll take me quite a while to remove it, Your Highness!" Jeffeth calls back, though as he bends to pick up his arrow his eyes center on Ianna once again. "Like this?" He nocks the arrow and draws, successfully this time.

Aiden chuckles at Jeffeth's plight, excusing himself from Zoey and Skye to make his way over toward the metal clad behemoth. "You may at least wish to remove your gauntlets... Here I can help you with it-" if allowed Aiden will start to help remove anything that is hindering Jeffeth's ability to draw back the string of the bow and to hold it properly.

Wynna glances to Aiden, smiling faintly. "That'd be lovely, thank you kindly." She adjusts her posture a little.

Gailin gives a bow to Aiden. "Prince Aiden it is a pleasure." he says with a smile. "I myself am here merely for moral support for my lovely wife." he says with a chuckle. "These arms and hands are much more adept for cleaving my enemies with Venom here." Gailin says jerking his thumb to the claymore strapped to his back.

Titania smiles spotting Skye, she lets Gailins hand go for a moment and moves to head over to the other woman and moves to hug her. "Skye!" she says happly seeing her. "Its been a while." she grins then she hears Aidens voice and looks to him, "Prince Aiden." she gives him a curtsy, "It is good to see you again as well."

"No need for thanks. We are all here to learn, yes?" Ianna says to Jeffeth, looking up at him. She, for her part, is still having a bit of trouble nocking her arrows.

Ailith receives a messenger and widens her eyes. There's a murmur with Ismay to stay behind and cheer for Jeffeth -- Faith Pride and all that. And the Seraph like that rises and heads for her duty.

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Skye gives Titania an enthuastic hug, "Titania, I haven't seen you since you got married." She gives a teasing look to Gailin, "You can't keep her all to yourself." She motions to herself and tells her, "I'm a Baroness now..." She looks very proud of that, and then motions to the lessons, "I am trying very hard to learn many things now that I have more responsibility." She lowers her voice and admits, "I'm not very good at this fighting thing."

When Aiden nears him the bow is quickly put down and he is dipping into a deep bow. "Your Highness." The prince is then helping him remove his gauntlets. A prince helping him undress has never happened before. What an exciting time to be alive. Jeffeth lets out a slightly nervous chuckle as his gauntlets are put down and the Knight of Solace takes up his bow again. "My thanks, Your Highness. I'll try again." Another arrow is picked up, the string pulled back fairly easily this time nocking the arrow correctly.

Aiden looks after Ailith as she scurries out, though he cannot be entirely concerned as he's got a field of students to help out! The bow he receives is quickly nodded too, not hung up in the etiquette of such, and humble enough to be helping a knight with his gear. Perhaps offering Jeffeth some advice on how to hold the bow and now to nock it, without the clunky gear on, he nods at the knight, "Try to get used to it. It's certainly a little more troublesome to work with all that bulky armor, but not impossible. Though getting used to it without, is a better way to learn. Otherwise you'll have nothing but frustration and give up on it. The bow is a useful tool. And you're welcome, Sir....?" He leaves off for the name.

After introductions, Aiden moves toward Wynna next and regards her weapon of choice, "The thing about crossbows is that you want to keep steady on the recoil of the crank. If you support the butt of it against your shoulder and move your elbows out like so," he demonstrates, "and then carry a wide stance, you should be able to keep the aim straighter as the spring looses the shaft." He moves between students then, offering such advice as he goes along.

Titania grins, "Baroness now!" she smiles, "I am in much the same boat, you should come and we should have a drink and talk about things." she grins looking over to Gailin and rhen back."I saw Count Turo and Countess Arcelia are back as well."

"Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, knight of the Silver Order, Your Highness." The knight says, trying to bow. While holding a bow. It works though it is definitely a tad awkward. Once Aiden has moved on Jeffeth relaxes somewhat shuffling a bit closer to Ianna. His bow nocked and pointed at the ground as he awaits for further instructions. "You're much better at that than I am." Is to Ianna as she nocs another arrow.

"That's because I'm an obnoxious perfectionist," Ianna informs Jeffeth. "Lady Ianna Greenmarch, by the way," she introduces herself with a small smile.

