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Written By Daemon

Nov. 20, 2017, 10:45 a.m.(8/14/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Thena

An unpopular opinion as it may be, I find Dame/Lady Thena's thousand yard stare from across her desk quite humbling. Really one doesn't need the paperwork to exude an air of authority. If there's an 'It' to be had, she's got 'It'. The kind of 'It' that makes me a little weary in my boots whenever I feel as though I've done wrong. Which thankfully, isn't often!

Really, she'd make a great mother too. Don't you all think Thena would make a great mother?

Written By Thena

Nov. 20, 2017, 10:26 a.m.(8/14/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Armand

Take them on a field trip? See the sights, take down a few tainted wolves?

Written By Armand

Nov. 20, 2017, 10:14 a.m.(8/14/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Thena

So I was wondering if you might be able to point me in the direction of the nearest Godsworn bored out of their minds, and what to do once I arrive.

Too soon?

Written By Armand

Nov. 20, 2017, 10:11 a.m.(8/14/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Ryhalt

What's this you say? I have a brother? Nonsense! He died weeks ago, swallowed up by that paper-bound fiend! Truly a lesson for us all.

Written By Eirene

Nov. 20, 2017, 10:01 a.m.(8/14/1007 AR)

It wasn't even my idea in the first place. I got stuck being the mouthpiece.

Ah, my life is full of weird shit and I shouldn't complain. Hasn't killed me (yet).

Written By Thena

Nov. 20, 2017, 9:51 a.m.(8/14/1007 AR)

Have you heard that old saying by Scholar Alaronne Swansyn? 'Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Don’t teach a man to fish…and feed yourself. He’s a grown man. And fishing’s not that hard’

Written By Edward

Nov. 20, 2017, 9:44 a.m.(8/14/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Neve

Set a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.

Written By Thena

Nov. 20, 2017, 9:37 a.m.(8/14/1007 AR)

I am so weary of administration. Even if I seem to have some bizarre unexpected aptitude for it, I am sick of sitting behind a desk and telling others where to go and what to do. I know the results have been favorable, but I just want to go sink my blade into something Abyssal every now and again.

Written By Neve

Nov. 20, 2017, 9:19 a.m.(8/14/1007 AR)

So...I can put my thoughts into this huh? I write and then..I'm not sure. But I don't know if I have thoughts worth thinking about. Hmm. Okay I will give this a try! My name is Lady Neve Greenmarch. I like the Greenwood, and forests. I like cheap apple wine, and bacon. I like to tie colored ribbons everywhere to give a splash of colors., that is me, but that isn't what I am thinking of. I am thinking that I am a coward. I am someone whom selfishly became so wrapped up in themselves that almost forgot who they were. Even now, I'm not sure where Neve begins and ends. I need to be a better Neve for her family. Monique cut off her support, no money. She felt my behavior was bad, and it likely was. Monique however is more than willing to punish but completely unwilling to teach, to put in the hard work. I am disappointed in her and hope we can do better. Having no money didn't bother me, but I am supported by Thrax now. I wonder if that means I am somehow part of House Thrax. I will have to ask. If I am, I will need to wear fancier clothes.

So Neve is looking for a spouse. She thinks she prefers a woman, but a man might be okay. It's easier to deal with the familiar, and men are so different. Do all men like tying women up as part of their preferences? I've heard this a couple times now, but I know few men close enough to ask. Neve is working her hardest to be a good potential wife. Though Neve will not tolerate being tied up, that gets you punched in the boob.

So dear diary..wait, what's that? Journal? Oh, ok. Right. Dear Journal buddy. I am Lady Neve Greenmarch. Can you find me a spouse? If so, please contact Marquis Marius. He's the guy with the pensive frown. And the bacon. How can one still be so frowns when they eat bacon? Neve doesn't understand.

If we are bringing things, Neve would also like some purple flowers, a new purple blanket, and a nice dress would be nice. Journal buddy, do you think I should go revealing? Like a license. Neve has heard you want to show the fruit but not let them eat it before the offer is made. So perhaps you can also send me some of these fruits that I can display? I have heard from the dock area that melons are particularly delightful, so please send me some melons and a basket, and I will partially hide them so that I can attract a potential mate. Do you think I could eat the melons afterwards? They might go well with some of Lady Ariannas strawberry wine. After I am done, maybe I will share my melons with Ari. Yes yes, I think she would like that. So dear Journal, if you know of anyone that would love me to share in my melons, that is if you should happen to provide some to me, please let Neve know.

Neve isn't sure how you say goodbye in a journal, so she will leave you with a word of wisdom she has heard. Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for an entire lifetime. Hmm. That is good advice. We should teach more people to fish...

Written By Malesh

Nov. 20, 2017, 4:40 a.m.(8/13/1007 AR)

There is a saying that my father taught me when I was young. It stuck with me because I didn't understand it then.

A poor farmer blames their land.
A poor sheep herd blames their flock.
A poor carpenter blames their tools.

