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The Empyrean

Words: "The Darkest Night Produces The Brightest Stars."
Sigil: A field of pitch, flecked with stars surrounding a silvery moon.

The Empyrean is a social club, established in AR 1008 that caters mostly to members of the Peerage while employing commoners and empowering them with an active outlet to showcase their performances and wares in order to make a name for themselves. It offers many amenities to the public, and even more to members. Many services are also available to help bolster the social and financial standing of individuals and Houses.


Name Rank Title Description
Iseulet 1 Founder
Neviah 2 Manager/Voice
Calypso 3 Councillor
Athaur 4 Member
Skye 4 Member
Edward 4 Member
Ingvar 4 Member
Sapphira 4 Member
Jaerith 4 Member
Gaspar 4 Member
Willow 4 Member
Simon 4 Member
Mikani 4 Member
Olivian 4 Member
Gehenna 4 Member
Ilira 4 Member
Vicarin 4 Member
Sorena 4 Member
Prisila 10 Inactive/Retired/Deceased
Nilos 10 Inactive/Retired/Deceased
Giselle 10 Inactive/Retired/Deceased
Nico 10 Inactive/Retired/Deceased