"Yes they are and I am for one very grateful to see them back," Skye tells Titania with a sunny smile, "We definitely need to sit down and have a talk, so much has been happening. And I don't even know where to begin." She does make a point of telling her, "I am still staying at Navegant Redoubt since rebuilding Blackshore is going to be a long, hard road." She pauses as it looks like the contest is starting.

"Sir Bayweather, pleasure." Aiden tips his head.

Once Aiden steps away from Wynna and Jeffeth, he returns toward Zoey, Titania and Skye, and Inna, to see how they're managing. "How are you three feeling with your skills?" He smiles to Titania's curtsy, "It is a pleasure Countess. It's far too busy these days, isn't it? To have a proper conversation." He checks on Zoey, "How're you doing over here?" And a look to Skye. Then a wandering stride to Ianna, "Does the bow suit you? I should think it's light weight enough. It'll help for whatever you choose to do with it." A smile to Skye, "None of us take war lightly. Though it is something that we must do, to protect our people. In the spirit of learning, I find that competition has for me, worked well in the past." He considers, "I have arranged a mini-archery competition, just for the students this day."

The tall Bisland noblewoman smiles at her tutor when she manages to get the handling of the bow down to at least passable. Then, when Aiden walks up, she offers him a bright smile. "I think we're getting there," she allows. "I've still got a long way to go, however."

"Sir Jeffeth Bayweather." He quickly reports, smirking a little at Ianna's comment. "I'm not sure if perfection can be obnoxious. Though I suppose the road towars it can be rather loud and off-putting." He glances down at her with a bright smile. "I'm sure your road to perfection is pleasant as can be." HIs attention is then caught by Aiden as he speaks of the competition. A light gulp is taken. "A contest already." His shoulders roll some. "Best way to learn is to do, I suppose."

Gailin hearing discussion of rebuilding he heads over to Titania. He looks to Skye with a smile. "What do you mean i cant keep her all for myself, I thought thats what marrying her meant." he says smiling and giving both ladies a wink. " Though I do know a lot about the hardship of rebuilding lands. I just did it with Cedarvale, if I can do anything to help you. Please let me know."

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The line has been dismissed by Aiden.

Wynna goes to find her place in the upcoming test-run, humming to herself.

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Titania smiles, "I am feeling good your highness and yes it is hard to have a proper covesation as of late." she nods her head and looks to Gailin with a warm smile and then looks back to Skye, "Yes, that is a good idea, Count Gailin has done a wonderful job at rebuilding Cedar hr can help in a lot of ways."

Willen arrives, following Lou.

Skye gives a happy smile to Gailin, "Oh I would love some advise. After the dragon attack that destroyed my home...well, the only thing on Blackshore Isle is a dock and outdoor shrine. So I am literally starting from scratch." She gives a look to Titania and lets her know, "Only a 5-mile radius got destroyed, the rest can be rebuilt."

Willen leaves, following Lou.

When Ianna hears the word dragon, she turns, looking at Skye with wide-eyed wonder. However, she pulls herself back. Not the time. Not. The. Time.

Aiden checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Aiden lifts a shoulder and stage-whispers to Titania, "You could invite me over for dinner." He winks at her and then moves to gather all the students over toward him. "Can I get your attention? I'll go over the competition and explain it once! So listen up!"

Wynna looks over attentively.

Holding his bow in front of him, Jeffeth listens quietly, head lilting to the side.

Gailin immediately stops his conversation so that the others can pay attention. He looks to Aiden and though hes not competing listens attentively.

Skye stops her talking to give Aiden her full attention. She lightly fingers her bow and bounces where she is. It's clear she's excited to test what she learned.

Ianna holds her bow with both hands, listening.

Aiden's voice actually cuts through the din of the conversation between students, "Based on how you feel about your skills, you will choose a target (ooc: determines which difficulty you @check at and how many extra points are added to your score if you hit it) and fire. The target ranges are the most difficult at 100 yards, then 80 yards, 60 yards, and then what should be an easier target, 40 yards. You may choose to change targets after each shot. You will get three shots. If you aim for the 100 yard target and manage to hit it, you will acquire 8 bonus points to your score. 4 bonus points awarded for the 80 yard target. 1 bonus point for the 60 yard target. No bonus points for the 40 yard." He exhales, then points to the rules on the competition, "Your score is determined on which ring your arrow lands in. 1 point for outer ring, all the way into the inner ring which nets you 5 points. Bullseyes net you 6 points. Questions?"

