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Lord Riagnon Acheron

There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Plucky Tagalong
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Acheron
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Walnut
Skintone: Apricot

Titles: Sword of Aviaron's Peak

Description: Riagnon's black hair is cropped short, suggesting a general lack of any particular vanity. With a dappling of freckles crossing the bridge of his nose, his facial features carry with them a lingering boyishness. Physically, Riagnon is more sinewy than bulk... and noble though he may be, it ought to be clear that he is accustomed to hard work and harsh terrain.

Personality: Riagnon's propensity for gawkish acts of unintentional slapstick-sabotage knows no bounds, often involving a gangly elbow or the ill-placed toe of his boot. In life, he moves like a yet unbroken colt, unable to regulate his pace. There are days when his betters are surprised that he can even manage to stand on his own and others when he bolts forward into action, burning quickly and bright.

Background: The youngest son of Lord Rognan Nightgold, Riagnon was predominantly brought up as a ward of Farhaven as many children of esteemed vassals have been before him. From the age of thirteen onward, he learned to fight and hunt in the untamed northern wilderness as some unlucky prince's squire. His presence in Arx, and the subsequent swearing of fealty to his sister and House Acheron, comes on the heels of a freshly annulled and shockingly short-lived marriage -- a failed attempt to draw a particularly unfriendly Abandoned chieftain with significant military resources into bending the knee.

Humbled and with his tail between his legs, Riagnon has yielded to She Who Knows Best. Sure, he'll bolster the numbers of her march... if it means he has somewhere safe to lick his wounds. He just really wishes she'd change that sigil.

Relationship Summary

  • Rognan - Northern Noble
  • Adalisa - Lycene Lady

  • Patron:
  • Eleanor - Harbinger of Turtles

  • Sibling:
  • Rhea - Suddenly(!) Marquessa

  • Ally:
  • Agatha - Squired For Her, Loyal Still

  • Friend:
  • Khanne - Semi-Formal Best Friend
  • Jasher - Callous Crush
  • Calaudrin - Patrols Partner
  • Jeffeth - Gentle Giant
  • Kenna - Squirly Squiggler
  • Name Summary
    Aella He's my new best friend.
    Agatha Oh little Ragdoll. My squire's gone and gotten himself knighted. I'm so proud. Even if his voice still hasn't finished dropping.
    Artur I've known Riagnon since we were kids together, running round the woods near Farhaven. He was Agatha's squire for a long time. I ran into him again recently and he grew up a lot, though he's still as adorably goofy as ever!
    Austen A most cheerful young man, and a credit to the Iron Guard. I am sure he will be a full Guardsman in no time. He has excellent aim.
    Berenice He seems to have some issues with coordination, poor thing.
    Bliss Hmmm. So far I'm seeing all talk and no game. I wonder what this Lord would be like outside of a crowd - but at least he's not shy about making bold statements.
    Casimir Rather like the Keaton pups, except not totally awful. Loud and sort of harmless but he doesn't look as likely to trip over his feet and ears and so forth. Also he seems to drool less. Probably?
    Donato I suspect this person is some manner of Shav, as he used words I didn't understand. Also, he knocked things over, which clearly shows a desire to wreck civilization. Or just to wreck things, which I condone.
    Eddard An interesting man. Iron guard, so if someone steals my sweetroll I know who to ask for. Doesn't...seem too good at. Existing? But an entertaining man to watch.
    Eleanor He is the sweetest thing. How he and Rhea could be related is beyond me, but I am quite fond of him. Anyone who bruises his sweet soul will have to answer to me.
    Gianna A plucky youth who enjoys a good song.
    Gwenna Lord Riagnon still has that cheerful gleam in his eye that I remember from our brief encounters as children. Grown now and the Sword of House Acheron, he's already achieved quite a bit in his short time here in the city. Despite the years that have passed and the responsibilities we've taken on since, sitting quietly and sharing some cider is almost like being right back in Farhaven as kids. He remains the warm and affable person I remember and I look forward to crossing paths more often now that he's in Arx.
    Jasher A lively joker. Reminds me of a friend of mine. Time will tell if he is as intelligent.
    Jeffeth He seems like a funny little fellow. He squired for Agatha and seems to be a cheery sort. I think I like him!
    Jyri A fighter acrobat - that was an amazing impressive move!
    Kenna I might be in love. Mostly because he was Agatha's squire, but also, because he's awesome in EVERY WAY.
    Lys Oh my god those freckles! He's _so cute_!
    Marian He carries a lot of weight on his shoulders; however, it's good to see that he hasn't lost his sense of humor. It's good to see such a young man serious about serving his house.
    Mirk A strange child, who seems much younger than his years, at times. But some of the things he says give me pause, and seem less child-like. A strange one, for sure, but interesting.
    Monique Doombringer. Well, which is it? Nightgold or Acheron? He seems like a man of many different potentials, and I'd like to explore those avenues.
    Nurie Such a sweet knight! He was so charming to talk to in the butterfly gardens. Though he is quite different from most of the warriors I have met, I know better than to underestimate him.
    Orathy Ain't a bad prancer.
    Reese Likes turtles, wants a pet bear and doesn't want pet canines. He seems like a decent guy, wonder if he has a hard protective shell like turtles, but he doesn't seem withdrawn.
    River He dresses well, I do wish to know what exactly he means to Jeffith though and why...all the strangeness. Still he seems polite if a bit oblivious of social environments? Maybve I am wrong. Who knows.
    Sabella He seems like a very kind, friendly young man who is throwing himself into Iron Guard patrolling! I think we will become very good friends!
    Sorrel The Nightgold lord is quite charming in a boyish sort of way. A bit noisy, even in libraries, but his good manners make up for it.
    Sparte A very energetic and friendly new recruit. I'm not sure if he'll stick with it yet, but I'm hopefuly!
    Thesarin The sort of energy tires a man out just being close to him.