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Vassal of Nightgold

Words: "All beneath the red."
Sigil: A stygian beast with the heads of a wolf and bear, beneath a red sky
Nicknames: Black Wolves, Black Bears, Reds

The March of Aviaron's Peak is centered around the castle from which it derives its name, overlooking a pass that enters into Nightgold territory. The castle is built into the mountain itself, and boasts a vast network of tunnels that stretch for many miles, which local legend claims was built by dwarves. Many of the structures inside the tunnel system seem to be built to a smaller scale, supporting these legends, but the castle itself is ancient in design, and to a more typical scale.

Founded after the end of House Aviaron during the Silent War, House Acheron now rules Aviaron's Peak from the Glacial Fortress, where iron and steel flows as easily as gold and silver. Replaced the Aviarons that ended with the destruction of Aron Nightgold's line.


Name Rank Title Description
Rhea 1 Marquessa Marquessa of Aviaron's Peak
Riagnon 3 Noble Family Sword of Aviaron's Peak
Radhilde 3 Noble Family Lady of Aviaron's Peak
Casimir 3 Noble Family Marquis-Consort of Aviaron's Peak
Ronan 3 Noble Family Lord of Aviaron's Peak
Umbroise 3 Noble Family Lady of Aviaron's Peak
Ylva 4 Trusted House Servants House Physician
Lonzio 4 Trusted House Servants Lord of Stonedeep
Odile 4 Trusted House Servants Lady of Stonedeep; Mercy of Lagoma
Juniper 4 Trusted House Servants Whisper
Alayne 7 Known Commoners ---

Ruler: Rhea

Land Holdings

Aviaron's Peak

Description: Built upon the precipice of a snowy summit, the march of Aviaron's Peak has stood sentinel over the Eastern Approach into the Crimson Peaks for centuries and is amongst the oldest strongholds within the Compact. Best known as the Glacial Fortress for its curious architecture of a wintry white masonry and crystalline windows, local legend would have its castle, and a winding system of underground roadways rumored to exist beneath, be the construct of ancient dwarves.