Wynna shakes her head, eyeing the targets.

Skye shakes her head and pulls out her bow to start eyeing the targets. It's clear since she just learned that she's considering just sticking to the easy one.

A light nod is given as the large knight picks up his first arrow. Going to nock it, he goes to draw. His eyes on the closest and easiest target first. He's not even sure he can hit the closest thing, so no point in embarrassing himself on the first shot. That's what the second and third shots are for. Sir Jeffeth nocks and aims, waiting for the order to loose.

Aiden looks around, waiting for his students to have any questions. Then with none levied, he asks, "I'll call out each round. Please no one walk /down/ the range when the range is live. Arrow fire can and will kill you if you walk out in front of it." He grins, "Okay, take your places, choose your targets! We're going for the first round!"

Ianna eyes the targets, brow furrowing in thought, then steps up to the line.

Titania wields Intricately forged ancient steel recurve bow.

Ianna wields a wooden longbow with a sleek handle design.

Titania kisses Gailins cheek and chuckles at Aidens words moving over to listen to the Prince once he is done she moves where she is suppose to stand and waits.

"CLEAR IN THE LANES-" Aiden hollars down toward the range, since his Silver Wings had been making sure each target was measured and positioned properly and all arrows from previous practices romoved. Once the lanes are cleared, he nods, "Archers, round one, FIRE at WILL."

Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 8 lower.

Ianna checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 6 lower.

Wynna checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 12 lower.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Skye checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

When Ianna sees Jeffeth hit his target, she applauds one-handed, clapping her hand against her thigh. "Well done!"

Titania checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Zoey exhales. "Okay, and..."


Octavian sees a cat and loses his ever loving doggie mind, causing Zoey to blink, release her arrow and totally and completely miss the target.

Wynna fires at one of the further-off targets accidentally, wincing. She rubs her eyes.

Aiming for the closest and easiest target, Jeffeth lets his arrow sing. The song it sings is kind of simple and dull. But at least it hits. Jeffeth is busy suppressing a proud grin once his arrow hits the target, turning to Ianna he can no longer hold his smile. "Thank you!" He goes to pick up his second arrow, nocking again, looking quite pleased with himself.

Skye gets a look of concentration, aims her shot and lets it go. When she hits the target, she gets excited. Then jumps up and down to point out that Jeffeth and Titania made their shots too, "Oh look at that! You both did so good." She looks pretty proud of herself.

Barking?!? Arlo hears Octavian start barking, and HE starts howling! He runs over to Octavian and play-bows. Dogs. We play now.

Titania breaths brining her bow up and letting the shot lose watching as it hits and she grins at herself looking to Skye then over to Gailin and Aiden.

Wynna gives the playing dogs a vaguely, privately annoyed look - maybe it wasn't their fault she was flubbing it, but damn it, blaming something else is easier than blaming yourself.

Aiden watches the over eager students aiming for targets that are beyond their range, perhaps. He merely folds his hands and nods at the arrows that zip by the targets and land in the mud. He does eye Zoey's distraction with a grin, "You're going to have distractions all the time, when you're out in the field. Make sure to keep your concentration... and think about realistic targets." He looks down the field at the 100 yard target, "Even for me, the 100 yard target would be challenging." He walks down the lanes and inspects each of the student's results, "Okay. So looks like Countess Titania scores 2 points, Sir Jeffeth and Baroness Skye, score one a piece." He nods at Titania, "Well done Titania. Sometimes, it's not all about winning, but making each and every shot count. You never know, your shot could be the difference between life and death. It /could/ matter. So make it count."

Gailin claps and smiles when Titania hits her target. "There ya go Ti, Great job!"

Looking over to Skye, Jeffeth pumps a victorious fist to her. Points! Sometimes underachieving has its rewards. He then looks to Titania and claps his free hand to his hip as well. "Well done." The big man is then drawing again and waiting for the order to fire.