And it's a poor liege that blames their vassals.

I didn't understand it then, but as I grew to manhood I came to realize the truths in that wisdom.

A shame that some other Marquis were not so fortunate to get that lesson.

Written By Laric

Nov. 20, 2017, 3:50 a.m.(8/13/1007 AR)

Unfortunately, my work kept me from attending yesterday's assembly. As I understand it the platinum ballistae were a topic of discussion and there seems to be some belief they are my personal possessions or otherwise owned by the Inquisition. This is not the case. They were sent to me because the Inquisition arranged their transport, and as I stated previously, they were acquired specifically for Arx's defense. The Inquisition serves the Crown and the Crown rules Arx; as such, they are the Crown's property. The ballistae are under our watch until plans to install them have been finalized.

Furthermore, the Inquisition does not have a standing army. None of our Inquisitors have any experience operating siege weapons. To my knowledge exactly three Confessors have experience and that is only incidental; they are veterans of the Tor-Southport war. It is unlikely we will be operating the ballistae unless they require specialized knowledge to use. More than likely they will be operated by the Crown's standing army, the Iron Guard.

Finally, it must be noted that these weapons were made by a civilization steeped in magic, with access to other nations and their resources. Whatever Arvum was before or immediately after the Reckoning, our Compact is no longer either of those things. Attempting to replicate these ballistae with anything less than honed magecraft and platinum would be an exercise in frustration. We do not have mages and we do not have platinum. They, or even mere imitations of its design, are beyond our current means. This is a fact that the Crown must keep in mind when considering what to do with these priceless siege weapons, for if they become damaged, we are unlikely to find replacements.

Written By Aiden

Nov. 20, 2017, 2:32 a.m.(8/13/1007 AR)

By lending resources and silver, support is given. It may be for some other subtle reason, though support it is, as sure as a signature signs off a contract.
Thank you to those who have given me support in the past, may I continue to find ways to impact Arx and those within it, praying that I can recover enough to do so.

Plushies are still a thing, sadly, they haven't been a priority. I still need an image of Saedrus' kitty. Would someone be so kind as to paint it for me? I'll reward them with support!

Written By Audric

Nov. 20, 2017, 2:16 a.m.(8/13/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Carita

'What ifs' are a useless exercise best kept to the folks who prefer to think of how to make the world perfect. Decisions are made knowing how things are when they're made, not if made in a perfect world. Conviction does not equal justification or freedom from guilt. Sometimes, a leader needs to know when to stand up and say, yeah, I fucked up real bad. Not 'I threw my vassal under a wagon in a vain attempt to make me look like slightly less of a turd'.

Written By Carita

Nov. 20, 2017, 1:21 a.m.(8/13/1007 AR)

An unpopular opinion. Many of mine often are.

We do attempt to make the best decisions. This is a point that is entirely tangential to the current issue of the evening's Assembly, I still feel it ought to be considered. At the last siege, when the walls of the Thrax ward were being breached. Thrall's Lament fell. Hundreds died. Who paid to see to that reconstruction? Who mourned for the loss? I know that it was a Kennex that mourned the most - the hardest. I know that it was the Crown that saw to the rebuilding effort. Imagine, if Thralldom had been done away with ten - twenty years earlier - how many would have lived? If someone had been forthright enough to declare it over - all of them might have lived. Life, all of it, is precious. Past and present. But, as leaders, sometimes we are forced to make decisions that are painful. That hurt. But, we make decisions that break chains. That incite change. We do it. Which is why when one Ward pains, the others rally in support.

We are a Compact for that purpose.

I am not defending the rashness of the decision. However, I am lauding the conviction in which that decision was made.

Written By Khanne

Nov. 19, 2017, 11:53 p.m.(8/13/1007 AR)

Would the brightest star still shine so brilliantly if no one set eyes upon it twinkling in the evening sky?

Written By Agnarr

Nov. 19, 2017, 11:45 p.m.(8/13/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Alis

Might be true. First of seven in the brood.

Written By Ryhalt

Nov. 19, 2017, 11:21 p.m.(8/13/1007 AR)

It is good to see the efforts of many starting to pay off in the thrall crisis. I hope that those who have chosen to resettle in Westrock Reach are able to find better lives there, though I suspect that the social shifts will be seen everywhere and not just in the eastern isles.

Written By Ryhalt

Nov. 19, 2017, 11:18 p.m.(8/13/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Clover

Lady Clover has returned from Blancbier and decided that I am a hopeless workaholic in her absence.

Written By Stefano

Nov. 19, 2017, 11:13 p.m.(8/13/1007 AR)

A good time spent with others in the Minstry. The King himself stopped by, food and drinks were plentiful, and a few games of Conquer were played.

Written By Monique

Nov. 19, 2017, 10:55 p.m.(8/13/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Venteri

Looking forward to it a great deal. Even if it's not all the information that was ever under the sea. But, most of it, right, Your Highness???

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