Zoey grins a bit sheepishly at Aiden and motions for Sir Aldahel to let the two dogs play together. Because dogs. "Yes, Aiden."

Titania nods her head to Aiden listening to his words, she looks to Jeffeth nodding to him, "Thank you." she says softly and her eyes look to Gailin with a soft smile.

Skye grins as she gets her one point and then draws her body again. She has that look of concentration, ready to go for round two.

Aiden looks between the students, smiling at their victory celebrations. He laughs softly, "Good. You need to know your strengths here and now, in a safe environment." He considers the lane, "HOLD YOUR FIRE!" And then gestures for the Silver Wings to go scoop up arrows and clear the targets. Once they're cleared, he grins, "Alright. ALL CLEAR in the LANES!!" Aiden flags his arm, "Archers at the ready! Fire at will!"

Ianna nods slowly, letting Arlo go play with the other dog.

Ianna checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Skye checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Jeffeth has rolled a critical success!
Jeffeth checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Wynna has rolled a critical success!
Wynna checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Derovai strolls in right after Aiden gives the call to fire -- but from where the archers are, at least, rather than anywhere near the targets. Upon spotting some familiar faces, he makes his way to the commoners' seating, taking a seat quite casually in the front row. Apparently he's here for the 'audience' portion of audience participation, rather than the 'participation.' Blue eyes take in the shots, evaluating, gloved hands settling on his knees lightly.

His smile grows even broader as his second arrow lands even more successfully. Looks like he may be willing to try a harder target. Jeffeth takes another arrow, rolling his shoulders as he goes to nock once more.

Zoey fires, and this time, she pays better attention. The arrow sinks into the closer target with a satisfying thud.

Wynna likewise has some better success this time, giving a quiet noise of satisfaction as the bolt finds its mark nigh-perfectly. She calmly loads in a new bolt.

Titania checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 2 lower.

Derovai has joined the Commoner Stands.

Skye hits the target again, "Yes!" She is very excited about her performance. She glances over, just in time to see Jeffeth and Wynna smoke up the range, "Oh my goodness!" She is very impressed at the skill that they show. She also gives Zoey and Ianna smiles at their shots. Titania's poor shot gets a sympathetic look, "You'll catch up next round."

Titania goes for the one that is a bit further from her this time and steadies the bow and then lets lose, she watches at the arrow comes short and she winces. "YOu did goos Baroness." she smiles.

Gailin smiles and looks to Titania. "Its fine love, dont get discouraged. We all come up shirt sometimes while learning. Youll get it next time im sure."

On the lands of House Stonewood, near their holding of Stonehearth, is their namesake: a petrified wood that some of the locals call Fen De Lay. Locals talked about how the Master of Questions, Prince Laric Grayson, led a small group on behalf of the Inquisition to visit the petrified wood, a place most locals have long avoided- it's an uncomfortable place, a lonely place of dead trees of stone, bleak and desolate. Laric asked questions to the villagers, along with his companions Princess Tikva, Inquisitor Alistair, Confessor Faye, and a painter named Fortunato, and then visited Fen De Lay. Villagers aren't certain what happened next, but a bright light was seen coming from the direction of the petrified wood, and every single petrified tree has been shattered. Most assume that the Master of Questions decided to bring scores of the inquisition out there with hammers, and they don't mind exactly- it was a creepy place, after all, but they would have helped if asked, and just assume this was all cleared with their lord, Marquis Malesh Stonewood.

Aiden watches this round of shots with a keen and studious eye. "Sir Jeffeth, Mistress Wynna - Well done! Your form was spot on!" The pride of a teacher comes out and he applauds their results, "Well done Baroness Skye, Lady Zoey as well. That was an incredible shot. I already see the improvements upon the field this day." He does move toward Titania though and offers her a suggestive repositioning, "Countess, see, I think you let your arm drop too much upon the moment of your release. Arrows naturally fly better when you arch them up. Try pulling back instead of dropping your aim forward." He demonstrates and then nods. "Well done everyone. It looks as if Jeffeth and Wynna both scored four points, though I'm willing to award for perfect posture, a bonus point each." He grins, "Lady Zoey, my good cousin, scored three, Baroness, you netted 2 points, and Lady Greenmarch, you earned one. See, improvement already." He hollars down the Range, "CLEAR THE LANES!"

Aiden turns back to his students, "Last round! Make your shot count! Archers, fire when ready!"

Skye checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Ianna checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Titania checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Wynna checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 3 lower.

Wynna isn't quite as lucky the second time around, sighing lightly.

Skye is starting to get more comfortable with her bow. She pulls the string back, eyes her target and her next shot is even better than the other two, "Oh...oh...look at that!" She is very excited as she hops up and down. Then she sees Titania's shot, "Wow!" She's stunned at the skill shown there. Ianna and Zoey get smiles. Wynna's miss gets a sympathetic look, "Good try."

Looking overall satisfied with his performance as he was dropping arrows when he tried to nock them a few minutes ago, Jeffeth takes a step back holding his bow to his chest.

Derovai laughs as Titania's final shot far outpaces her previous one. But his gaze goes from person to person, pensive. He

Wynna grunts.

"Well done, Countess!" Zoey calls over as she manages to land her last shot.

Titania nods her head at Aidens words and she moves her arm in the postion he showed her breaths and lets the shot go! She holds her breath and blinks giving a little hop of exciment as it hits! "Yes!" she grings nodding her head at people, "Thank you."

Aiden watches the students intently, studious of their reactions and how they hold themselves as they try to better their own aim and their own abilities in the spirit of competition. He applauds as the last arrow hits the targets, "You should all be proud of yourselves. That was some fine shooting. Countess Titania, that last shot of yours, was worth five points! You just missed the bullseye!" As he walks by each student to regard where their arrows landed, he quickly determines the results. "For that round, Countess Titania scored five points, Baroness Skye scored three points, Sir Jeffeth, Lady Zoey, and Lady Ianna, scored two each." It takes him a quick second before he announces, "That puts Sir Jeffeth at eight points total, followed by Countess Titania at seven points, Baroness Skye at six, Mistress Wynna at five, Lady Zoey at four, and Lady Ianna at three." He grins, "Now...Does anyone wish to go another three rounds?"

Zoey You did.

"Well done, Sir Jeffeth!" Ianna says brightly, reaching up to clap him on the shoulder.

Aiden drops Honorary Grayson Archer Quiver.

Aiden drops Honorary Silver Wing Quiver.

Aiden drops Silver Wing Elite Quiver.

Derovai pushes himself up from the commoners' seating. He'd waited, but he moves towards Aiden with purpose now. "Since you offered, do you take absolute beginners? I'll warn you, I only hit the dartboard once at the Murder of Crows." A bright grin towards the prince, and he scrapes a gloved hand through his hair. "But never let it be said I don't make the attempt."

Wynna sighs lightly, rolling her shoulders and eyeing her crossbow.

Zoey gets pulled aside by a messenger and darts off.

Sir Aldahel, Octavian, a silken spaniel, 3 Bisland pride guards leave, following Zoey.

Gailin claps and whoops loudly. "Way to go Love way to go!" he shouts out to Titania.

Blinking as the scores are read off, the big knight looks a little confused. "Sorry?" He calls out. He won? He won. The massive knight looks down at Ianna as she claps his shoulder, mouth going slackjawed. "I." The big man closes his mouth up. "Thank you." Jeffeth proclaims looking rather taken aback he won despite having been bumbling about the bows and arrows moments ago. As he strides forward, he does start to look rather proud. "Thank you!" He calls out again. "Of course we can keep going if everyone wishes to!"

Jeffeth picks up Silver Wing Elite Quiver.

Titania smiles at Jeffeth, "Congratulations nice shooting Sir Jeffeth." she smiles looking over to Gailin her cheeks turning a soft pink.

Aiden laughs, "Well Jeffeth, Titania, and Sky. I have prizes for you. We can continue going after, but it'll be for fun. I'm afraid I didn't bring enough for everyone."

Skye picks up Honorary Silver Wing Quiver.

Wynna quietly goes to sit in the commoner stands, rolling her shoulders.

Wynna has joined the Commoner Stands.

Aiden picks up Honorary Grayson Archer Quiver.

Skye looks so surprised when she finds out that she won something. She's clearly by the look on her face never won at anything before. She stares at Aiden like a deer in shining lights and then blinks. She manages to get out a fumbling, "Oh wow...thank you...I am so honored." Then she move forward to get her prize. She looks at the belt like it's the best thing in the whole wide world.

Aiden manages to hand out some very stylish looking quivers to the top three students, grinning at Skye's surprise, "I hope that it'll be useful to you and I didn't mention prizes for a reason, it puts an extra pressure on the students to win." He nods to Jeffeth, "Well done Sir. May you find this quiver to your benefits and uses." He offers sympathetic glances to the others, "Had I more resources and time, I would see fit to award you all. You do all have my thanks for attending. We can do another round-" his eyes roam toward Derovai, "Should anyone like to. Hello there sir. Yes, beginners can try their hands at this too. That's what the day is about, to help everyone increase their confidence with archery." He glances to his other students, "Those of you who are up for another round, feel free to stay on. Otherwise, I believe, the day belongs to you once more."

Derovai's attention shifts to Skye. "First maps, now archery. I /told/ you. Have more confidence. That can't be taught, though, unlike archery." He glances over towards Jeffeth, sizing him up quite deliberately. "I'd do better at archery against you than I would in a swordfight, I'm quite sure. Size isn't an advantage here -- though skill is, and I'm afraid I haven't any." He reaches for s a spare bow anyway, nodding at Aiden.

Jeffeth has rolled a critical success!
Jeffeth checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Derovai checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Derovai checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Derovai checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Skye checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 4 lower.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 6 lower.

Skye gives a shy smile to Derovai, "I am working on it." She then looks at the target, deciding to try her hand at the harder target, but the shot misses. She bites her bottom lip and then admits, "Hmmm, I guess I should keep to the easier target for now." She looks at Jeffeth, "You are really taking to this." She also gives a few claps to Devorai's shots. Then she takes her next two shots.

Skye checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Skye checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Titania smiles taking the Quiver from Aiden, "Your highness, thank you." she beams stepping back to let others take their shots and moves over to Gailin to show him.

There's a deep bow to Aiden. "An honor, Your Highness. I shall treasure it always and wear it as a badge of honor." Sir Jeffeth intones deeply, still bowed. Once he straightens the formality is shed like a second skin and the massive man becomes quite joival once more as he turns back to his lane. Now using his new quiver, the bow is taken and another shot is taken this time at the further target. A smirk slides up his lips as he actually hits it and does so very well.

He glances over to Derovai arching a brow. "Always with the competitions." He sets aim for another and lands again, another smile. Though his third shot misses, the big man seems quite content with his overall performance this day. Winning the competition after having bungled his arrows when he first got out. Well he's just floating on clouds at this point.

Derovai has surprisingly decent form for a beginner, it seems. The first shot seems to surprise even him, making him jump back a little at the recoil. He's not a born bowman by any means, and he's taking no pains to hide it. The first two shots land reasonably well for a first-timer, and he loads up for the third shot with perhaps a bit of overconfidence. The third arrow sails /juuuust/ wide. A sharp little laugh escapes the dark-clad man, though, as if he's surprised he even did /that/ well. "Always," he tells Jeffeth firmly. A glance over to Skye, and he grins. "I'll make you a deal. You work on your confidence, and I'll work on my archery."

Puma, The Stonewood Forest Cat have been dismissed.

"Deal!" Skye gives Devorai a happy smile and then looks to see that when she moved back to the easier target she was able to make her hits. She puts the bow away and then looks at everyone, "Well, I really should be going soon but thank you all for all your support." She gives the brightest smile to Aiden, "Thank you for the lessons, I will use them well."

"The Lady is just fine." Jeffeth assures Derovai, as the massive knight takes a somewhat protective tone at his suggestion. His bow is lowered and the Knight of Solace moves to tower over Skye, his bow going to be held in one hand. "A remarkable performance, My Lady." He gives a deep bow to the Baroness, one hand going to pat her shoulder lightly. "Allow me to escort you." He murmurs before bowing once more to Aiden. "Your Highness."

1 Navegant Marines, Winter, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Skye.

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